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Feedback & Suggestions / Power design concern: bounding
« on: December 19, 2017, 01:36:40 AM »
This was inspired by a feedback thread on Steam about Griotte, but it expands larger than that. 

Griotte's power is a drawback unless you can afford 1 trickery during the day phase (last I checked night trickery gets no credit), and it takes 2 trickery to actually make it different from being "powerless".  Like Zosha she's Powerless during the day as well.  Conceivably, a Griotte with uncontested control of 3+ towns and drawing the correct Trickery's could boost herself to Brun levels of dice madness for a whole turn instead of a single fight and win Perils too.  In short, Unlucky folks get shafted with her power while lucky folks will get dominating force.  This is frustrating to me.

Lets consider some other hero powers of similar frustration. 

Ghor's original power had no downside (even a single forest gave you super spell reach- arguable the glowing forest effect was intended as a downside), and no cap.  Find a big forest and your whole hand is free.  New power now has a downside (no stealth) and a hypothetical cap as the forest threshold increased but it's still a big problem that even a 2 point discount is usually enough to empty a hand with mana to spare.

Scarlet's power has great potential (you could get full/the best followers) from it, but it is also too easy to go the whole game with it never occurring. 

Sylas's Old power was extremely difficult to get started (low floor), but would have been devasting if allowed to get to max of 5.  The new power is far easier to activate and pleasantly limited.

What I'm getting at is that it is important to consider the "edge cases" of any element in the system.  I think Griotte and Hargrave's downsides (floor) is a bit too severe and that Griotte's Ceiling is too high.  I'm hoping they can get a Sylas style adjustment and not a Ghor style one.

Artisan's Alley / Happy Halloween
« on: October 25, 2017, 02:23:10 AM »
Guppy is getting into the seasonal Spirit.

Bugs! / Character Select bug
« on: May 02, 2017, 12:03:16 PM »
Selected Sylas, selected Ring, large lag between Ring and Amulet Select.  Selected an amulet; when my character locked my character model morphed into Thane, see screenshot.

General Discussion / Vanishing Steam reviews?
« on: March 16, 2017, 01:32:35 AM »

According to the above story, Code activated games will no longer be allowed to have reviews.  Kickstarter backers got their game via code, but we certainly paid.  Is there anything LoG can do to distinguish "paid" customers to Valve?

General Discussion / Might sound silly but
« on: February 22, 2017, 04:56:56 AM »
I heard a plane crashed into a Melbourne mall.  While they did report no one in the mall was injured, I still worried about you a bit.

General Discussion / Armello on Switch?
« on: January 18, 2017, 11:04:21 AM »
Just curious if this is a thing you've considered doing.  I hear it supports Unity.  If you could be a year one game on the system it might be a lot of good press.

The biggest downside I see is if you let it postpone the release of the Bandits any further :-X

Feedback & Suggestions / Was the skin pack successful?
« on: January 12, 2017, 11:39:42 AM »
Many times you warned us how making new map skins like the Season pack could cost more than the development would return in additional sales.  Thus it was a pleasant surprise when Spring and Summer maps came to Armello as a paid DLC.  Now I am curious: has the map skins proved economically sustainable, so that we can hope to see more one day, or were they a flop like the language localizations beyond say the first 5?

Bugs! / Nasty Crash
« on: January 11, 2017, 01:29:56 PM »
Right before my turn, the screen display froze but the game kept playing, I could even move and end my turn by clicking the right parts of the screen.  Trying to minimize and maximize left the "view" of my desktop in place while the cursor was the gauntlet and allowed for in game clicks.  After a round of this, a popup saying I had a bad crash appeared.

Bugs! / Hitting player 4 on Sunrise
« on: January 08, 2017, 11:07:34 AM »
I could have sworn one of the stated goals to the Dawn display update in 1.5 was to help users take advantage of playing cards in the window of time between Dawn and Declaration.  However, it seems twice now I've tried to play a card between the end of his night turn, and yet was unable to before the guards were able to attack him.  Depriving me of a sweet bounty.   The forced focus seems to kick in sooner now, and the game pauses during a time you can take no actions.

