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Feedback & Suggestions / Rotatable/Zoomable Character Select.
« on: September 09, 2015, 02:29:04 PM »
Like the title says: when I first started up vers. 1.0 and saw the revamped character select, my gamer instincts immediately told me to click on the little character models and spin them around to have a sweet look at them all.
Would be nice yo.

Artisan's Alley / Snacuum draws.
« on: July 17, 2015, 09:44:31 PM »
I like to draw sometimes.

Games like Armello are clearly ripe for fan-art exploitation: fantasy style, colourful characters.
As a fan of anthropomorphic characters, Armello is right up my alley.

Here's one of that cheeky treasure-hunter - Amber. She's about to bring some BANE PAIN.

I'd like to do more. Just need to figure who and what kind of scene.

Bugs! / [PC] Clicking away selected card counts as attempted use.
« on: January 29, 2015, 04:33:15 PM »

Build Number:

PC Windows 8.1 Pro 64Bit


When you click a card in your hand it enlarges itself in the centre of the screen for viewing. If you click again it'll return to hand. If you click the card rather than the background you'll start the action of 'holding' the card ready for playing it to the board. The card won't get played since it wasn't held long enough but will return to hand thinking you tried, bringing any particular pop-up messages with it.

Repro Steps:

Click a card in your hand to view it. Now click on the card (not around the card) to dismiss it. To see a pop-up fly away with it, make sure you have a incompatible tile in the centre of your screen, where your mouse will be when you click the card.


The screenshot shows the card flying back to my hand while informing me I can't play it from clan grounds.

Bugs! / [PC] Status feed slowly fades away.
« on: December 10, 2014, 11:46:40 AM »
Build Number:

Beta 0.2.1#12

Windows 8.1 64 bit

The fading effect on the edges of the status feed appears to shift upwards as new events are added until eventually no more text can be seen.

Repro Steps:
Not sure what triggered this. I was playing as Amber with corrupted status. Thane was also corrupted and played 'Witch Hunters' on me just after I claimed a Settlement. When I checked the feed I noticed this was happening.


Bugs! / [PC] King's declaration of War too big for Status Feed.
« on: December 10, 2014, 11:40:48 AM »
Build Number:

Beta 0.2.1#12

Window 8.1 64 bit

When something triggers War state, the status feed is updated, but the text for that event is too long and runs over the sides of the status feed.

Repro Steps:
Do something that forces the King to declare War.


General Discussion / Backers meet the Geeks!
« on: November 03, 2014, 02:16:40 PM »
Hey all,

Last week I had the honour of meeting the team behind Armello: The League of Geeks! For those of you not able to make it to PAX AUS et. al. I'm glad to report that the Trent Kusters and the rest of the League are fantastic friendly people. The trust we've put in them to make this great game the best it can truly be is very well founded and I'd like to say it now feels like I can talk about Armello with the same excitement and fervour I would for game developed by my friends.

As a burgeoning developer myself, it was great to join developers at Game Connect Asia Pacific 2014, where Australian Developers get together to share their knowledge of development and excitement about new games being made. Trent was involved in a few panels and he spilled the beans on fascinating game dev challenges in his career; much learning! Here I introduced myself and discovered the great relationships LoG are willing to forge with both the Australian game dev community and the backers responsible for making Armello a reality. At the end of this event was the Australian Games Developer Awards, and while Armello wasn't (currently) the winner of any, it was still a great celebration of our culture and achievements.

On Thursday I visited The Arcade: a fancy collaborative game developer studio space in the heart of Melbourne where a whole bunch of quality indie devs have set up shop (they don't have a website at this moment, so please enjoy their twitter @TheArcadeMelb and this newspaper article). There's a whole bunch of really cool devs there, including the LoG. During this visit, Trent took me up to their office where I met more of the team working hard on the game; all of them, lovely people. For a few minutes there I had a taste of the game development career I've sought after for so long, and this has only hardened my resolve - thanks guys!

During PAX it was great to see that Armello was tremendously popular. The devs were rushing off their feet to attend to anybody interested and the tiny booth they were given was overflowing. Most people appeared to enjoy the game and I heard continuous praise for the style and polish already present. It was also great to finally see other backers greeted with open arms and given the chance to play Armello if they haven't already. On a side note: there was a great showing of Australian indie games all throughout PAX. For any backers for whom Armello is one of the first Australian games they've been excited about, I highly recommend looking up the other other exhibitors to find out what else our country has to offer.

After all was said and done we had a party for all. We talked and talked. If there's one thing I can say is that the LoG are abundant in passion for Armello. If their emails have not made it incredibly clear, they're pretty darn grateful for us - the backers. I don't work for them, but I nonetheless feel like a part of the team, a real contributor to this Australian scene and this game. Even if other backers here only backed out of desire to get a neat game - you're appreciated, you contributed. At the end, they thanked and thanked me and all the other backers they met. Even though I knew it wasn't over, it brought a tear to my eye. While maybe not in name - we are all a part of The League of Geeks.

