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General Discussion / What conferences does Armello/LoG go to?
« on: January 23, 2017, 08:26:26 AM »
Squeak.  Lord Dittman of the Rat Clan here, it's been a while.

As a composer, I've been looking to attend some video game conventions this/next year to get my name out.  I'm also wondering which ones are attended by League of Geeks?  It'd be cool to hang and get those meet-the-developer dice or whatever they're called....  I'm not planning to leave the U.S. for conventions yet, though perhaps I'll consider traveling to Canada.

Best Wishes,

-Lord Dittman (Rat Clan)

Artisan's Alley / Mercurio in the flesh!
« on: September 11, 2015, 03:18:24 PM »
Greetings, good citizens of Armello,

It is with great pleasure that I am announcing the first in-flesh appearance of Lord Mercurio of the Rat Clan!

I was hoping to finish the clothes and props before I announced myself (I'm missing a sword, vest, earrings, etc.) but since it's right after the official release, and since I just got a bunch of photos at the Renaissance Faire, I figured I'd share them sooner rather than later!  I was actually already a brown rat before I even heard of Armello, so whipping up a quick cosplay wasn't as difficult as it might look.

Below are several photos showcasing Mercurio on the Rotted throne of Armello, at a swamp, and competing in a challenge of wits, among other things.  I have several other photos I can share if my fellow Armellians are interested, though the majority are variations on the ones I'm already sharing.

-Lord Mercurio (Dittman) of the Rat Clan

Feedback & Suggestions / Shields
« on: April 08, 2015, 05:07:31 AM »
There's been much talk about how shields aren't common enough in battles and most of the proposed fixes involve changing the dice somehow.

I'd like to bring up another suggestion- how about adding shield bonus to terrain?  Mountains already have a +1 shield bonus, perhaps we could up them to two, and add +1 bonuses for forests and settlements.

I think the dice work mostly well right now, and altering them could change battle more than we want to.  I think we need a more static way to add shields, instead of a much more variable fix with dice.

…because it's hard to set up a game when I'm the only one there. :(

…I think it has something to do with me helping test out the previous build.  My game on Steam has said "Armello [mp-testing]" ever since then.  (see attachment)  But I open my game and it still says version 3.1.2 and there isn't an automatic download to update.

How do I get the new version???!!??!?!??

I had to turn off the Beta testing, which I didn't know how to do:
-right click the "Armello [mp-testing]"
-go to properties, then the Betas tab
-select "none"

What's interesting is I've been able to play online games with everyone else up until this point, even though I still had the testing version of the game.

General Discussion / Dice vs. flat symbols - which is better?
« on: February 22, 2015, 01:12:15 PM »
"Shining Steel Sword" offers +1 sword, and "Battle Axe" offers +1 die for the same price…. but which is better? At first I thought it would be +1 die because of the chance to explode, but I did some calculations and now I'm not sure.

 I'm about 90% sure my math is correct- if someone else could analyze this it would be great!

For this analysis I'm going to assume that gaining a sword is equal to gaining a shield, since gaining a shield will cancel out one of the opponent's swords.  I will call both swords and shields "S", meaning "Success".

When we roll a single die we can get the following outcomes:

 Sword: +1 success (S)
 Shield: +1 success (S)
 Sun: +1 success (S)
 Moon: failure (F)
 Wyld: +1 success (S) and roll again
Rot: failure (F)
(Sun and moon can be switched, as can Wyld and Rot, but you effectively get one success vs. one failure)

3/6 S
2/6 F
1/6 S + ?

Without going any further, there's a 3/6 chance for success and 2/6 for failure.  This is absolute.  But the final 1/6 (the Wyld die) is going to be split into six outcomes as well, which means:

3/36 S
2/36 F
1/36 S + ?

And then, with another Wyld roll:

3/216 S
2/216 F
1/216 S + ?

Let's stop here for now.  Obviously we can keep rolling Wylds but the likelihood of having a certain number of Wylds decreases the higher you go.  So, let's put this all into a single list:

3/6 S                                  1S         108/216
2/6 F                                  0S         72/216
3/36 S+S                         2S         18/216
2/36 S+F                        1S          12/216
3/216 S+S+S                3S          3/216
2/216 S+S+F                2S          2/216
1/216 S+S+S+?           3S+?     1/216

Thus, we've reduced the number of outcomes to 7, and the right column adds up at 216/216, which equals 1.  Now, let's multiply the right column with their respective number of successes:

108/216    *1    108/216
72/216       *0    0/216
18/216       *2    36/216
12/216       *1    12/216
3/216          *3    9/216
2/216          *2    4/216
1/216          *3    3/216
Total:                    172/216  =  0.7963  or about  0.8

A single die will roll an average of 0.8 successes,  compared to the fixed 1 success that a flat symbol will give you.  Thus, my conclusion is that a flat symbol, on average, is better than a die.  However, the trade-off with a flat symbol is that there is zero chance to get anything more, whereas it's still possible to get more than one success with a die.

Introduce Yourself! / Greetings, I am Lord Dittman of the Rat Clan.
« on: February 13, 2015, 09:53:47 AM »
Greetings, citizens of Armello.

My name is Lord Dittman of the Rat Clan, also known as CheddarRat on Steam.  Pleased to make your acquaintances.  I am originally from the land of Chicago but have recently migrated to Armello for the purpose of advancing our Clan's Prestige in these parts.  I have had a very successful time questing in Armello the past few weeks and am proud to support our Lord Mercurio for the throne.  I'd like to extend both an invitation to support the Rat Clan in our quest for the throne, and a warning to those who do not wish to do so.  I assure you all that the Rat Clan taking the throne will be to the benefit of all who follow our lead.

I am pleased to be here on this forum, and hope to become acquainted with my fellow creatures of Armello.

-Lord Dittman of the Rat Clan

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