Can we have our window of opportunity back?

Feedback & Suggestions / Regarding the old chest/keys
« on: December 20, 2016, 05:09:03 PM »
So with the end of another season, those with desires to collect Hearts Fire, Morningstar, etc are now in more difficult times.  It's fairly common to see threads concerned with the inequity of keys versus chests on market.  While it's true that "random is random" the market trends point to a glut of chests.  Heck, even when I started the War season with a glut of keys, by the end I had 10 more chests then I ever had keys.

These screenshots were taken from the Steam market within the past hour.  They suggest unless there is a large untapped reserve of keys being held off market, there just aren't enough keys out there to open every chest for sale- let alone chests dropped and not for sale.  Considering Key prices, being unsold seems unlikely; whereas for chests, there's good reason not to sell- 3 cents on steam is only 1 cent received to the Steam wallet.

Recently, I've thought of restarting the community tournaments.  One big missing piece in my old model was a prize, a pile of chests and keys would be a great.  I was even thinking that the prize would form from an "entry fee" of players unopened chests and keys so it could be run "revenue neutral" to both players and organizers.  However, it seems with prevailing market conditions and physical supply prohibit there being any kind of Reasonable exchange rate.   The prices are off by a factor of 4 to 12x, yet in terms of being a useful prize, getting a pile of extra chests serves nothing.  Even if I were to "liquidate" the extra chests in an attempt to buy keys to make a set of pairs getting 1 cent per chest would waste far too much of the pot.

I would love if there were some way we could clear the chest glut and get the dust out of inventories by getting more old seasons keys, buying the current season's only keys isn't going to help matters (not to mention you charge more than the market does).   Is there a way you as Devs can magically generate more keys from the old season, or does Steam inventory end up tying your hands?

Artisan's Alley / Guppy is doing well for himself these days
« on: October 09, 2016, 01:38:23 PM »
So I decided to hire the most unfortunate squire, and he's happy to report he's doing much better outside of Rabbit employment.

Visiting the lands of Kate Beaton, he found a steed most appropriate to his temperament. 
The follow three pictures use the dialogue from this comic.

I'm a bit concerned however, as I believe he might be sleeping with my wife!
(no pictures)

Feedback & Suggestions / More opinions, Spell Edition
« on: October 07, 2016, 04:19:31 AM »
Since Early Beta, Magic has been the most consistently high quality of the three decks.  Allowing characters with low fight the chance to stand against the combat monsters.  Before I unload on my old nemisis the trickery deck, I figured it was time to talk about the spell cards:

Aflame: I repeat what I've said before, having the damage be "slower" (1 damage now, 1 damage at the end of targets turn) would better balance the "nuke vs buff" dynamic as well as tie into the image of burning to death better (urgh, gruesome image).

Blizzard: really wish it could be used on "tiles adjacent to mountains as well".

Call of the Worm: The effect might be a little weak to tempt the pure (especially since hand size is not easily monitored).  One odd suggestion I had would be to affect the symbols on equipped gear too.  While that wouldn't effect too much, it renders the spell slightly more powerful against the Blacksmith Follower and Barnaby.

Focus: Because of the importance of getting the magic boost at Dusk, I feel, converse to spells that end at dawn, this spell should end at dusk right after magic refresh.

Glamour: Please let us have a backside view of opponent's hands outside of combat.

Immolation: If you want it to keep doing 4 damage when self casted, reword the card to reflect that (Does damage=4-# of hexes away from caster, minimum 1)

Wall of Thorns: putting this on hexes occupied by guards and banes would make it slightly more potent without being overpowered.  Otherwise I'd recommend a price drop to 2 mana.

Short list for a good deck.  Don't forget that the Mad King shouldn't steal all the perils from the players for his personal use.

Feedback & Suggestions / Players voice: Ghor's power
« on: September 15, 2016, 11:14:33 PM »
There's a lot of forum chatter about it.  There's an official response that analytics are being used to evaluate the hero,.  However there's a strong counterargument that the people most aware of Ghor's power are deliberately not using him.  If Ghor attracts primarily new players his win rate will be non-representative.