Man that was soppy. Anyway... this thread is now essentially about the experiences of backers who have met anyone who's building Armello.

(PS: hows my writing? I think it's a bit overly verbose and in this case is filled with superlatives. Thanks LoG for turning me into a pile of fanboyish gibberish.)

Build Number: Alpha 0.1.40

Platform: PC Windows 8.1


Multiplayer match 3 players and 1 AI.

Player as Thane. AI opponent played Wandering Circus on me while I held no cards in hand. Game did not freeze but would not progress with Wandering Circus card stuck on screen. Nothing would activate or open, had to alt-tab out to quit game.

(as can be seen in the screenshot, the card display supersedes even the bug-report screen.)

Repro Steps:

Play the Wandering Circus card on another hero who definitely has no cards in hand.



Bugs! / [PC] Eqipping item during opponents turn broke the equip event.
« on: October 06, 2014, 03:19:51 PM »
Build Number: Alpha 0.1.38

PC Window 8.1 64-bit
Attempted to equip the Royal Shield card while opponents went about taking turns. After the sparkly equip animation played to confirm equipping player lets go of left-click to equip. At that moment, something stole focus, either something the AI did during their turn or the beginning of a new player turn with Card Draw. The Hero Shelf was closed, the item was not equipped and the 'card returns to hand' animation froze, never returned to hand and left a smaller card art asset stuck on screen.

The frozen card art asset did not clear until a battle screen appeared.

Repro Steps:
Attempt to equip an Item Card during opponents' turns, especially attempt to confirm equip (let go of left-click) the moment something important happens like the start of player turn and Card Draw.


Bugs! / [PC] Palace Peril Card graphics completely wack.
« on: October 06, 2014, 03:05:42 PM »
Build Number: Alpha 0.1.38

PC Window 8.1 64-bit
When challenging a Spirit Palace Peril, the Card displayed has all kinds of graphics glitches:
-Missing Border
-Text incorrect colours with poor contrast
-Completely incorrect card symbols

Also this bug is not resolved on fail and repeat challenges, it stays looking like that until the Peril is defeated.

Repro Steps:
Challenge a Palace Peril. In this case it was a Spirit Peril and my hero was Thane.


Bugs! / [PC] Graphics glitch - Blue overlay on nighttime clouds.
« on: October 01, 2014, 12:05:02 AM »
Build Number: Alpha 0.1.37

Platform: PC

During the night after dying and returning to Clan Starter Hex I noticed a strange glowing blue overlay on the floating clouds. It would clip sharply near the centre of the screen and looks like some kind of after image of a tool-tip or window.

Repro Steps:

Enter Night phase. I died and returned to the Clan Starter Hex but I don't think that's necessary. I cannot remember but there was possibly a pop-up window, tool-tip or Card Draw on-screen before seeing this glitch.


Bugs! / [PC] Hero Shelf Clan Ribbons Misaligned.
« on: September 30, 2014, 11:59:10 PM »
Build Number: Alpha 0.1.37

Platform: PC

On the Hero Shelf there's the Clan Ribbons which are clicked to switch between viewing opponents stats. They're stylised to show that they bend over the paper scroll-like look of the Hero Shelf. Unfortunately though they are just a tad too low and would be bending right through the paper.

Repro Steps:

Just open the Hero Shelf. I was playing on a 16:10 monitor at 1920x1200 resolution.



Feedback & Suggestions / Snacuum's Feedback and Suggestion Thread
« on: September 19, 2014, 12:37:18 AM »
Hi Yall. I've been hankering to give a general opinion on how the Alpha is going from my perspective as well as giving feedback and suggestions.

First off. It's sweet, it's awesome. The polish is already at a high standard so props to all the artists and designers in general (I haven't forgot the programmers, I know the game wouldn't exist without them.) I'm going to categorise my feedback in order to better focus on what I think has been done well or is in need of improvement. This post is up for editing of course, I like to think I'm good at communication but that's only what terrible communicators think.

I'll also put some issues I encountered here that would otherwise be considered bugs (which I'll likely have reported normally anyway. This is because there could be many things I think are wrong/broken and have no real clue if they are purposefully built like that, or are actual bugs.

Windows PC. Build Alpha 0.1.35


The main-menu looks great, place holder content aside. Getting into a game is very snappy and the whole look and feel of it sets the tone for the game.

Game Start

Regardless of watching videos, and reading instructions/tooltips; Armello for beginners is pretty obtuse. I was quite confused about what to do and try to do at the beginning. This emulates the feel of playing analogue board-games, but unfortunately I think this is what scares a lot of people away from board-games - the one thing analogue board-games have that digital ones don't is all players in the room. When they're right next to you they can explain rules and actually stop playing until you're up to speed.

