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Artisan's Alley / The Spell Deck REALLY Shuffled!
« on: November 04, 2016, 10:54:16 AM »
"The cards hold more power than most know. To control the cards is to control Armello itself."
- Livance Underslough.

So, I made another thing... this time a deck of cards.

It has 6 suits, one for each result on the classic Armello die.

Each suit has 13 cards, ace - 10, then a FOLLOWER, a STRANGER and a MONARCH.
(You can tell the "rank" of a face card by looking at the points on the arrows around them, the followers arrows form a medal for their loyalty, each arrow on the follower has 1 point. The stranger has 2 "ears" on each of their arrows, and the Monarchs arrows form crowns, each with 3 points)

The Follower and Stranger have the same face in each suit, but each Monarch is a different ruler.
Wylds have a Bear
Moons have a Wolf
Swords have a Rat
Shields have s Rabbit
Suns have a Lion (THE Lion :D )
Rots/Worms have a Bird (a Bane really)

Each card has a slightly different textured look.

The backs are a recreation of the Spell cards back, but with a few tweaks... Most importantly being I unsquashed the kings head pattern... cause that drives me NUTS :D
Also I altered the moon symbol on the back to be the same as the moon on the dice.
I also changed the aspect ratio... which involved making some guesses.

As always I have no idea what I'll actually do with these now... but I'm happy with it...

Time to Practice my Sargon act and look at the top of the deck any time I want :D

Artisan's Alley / Spirit Stones
« on: October 06, 2016, 07:20:58 PM »
"Wyld flows in sap and root,
And glows in hearts of stone.
But rot needs will to blacken,
It must feed on flesh and bone.

Slow your pulse like sleeping bears,
Dissolve your thought like cloud.
Leave court and hearth for ring of stone,
Where no word is spoke aloud.

Should you find this ancient place,
Be you sister to the land.
Crystal stone may manifest,
And to Rot shall be a brand."

- Wyld Hope, an old Armellian nursery rhyme

So Yeah... I made a spirit stone...

General Discussion / Is this the former Queen or King in the trailer?
« on: August 30, 2016, 10:08:02 PM »
Curious minds would love to know... "Who Dat?" :D

Artisan's Alley / Let a little Moof into your heart.
« on: July 07, 2016, 11:11:51 AM »
So... there is a LOT to love about Armello, especially the characters... but for me, there is one character that speaks to me in many ways.

Not a major player, but always happy to help out with a reckless amount of enthusiasm.
Moof Grebble... "The Apprentice"

And so, after finishing my dice project, it made sense to try and make a Moof.
I'm not a sculpter... I am not a painter... but I'm pleased with the results :D

Oh and a MASSIVE amount of love sent in the direction of Adam Duncan, the original artist and animator who created this character, (and many other splendid things.)

The Construction:
DeviantArt Link:

The Finished Product:
DeviantArt Link:

The Victory Pose:
DeviantArt Link:

One More for Luck:
DeviantArt Link:

Artisan's Alley / A Tiny Ode to the LoG stream... Add your own !
« on: June 22, 2016, 08:53:01 PM »
The Stream: Directors, Lisy and Darcy,
attracted nice viewers, 'cept one, alas-he...
was unlike the rest-of-us,
a troll, quite obstreperous,
Darc' brought the hammer and again all was classy.

 ;D Thanks for the stream today people, devs and community alike!

Feedback & Suggestions / Cards for the "so you have 30 gold" moments.
« on: June 20, 2016, 10:06:30 AM »
Occasionally some players have noticed that it is possible to get a run-away stack of gold that FEELS like some sort of achievement, only to notice there is only so much you can do with a near limitless pool of cash.

The balance of the game would go right out the window if gold could be leveraged for an all out economic victory condition Like wise, the gold stat is capable of the greatest range of values in the game, so something like a gold based "spirit strike" would just be wasteful and reckless, and illustrates why gold probably shouldn't equal X for any ONE player no mater what that X was for.

THAT SAID it would be nice to have an impact with your fat stacks of cash.

So what if there were cards that let you burn that massive pile of funds to effect the game state, but not really give 1 player a hugely unbeatable trump card.