So lets get some number data with a poll.

Bugs! / Really weird game end
« on: September 15, 2016, 01:15:23 PM »
So I was playing a game, hoping to get a royal die.   As I waited for my opponents to play their turn, suddenly I see the "Ready  for a new public multiplayer box" appear, instead of the "reconnection bar".   We all select ready, then the game crashes.  Here's the log.

Feedback & Suggestions / I have opinions, item cards edition
« on: September 09, 2016, 01:01:59 AM »
While I've probably made these points in the testing forums previously, there are numerous concerns I have with item cards especially since 1.4.x that I figured I'd list out in a few convenient places.  Cheeky title to help promote Dev smiles.

Bane Blade- Once the ultimate weapon with a drawback, more and more its clear other weapons (Bastard Sword, Silver Lance) serve you better.  Rather than demand the Corrupted kill life leech to break even, what if you don't get hurt as long as you kill the target?  This ties into the legends of cursed swords like the work of Muramasa- they demand to draw blood.  That would make it a net positive to Rotlords, while becoming tempting again for goodhearted folks.

Bane's Claw- Lots of threads on this.  The effect is not worth equipping unless it completely removed banes from spawning on you or somehow made banes weaker when you fought them.

Bubble Tea- This item just feels like a joke to me.  Temporary prestige is EXTREMELY situational, it'll only help you break ties, and if you use it between Dawn and the start of your day turn, it's wasted.  You might also use it to pay for a prestige cost card, but it only saves you a point if you have 0.  Normally gets a pass because it's cheap and a way to burn Wyld from the item deck; but while I bring up issues I have with items this is getting mentioned.  If the Prestige was permanent, it wouldn't hurt the game, and it'd give people a reason to be excited over it. 
PS> the name doesn't fit in the perceived world setting (fantasy europe.  Technically anything could fit in Armello because you made it).  "Ceremonial Tea" or something referencing nobility would fit in better.  Considering you renamed Dueling Pistols to Hand Cannons because of a similar "historical complaint", it'd be consistant (Ironic to this point, I still think Pistols was the better name and not historically inappropriate)

Chain Mail Shirt-  This item used to be perfect, so perfect it spawned the Tower Shield as a symmetric imitator and was a great companion to Heavy Flail.  It was one of the best non-treasure gears for king slaying (since that's always an attack battle).  Now it has a new effect, it's actually Stronger than it was in some cases, but not in a way I feel is good.

First: How in the world does chainmail merit reflection damage?  1 Reflection die is mathematically the same as 1 sword 1 shield unless it's being used to cancel a pierce.  Marauder Gauntlet offers this bonus because it is a spiked glove.  Hero's shield you can imagine being used to bash with (Hi Magna).  If it was "Spikey Plate Armor" or "Flaming Armor", it'd make sense to help cause damage, but Chain Mail, being an undergarment in the Armor family, is actually a softer/smoother material and not even bouncy, it's an inertial dampener.

Second: Magna.  Magna shouldn't wear Chainmail because her power makes it completely identical to a regular shield that costs too much.  Having certain cards "not work" for certain characters (see Berserker with Sana AND Magna again) feels very unpolished and complicates balancing characters unnecessarily.

I imagine the change was to help introduce Reflection to non-Magna characters outside of the hero shield, but if anything the TOWER SHIELD would have been the better candidate for this change, then give Chainmail the defending only effect if the 2 shields on aggression wasn't desired for the game anymore. 

Instead of triggering on a burn, I would tie it to either the first missed die, or be like a mini-royal shield and used first offtime die (offering reflect so they don't obsolete another).  Turning a miss into a reflect shield helps tie it to the flavor text quote about protecting you in the face on your own stupidity, and lets Magna use it.

Cubs blood-  This card has had multiple threads yet has never changed.  It does nothing other than cost rot.  If it dragged the nearest bane to the target location "immediately", triggering an attack if you targeted an occupied square,  it'd be cool and useful.

Iron Pike-  I like this card a lot, especially as a spear aficionado.  I'm going to use it as a point of Reference against Longbow and Hand Cannons.


