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Feedback & Suggestions / Just a little tidbit about the crown
« on: September 23, 2015, 08:26:58 PM »

When the King dies, can this card just appear in the winning player's hand? It'd be cool and kinda funny, I think.

This bug exists because a player receives the prestige for killing a Bane BEFORE the prestige penalty for dying. It only works when the 2nd place player has equal prestige to the Prestige Leader and mutual kills with a Bane.

So basically, the rundown is:

Player 1 has 6 Prestige. Player 2 has 6 Prestige and is the Prestige Leader.

Player 1 mutual kills a Bane and receives 1 Prestige, putting their total prestige to 7 and making them the Prestige Leader.

Player 1 then receives the penalty for dying when they respawn at their clan grounds, putting them back down to 6 prestige.

The situation is the same as before, except Player 1 is now the Prestige Leader.

The rules state that you lose prestige from death, not from respawning in your clan grounds. Do you get prestige for killing a Bane, but the death of the Bane and your own death should be considered to happen at the same time by the game logic. In a tabletop scenario, a situation like this where a player both gains and loses a resource in the same interaction is simply treated as a net-neutral scenario where the gain and the lose cancel each other out and the game is treated as though no interaction happened at all. Otherwise, game mechanics that rely on overtake-scoring will have glaring edge-cases where a net-neutral interaction swaps the leading position even though the scores are the same.

Bugs! / PS4 control prompts on the PC version
« on: September 23, 2015, 12:38:58 AM »

Notice the conspicuous L3 and R3 buttons at the bottom of the screen. No controller was plugged in. This happens to me across multiple games.

Armello in the Press! / Extra Credits - James Recommends Armello
« on: September 19, 2015, 02:53:34 AM »

So I was pretty pleased to see this in my YouTube subscription box today. Extra Credits is a group which I have fluctuating respect for, but I mostly think they're pretty alright people. Glad to see them recommending Armello to people. I left my own thoughts in the comments to try and further encourage potential players to check it out. (I had to be honest, though)

General Discussion / I see Zosha and River in every public match
« on: September 17, 2015, 10:25:05 PM »
I and all of my friends have a variety of favourite players whom we play often. I'm a fan of Barnaby and Scarlet, myself. But I swear I'm seeing a shit ton of public matches where the matchup is Zosha/River/???/??? which is disappointing. I want to see more of the rest of the cast. I would never play Brun myself (except for the achievements, of course) but why have I never run into a Brun player in public matches?

Seriously, Zosha and River don't even win that much... because I beat them all the time.  8)

I'm thinking that they might be the most straightforward characters in the cast, I guess. You don't need to think too hard about either of their abilities to use them effectively at low-levels, to be honest.


Bugs! / Lord's Scepter deactivates when you're in your Clan Grounds
« on: September 17, 2015, 10:18:52 PM »
title says it all really. You get your settlement prestige bonus back again as soon as you step outside of your Clan Grounds. This may be a deliberate decision my LoG to not let players use static prestige for guaranteed wins when facing the King, but A) that's unnecessary since there are only two static prestige items in the game and they're both unique cards, and B) the Royal Banner doesn't suffer from this, so I'm going to assume it's a glitch.

Feedback & Suggestions / Suggestion for Merc buff
« on: September 17, 2015, 05:03:16 PM »
I suggested this somewhere else, but nobody responded, so I'm posting it again in a fresh thread to see if I can get feedback on this. I've explained here why I think Mercurio needs a buff to his innate ability.

How about, for Merc " Steal 1 Gold when you capture a settlement from another player, and when another player captures one of your settlements."

Here me out:

Doing this would make Merc much more viable to be that Trickery-based character that the devs kinda advertised him to me. It would discourage other players from taking his settlements - making him able to hold onto the Trickery discount more easily, provide him with a gold compensation for losing settlements - keeping his ability to play Trickeries strong after his flow of income is neutered, make other players more weary of his position on the board when capturing settlements, and can be easily countered by letting settlements get terrorised (which is something that Scarlet wants to do anyway) using the Pink Topaz ring, or emptying the wallet before capturing one of Mercurio's settlements.

Might be worth throwing a few more Incite Revolts into the Trickery deck as well to allow other players to counter.