So something like a card that read:
Raise an Army (trickery, swords, X gold) - play on any castle tile
Spawns 1 new guard on a random map tile for every 5 gold spent. (Costs all remaining Gold)
Flavor: "Open the vaults, drain ever last coin if we must... it has come to this... it has come to war."

It has versatility and chance to it, but might be just what you need to try and block a player going for the throne, or to hinder some one who has picked up a bounty.

Or for something bound to start fights
Finest Fare (item, moon, x gold) - play to a character
All other characters immediately move 1 tile toward this character for every 5 gold spent. (Costs all remaining Gold)
Flavor: "they say their is a feast unlike any other going on over there... you'd be a fool NOT to go!"

Rivers hero power is strong. (Nothing controversial here)
In many ways it is thanes power, but with out the need to
a) actually engage in combat if your opponent is sufficiently weak
b) burn a card
c) suffer any ill effects from terrain/equipment that triggers on entry into an opponents space.

That said, I don't find that to out of balance.
Her different starting stats and the fact her power can't be used defensively (unlike Thane,) make her Huntress power feel in line with the other hero powers... with one exception.

River effectively gains an extra optional victory condition that no other hero has... the Patience Win
While all other heroes can take the gamble of being beaten to the post by waiting for the king to lose more health, River is the only hero that gets an automatic win if she can make it to the castle (with an AP) while the king has one health.
While Thane (with a sword card to burn)  is guaranteed a KILL in this situation, he is not guaranteed a win as he still has to risk combat.
Likewise, even characters with the Poppet or similar MUST RISK DEATH to trigger that power and strike the king down.

If the theme of her ability is drawn from the idea of hunting, then it would not be antithematic to consider the following:
Maybe River's power should not work inside the castle.

As other characters aren't allowed to use their economic abilities to steal a win by buying hand axes to hurl at the weakened king, nor are the magical heroes allowed to just pop off the crown with a well placed moonbite when the monarch is a bit poorly, so it would seem fair that the hunter of the land should be restricted from having an option for victory no one else can have with out their costs and risks.

This is legitimately the ONLY problem I have with any hero in the game beyond just wanting a visual indicator of when Amber's power ACTUALLY helped me ;D

Rivers power is balanced when you consider powers+situation+stats...
BUT it feels unfair to let her be able to claim the spirit stone victory, (ie click the king to win,) with out needing spirit stones and just waiting for the king to be on 1 health.

Feedback & Suggestions / Unknowable Doohickey (card)
« on: June 09, 2016, 11:41:07 PM »
I had an odd idea for an item card:

Unknowable Doohickey (Wyld symbol, item, 0 gold)
play to a hero, that hero has the celebration visual effect triggered on them (no other effect)
NOTE: If Wyld symbols explode for you, burning this card results in 3 extra dice not just 1.
Flavour: "Everyone thinks it's useless junk... But I bet it's just waiting for its time to shine!... Or possibly explode..." -Meep Greeble (Moof's sister)

The idea is its a card that does nothing in the traditional sense, but acts like no other card does when you burn it!
In this case burning it gives you a Wyld symbol like usual... But, (presuming your not corrupt or sabotaged,) that Wyld symbol explodes into 3 dice instead of th usual 1.

Artisan's Alley / Madness of the Dice
« on: June 07, 2016, 06:57:22 PM »
Maybe the single most enticing element that drew me to Armello would turn out to be the incredible dice.
I always kicked myself for missing the kickstarter and not getting my hands on those wonderful little treasures, so, inevitably I turned to my limited craft skills to make something to fill that cubic hole in my heart.

I present my attempt at a single massive "royal" die that I crafted after tracing the symbols, cutting them from acrylic, building a frame out of 2 part epoxy, and capping with brass and paint, (my apologies for the lack of decent camera work):

Pic 1

Pic 2

For an idea of scale, and a bit more detail, here is me twirling it around a bit:
Vid 1

And because I made it with a clear acrylic core I can shine some light through it to create my own, (very limited,) lighting effects:
Wyld light:
Rot glow:

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