Long Bow- formerly useful if not a bit risky.  1.4s dice priority nerf made it weaker.  Now it's completely redesigned, relying on Moon burns instead of dice randomness.  While being burned based allows piercing to work better post nerf, and burning moons during the day gets a boost with this weapon, Moon burns are not that common.   Thematically, the burn trigger makes a lot of sense, your cards are ammo, so if it was "the first missed symbol burn" it'd be great.  Iron Pike offers it's old effect while attacking, while granting an even better effect when defending.  They cost the same.

Hand Cannons- should be renamed back to Dueling Pistols.  Has the same problem in that carrying a lot of sun symbols to burn isn't that common.  I'm curious how often your analytics have tracked someone successfully using both pierces.  Being a random pierce effect actually felt right (pre-priority nerf) because of the erratic nature of early firearms.  If we continue with the burned card ammo theme, expanding the burnable symbols that qualify is essential.

PS> Listen to Mister UPS Man and nearly everyone in the community with a posted opinion on the topic and return special priority to special dice.  Has anyone in the player community said they like the new system?   I'm sorry, I feel like my tone is turning a bit mean here, but I really don't see what you are waiting for in changing things back.  If I had to choose between making these cards better or restoring old die priority, I'd leave these cards terrible to get priority back since it would make Iron Pike that much greater.

Lord's Sceptre-  Barnaby can use this to steal leadership.  I suppose Elyssia will like it too with her unquestioned town dominance, but I really feel it doesn't have a place with the normally fluid nature of town ownership.  It's old effect was very cool and made for a unique strategy for prestige victory.  If you have to, you could make it a treasure after giving the old effect back and switch it's place with Royal Banner.
Mirror Cape: doesn't do enough in combat to be worth Treasure distinction, ESPECIALLY versus the king.  Lots of people want a card to counteract direct play of cards, this could be it, but it would need limits like only working once per moonrise.
Moon Scythe.  We have two weapons now and a ring that turn missed time dice into hits.  Aflame keeps the suns rolling when they miss.  Either way, it's unacceptable for the Moon Scythe, a super rare treasure, to be so weak as to only work at night.
Oak Spear-  I like the buff it received.  Some of my friends think the gold cost compared to Shining Swords needs adjusting though and I feel they'd get on my case if I didn't mention it here.


Poison Dagger- Too complicated to use, especially wasting a die on a rot burn to rely on luck later.  Pure folk won't equip it, rot folk want to use the cards not burn them.   Take a tip from old snake venom and have this salvage a burned miss; or at least activate in an easier way to make pure folk want to risk wearing it, and not interfere with Rotlording.

Poison dice as a whole has been a flawed concept.   There's no benefit to hitting someone with 2 poison dice, they don't get double poisoned.  Without negative priority, poison dice nearly never land on a target that isn't going to die before poison procs.  Any damage after using a poison weapon/venom should cause poison (effectively, giving poison dice negative priority.

Raven's Dagger.  Making it cost 2 rot made it only as good as the "drink 2 rot" choice.  Once again, SUPER rare treasures tied to events should be at least average or above quality treasures, not worse than regular items.
Royal Pardon.  Some effect to weaken guards in the times you have to attack them would help make this more than a niche item.

Sailor's Lantern/Spyglass.  I really used to enjoy the lantern Spyglass combo.  Now with the added cards to the deck, it gets more and more unlikely to achieve, while the 2 fight and 2 peril dice bonus for pulling it off feels weaker and weaker compared to heavier armors and special dice. Maybe if Spyglass did "anything" without needing lantern first.  Oh hey, what if Spyglass let you actually SPY on opponent's hands when you view their combats?  That'd be awesome.

Torch-  Sargon should get +1 fight while equipping this.  I kid, but my last game I had a Sargon with Torch and Masquerade Mask very early and I felt I should have gotten a prize for it.  Maybe a "Cosplayer" achievement.

War Horn-  how about 1 additional fight dice (you inspire yourself with it), to make it worth wearing in 1 follower games?

Any item/treasure not mentioned above I am satisfied with.  Please comment, especially if you want to support my appeals to popularity over piercing and poison mechanics.

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