Potentially too strong, but I still want to find some way to make Mercurio that trickster he was promised to be.

Bugs! / Disconnecting causes 24 hours of night.
« on: September 16, 2015, 06:42:05 PM »
Sent in an associated bug report. So a player disconnected during the transition from day to night. The board went dark as usual, but no one had their magic restored. The combat bonuses still favoured day clan affinity, the burn timer showed a sun symbol, and at the end of the round the board remained in the dark of the night and the king gained a point of extra rot.

Apparently one player disconnecting caused the code or whatever that determines day or night effects to trip over and think that it was still the day turn.

There are while a few bugs associated with DCs that have come to light since release, probably since more ragequitters are playing the game. Might be worth looking further into the effects of DCing.

Feedback & Suggestions / Yes, I'm talking about the rings again.
« on: September 15, 2015, 11:37:11 PM »
Rings are Clan based - So a particular ring now might be weak for a Sana or Thane but awesome for the upcoming Hero in that Clan and the hero after that ;) and we want you to have to weigh up which Ring is more useful to you with the Hero you've selected and with what plans or play style you have in mind.

Not to make this personal, but I think old Blake might have been betting too much on the notion that players will just figure out ways to make all of the rings strategically viable. In my experience as a strategy game player, often it's quite the opposite. The players will spend more time working out ways in which certain actions or game elements are totally inviable and it's up to the developers to fight a constant battle to try and make multiple routes of play appealing to both high and low-level players.

So now that we've all had opulent time with all of the new heroes, I think it's time to revisit this topic. Where possible, I'm going to try and compare the advantages and disadvantages between different heroes for the purpose of determining if there are any rings which are poor across the entire clan.

Wolf Clan Rings

Something to note is that neither wolf benefits from these rings more than the other wolf. Both Thane and River get equal value out of these rings.

Sapphire: Gain Stealth on Mountains, Day and Night.

Stealth on mountains is contentious if only because mountains take 2AP to cross without the Celestite ring or Winged Boots. Mountains are also rarer than forest tiles. Stealth is not strong enough of an ability to justify the cost of the extra AP.

Moonstone: Gain +1 Magic for any Kill in Battle.

This ring is questionable if only because the reward isn't substantive when compared to the reward of the Onyx ring. It's also very odd that the wolves have two rings that reward aggression through combat. If the purpose of the rings is to encourage players to optimise and customise their playstyles, then including two rings that reward an aggressive combat-focused playstyle is redundant, and implicitly suggests to the uninitiated player that the wolves need to played super aggressively.

Onyx: Gain +1 Gold for any Kill in Battle.

The wolves' economical ring. It takes advantage of Thane and River's combat proficiency and rewards them for an aggressive playstyle. It is very good for players who enjoy early-to-midgame aggression. It's the weakest money-giving ring in the game, however.

Celestite: Ignore Mountain movement penalty.

Celestite is arguably the strongest ring available to the wolf clan, as it amplifies their movement capabilities on the board. This is useful to any character.

Overall, my biggest criticism of the Wolf Clan Rings is that the last two rings seem to completely overshadow the first two in their power and applicability. Stealth is a weak ability, and trading off the AP bonus for it is poor valuation. Therefore Celestite is strictly better than Sapphire. Gold is more valuable than Magic, therefore 1 Gold is a more desirable bonus than 1 Magic for a kill. Therefore Onyx is strictly better than Moonstone.

Rabbit Clan Rings

Emerald: Gain +2 Shield on Plains.
A solid ring that would assist any character. It's like having a free Battle Armour without the -1 die penalty. Not so useful against casters, since players are not Stealthed in plains, but very useful against combat characters. Has clear advantages and disadvantages, overall a good inclusion.

Pink Topaz: Increase all your Settlement income by +1 Gold every dawn.
An amazing ring which is a serious boon for non-caster Trickery-focused players like me. It's much more useful to Barnaby than Amber, since Amber begins the game with 4 Spirit, and can fall back on Spells if she needs to, while Barnaby has a more difficult time maintaining a resource flow.

Diamond: Gain 1 Prestige for each Treasure Equipped and Follower Recruited.
A contentious ring. Helps with maintaining a Prestige lead in the lategame and can be used to retain a prestige lead while attacking the King. Equally useful to both Rabbits.

Sunstone: In Battle and Perils, +1 Sun result while you have more than 3 Gold.
+1 Sun result is too situational a benefit to couple with a condition. The ring is useless for night battles, for perils which don't require a sun-roll, and for when the player has less than 3 Gold. As an advantage, this ring helps to breach palace perils, but it's contentious how useful this benefit will be, as the viability of an early palace breach often depends on the conditions of the match.

The Sunstone is the only Rabbit Clan ring I dislike, but only in so far that I think it should offer a more substantive reward than +1 sun result, given the fact that it is conditional on the amount of Gold in the purse of the Rabbit player.

Rat Clan Rings

Black Opal: Gain Stealth in Settlements Day and Night.
This ring is useful for defending settlements. However, it suffers from being in the hands of the Rat Clan. Settlements mostly want to be defended at night instead of during the day, however Zosha has permanent Stealth at night. Mercurio also wants settlements to change hands instead of defending them, as that allows him to use his innate ability more often. The ring's more viable application for the rats specifically is allowing them to ambush from settlement tiles in the attack. This is a substantive, yet situational advantage, and is far more useful for Mercurio than Zosha, as Zosha automatically has stealth at night.

This ring might be more useful for Mercurio if his innate ability were to be changed. See this thread to discuss that topic.

Obsidian: At Night, Gain Scout on all your claimed Settlements.
This ring is generally poor as it requires the Rat player to have multiple settlements claimed in order for it to be useful. But it can be very useful if the Rat player manages to hold multiple settlements for a long time. It's a solid ring, but it's nothing to write home about.

Once again, it's a ring that is strange in the hands of the Rat clan. Scout is more useful against the Rats than used by the Rats, considering the Black Opal ring and Zosha's innate ability. And Mercurio also prefers that settlements change hands for his innate ability to be useful.

Ruby: First rolled Sword in Battle Explodes.
This is a strong combat ring, as it increases the sides of the dice which explode when rolled in battle. It's especially good for an aggressive Rat player. In the testing build, the ring had initially caused the first sword to explode instead of the first rolled sword, allowing players to burn a sword card for the explosion effect. I think this should be re-implemented, as it changes the value of sword-symbol cards for the Rat player who wields it. This ring also synergises very well with the Long Bow and Hand Cannons.

Turquoise: Gain the Evade Ability.
Perpetual evade is a powerful ability against combat-monsters, but a relatively inconsequential ability against casters. But this isn't an issue, since the Rat player can see the character choice of their opponents before the match. If there are two combat-focused characters in the match, the Rat player can choose Turquoise. If not, they can choose a different ring.

A frequently cited disadvantage of this ring is that it isn't deactivated in the Palace, when a player will want to hold their tile. There are ways to mitigate this with Hot Rot Wine or Strategist, Wall of Thorns, -AP perils, Lionsheart Breastplate, etc. but players on the whole would prefer it if the ring simply deactivated in the Palace.

Ruby and Turquoise are good, but may need tweaks. As for Black Opal and Obsidian, my criticisms remain as they were when I first started examining the rings. They aren't generally useful like the good wolf or rabbit rings, and they don't congeal well with the strengths of their wearers, like the good Bear Clan rings.

Bear Clan Rings

Jade: Gain +3 Magic if you are in a Forest at Dawn.
This ring is very useful for the Bears, who are both Spell-focused characters. It's doubly useful for Brun, who can build up his innate power bonus on the nighttime turn with spells, stop in a forest tile, then continue to build up his innate combo with the extra Magic he receives on the daytime turn for a massive bonus in his next battle. All around a great ring for the Bear Clan.

Quartz: -1 Rot if you are in a Stone Circle at Dawn.
This ring is undesirable in a general strategic sense because it seems to be designed to help mitigate a loss instead of provide an advantage. I've said this before, but gaining advantages is often more valuable than mitigating disadvantages in a 1-to-1 scenario. Personally, I don't think a minus-Rot ring should be available.

Amethyst: Gain +1 Magic for every Spell Card Burned.
This ring is largely ineffective in the hands of Sana, who usually has low-Wits and therefore doesn't benefit that much from burning Spell cards. It's unlikely that she will be in a position where burning three cards in a turn is beneficial to her strategy and would much prefer to simply use the Jade ring for the easier Magic bonus on dawn, especially considering that forest tiles are useful at night and common enough that it's easy to end your turn on one. Brun fares a little better, as this ring allows him to burn his high-cost Spells to generate extra Magic for his low-cost spells. But, again, unless he seriously builds up Wits, then he won't often be put in a position where he can maximise it's usefulness.

Amber: Burning Sun And Moon cards in Battle is always considered a Hit.
This is a solid ring, as it allows for sun and moon cards to be burned out of turn without incurring a miss. Since both bears start with 3 Wits, they are liable to have low hands, meaning that cycling out their cards is crucial to them. This benefit is somewhat mitigated by the Royal Shield, which will have a similar, overlapping benefit. This ring definitely isn't that powerful, but it can be useful to Bear Clan players who may have trouble cycling out their cards normally.

The bear rings are all-round very good and can be applied in interesting ways, but a high-Wits Bear is really needed to make the most of Amethyst. Only one I would seriously change is Quartz.

Bandit Clan Rings

"Also comes with access to four signet rings..." - Armello Kickstarter

Y'know, I know that the Bandits were probably always meant to steal their rings from the other clans. (It's one of those obvious-in-retrospect kind of things) but you have to admit that this image on the Kickstarter was a little misleading.

Black Opal: Gain Stealth in Settlements Day and Night.
Black Opal is probably the least useful ring of the bandits, but it's still more useful to them than it is to the rats.

Pink Topaz: Increase all your Settlement income by +1 Gold every dawn.
Pink Topaz is a great ring for the Bandits, especially for Horace who normally has low Magic. It's the least useful to Twiss (who can't defend settlements) and Scarlet (who may not want to defend settlements) but nevertheless they still benefit from this ring.

Amethyst: Gain +1 Magic for every Spell Card Burned.
This ring is monstrous in the hands of Twiss, and could be argued is a worthwhile inclusion for the Bandits because of that fact alone. It's also somewhat useful for Sylas and Horace, who normally have low Magic.

Celestite: Ignore Mountain movement penalty.
Celestite is, once again, a solid ring all around. No complaints.

Rings that I think need to change:

Sapphire: Gain Stealth on Mountains, Day and Night. Could be changed to stealth on Plains, or a different kind of bonus on mountains, like +2 swords.

Moonstone: Gain +1 Magic for any Kill in Battle. Needs to give +2 Magic for something other than killing in Battle. Onyx already rewards for killing in Battle. Perhaps offer +2 Magic for non-battle kills.

Sunstone: In Battle and Perils, +1 Sun result while you have more than 3 Gold. Needs to have a more substantive reward for maintaining 3 or more Gold. Such as +1 Sun and Moon result. (would make it useful at night, synergises well with Royal Shield)

Black Opal: Gain Stealth in Settlements Day and Night.
Obsidian: At Night, Gain Scout on all your claimed Settlements.

^ I think these rings need to definitely change, but I'm not sure how. Open for suggestions.

Quartz: -1 Rot if you are in a Stone Circle at Dawn. I don't think there should be a minus-Rot ring.

Possible solutions for the rings if a third batch of heroes is on the way:

For the Wolf Clan: Include a caster wolf, or a wolf who benefits from stealth.

For the Rabbit Clan: Include a rabbit who somehow benefits from sun results, like a rabbit who has exploding suns. That way, even when a sun result isn't viable, it provides an extra free die whenever they have more than 3 Gold in the purse.

For the Rat Clan: Include a caster rat who benefits from scout, or a rat who doesn't have constant Stealth like Zosha, but benefits from Stealth in a unique way that other heroes don't. Like extra dice when ambushing or something.

Bugs! / Backer badges are still kinda glitchy
« on: September 15, 2015, 06:14:25 PM »
I'm fairly certain that isn't a Gamer-tier badge.

Bugs! / Fool's Fountain eludes me
« on: September 14, 2015, 11:12:06 PM »

The only card I don't have. I know I've stepped in it. In fact, I'm fairly certain that I haven't stepped into the other palace perils.

Is anyone else missing this card? I had the other three palace perils from the outset, but for some reason I can't obtain the Fool's Fountain and it's bugging me.

The War Room / [Bullshit] Wall of Thorns
« on: September 14, 2015, 06:23:50 PM »
As if casters didn't already have enough tools at their disposal...

Wall of Thorns is a card for trolls and arseholes. Why is this card in the game? It opens up so much room for griefing other players. It's inclusion only hurts that game experience over all for everyone except heartless psychopathic monsters

Denying Quests

Simple. Play Wall of Thorns to a quest marker. Useful cards for determining where quest markers are include:

This will force the player to spend up to two turns doing other things, and gives you ample opportunity to kill them with Lightning Strikes or something to deny them their quest for even longer.

Come At Me, Bro

If you play Wall of Thorns right outside your opponent's Clan Grounds, you can force them to step onto one specific tile for their first movement next turn. You can block that tile with quite a few things.

A second Wall of Thorns.

A Bane

A Peril

Or yourself

Putting Badly Behaved Children in Timeout

This is actually an extremely nasty way of denying your opponent up to 2 turns if you're a caster and have the range. Since this combo costs 7 Magic, I'm going to assume that you have a sufficient range to do it if you ever have the opportunity.

Step 1: work out which unoccupied dungeon is farthest from your opponent and play Wall of Thorns to it.

Step 2:

They will teleport inside the Wall of Thorns and get stuck.

A friend I was playing with was playing Twiss + Wits amulet + Amethyst amulet (Gain +1 Magic for every Spell Card Burned) and built-up Wits + Spirit exclusively on quests. Consequently, he was able to caster an absolute crapton of Spells by filling up his hand with Spell cards, burning a ton of them on perils, and then using his high Magic pool to play the most powerful Spells in his hand. And he was basically untouchable by combat characters for the whole game because of his permanent Evade. He accumulated a massive Prestige lead this way, and dominated the entire match from start to finish. He had an especially easy time defending the palace, because, of course, as we've discussed before, casters have an incredible advantage when it comes to defending the palace.

I think Sana is supposed to be the most powerful caster in the game, so it might be pertinent to change Twiss' starting stat spread to 3/4/5/3, limiting her Spirit and allowing for a more weak fight-based build similar to Amber.

Bugs! / Wall of Thorns can be cheesed to expose Stealth for free
« on: September 14, 2015, 12:42:27 PM »

"Play to Empty Tile" is a good way of preventing players from pinning down their opponents, but it leads to a bit of an awkward interaction with Stealthed players.

So I was playing a game with my friend and I knew where he was hiding in Stealth. I checked if Wall of Thorns would still let me play on the tile, and the tile was highlighted when I moused over the card. I thought that was strange, so I played Wall of Thorns to the tile and his character model appeared as though I had revealed him through Scout.

This is problematic, as it essentially exposes Stealthed players for free. There's isn't an ideal way to prevent players from trying to play Wall of Thorns against stealthed opponents and not getting information of where they are, but revealing Stealthed players who get Wall of Thorns played against them is not a good way of resolving this interaction.

What should happen is every tile should be highlighted so that the player doesn't know where the opponent is just by mousing over Wall of Thorns, but if they try to play to a tile that has a Stealthed player on it, the Stealthed player shouldn't be revealed, but the tile should no longer highlight to immediately let players know that they can't play to that tile. This would lessen the confusion of new players and immediately let experienced players know why they failed to play a card to that tile.

This is specifically a question for the dev team, but I was wondering if there are any differences in drawing out one specific Treasure or Follower over another? I know that there's only one of each Follower and Treasure in the game at any given time, but even so it feels like certain Followers and Treasures are turning up more frequently than others.

I can't speak for everyone, but it feels like I draw the Alchemist and the Masquerade Mask in an alarming number of my games. I've drawn the Bard maybe once, I draw the Raven's Beak Dagger quite a lot (grrr), and I can't even remember the last time I drew the Royal Banner.

Are certain Treasures or Followers more or less likely to turn up out of dungeons or from quests? How does the game decide what Treasures or Followers to pay out on quests? Does it draw cards from the top of the deck and then hold them aside for quests? What happens to a Follower or Treasure if the quest is failed, or if the player didn't choose the quest that offered it?

Once or twice I've seen a Treasure or Follower I refused on a quest once be offered on a quest a second time. Once I failed a quest and lost the Follower reward, then saw another player roll the very same Follower out of a dungeon.

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