Of course new players to Armello don't have to know everything at game-start. However, I think in order to suck new players in, they need to know enough to feel like they understand and are in control of their current situation.

Bug?: King has first turn on game start and as usual, loses 1 health. There is no reason for this to happen and it just seems a little silly his default health to be 'x - 1' instead of just 'x'.

General Feel

I'm happy with this. It feels like a tablet game, and that makes sense as that's a primary platform. It's feels good to play, and feels good to watch, in the same way other strategy games like Starcraft are fun to watch. The interactive components like: menus, moving across the board, looking at cards etc. are fluid and easy to use.

Character Play

I don't need to mention how lovely the characters are, we all know that. How they play though? It's hard to get a good feel of it at this point and I wouldn't say I've got any idea of 'strategies for Armello' but I'll just talk about what I've experienced though.

Mercurio play: This was my first play and so I lost since, hey I had no idea what I was doing. He clearly doesn't have the advantage in battle or magic, I tried to maximise my card use as that's his strength and then... no gold or magic. For a good part of this play I had little choice or advancement, and couldn't recover fast enough. My cards never really swung events in my favour or found value in burning.

Thane play: Obviously I had a better time in battle, and my build gave me a nice AP boost, so he had a lot of agency. I only lost because I had no idea how to structure my endgame, but the AI of course did, and Amber just waltzed in a killed the king.

Sana play: I couldn't do much in this play, but I manage to fudge more prestige than everyone else. Even after losing it all in a careless battle during 'Peace Treaty' declaration. I wanted to cast lots of magic but it seems that cards are just too limited right now. In battle she was useless.

Opponent Play and AI

This is the kind of thing that you don't notice when it's working well, so I'll just say this: I have no idea what they're up to. Since quests only show for the player, opponents just simply appear to roaming the board willy-nilly. I was very hesitant to play perils as there's no indication that it's along the AI's path - I know that's probably intentional, to make playing perils a slight gamble. Also quite often it's apparent that AI can see you when stealthed.

Banes: I don't get banes. They look cool and make the world of Armello interesting but I don't really like how they work. Fighting them appears to be such a chore, especially since I don't understand how to get a definitive strategy over them. They also appear to have no mission, only serving as obstacle.

King's Guard: Like banes, I can't see their usefulness over the "you in trouble now, dawg!" when war breaks out.

Cards and Declarations

Yeah we need more, but even more so, I felt so many were either unreliable or overpowered. Communicating the value of cards is paramount. Most I couldn't be sure what they actually did thanks to mixtures of terminology. Also strategising around cards in hand and equipped isn't easy, especially since they're inaccessible during events such as: Card Draw, King's Declaration Choice, and Quest Choice.

Here's some examples of strange cards to me:
- I won a game with prestige by equipping multiple 'Royal Banner' cards
- 'Bark-skin' and some other cards have a 'range' even though they are only buffs. I do not know why someone would ever play a positive card with no peril value on their opponents. (That and I probably don't get how perils work anyway.)
- Descriptions are confusing, like 'Tanglevine' which is placed on a swamp hex causes -1 wound and +1 action points. Does this a) damage the opponent stepping on a peril for -2 health, b) heal the opponent/player for 1 point, c) provide the opponent with +1 AP when stepping on peril and/or d) provide the player with +1 AP when the opponent steps on the peril.
*EDIT* I may have misread Tanglevine and thought it had +1 AP when it has -1 AP, or it has been changed since.
- 'Patronage and Industry' has no negatives. It gives as much gold as spent and then just gives prestige.

Then there's King's declarations. I think this is a good way to mix up the game and look forward to new varieties. But some choices seem odd like 'Favourite'. Since the prestige leader gets to choose declarations and this one only benefits the player with the least prestige, so I don't see why anyone would choose it unless the other options were worse.
*Edit* In my Rot play I found that Favourite was opposed to the objectively worse choice of increasing the strength of Banes. In this case, the latter is pretty good for a rot strategy.

End-game Rush

I noticed that Armello pretty much rushes headlong into end-game pretty quickly. The king loses health from the start and practically puts a timer on the match. This coupled with increasing Bane activity and strength practically forces the event. I realises this is intentional for 2 main reasons: 1) to avoid drawn-out and tedious end-game a la Monopoly. 2) The target platform and play systems work well in shorter bursts. With tablets being portable and matches being multiplayer, players will probably not want to be tied down to long matches.

I only mention this because I felt like I was only getting into the swing of things and then it was all over, not only that but it's not exactly easy to 'time' oneself to the endgame. I haven't even entered the castle grounds yet, because I've never known when that's appropriate. The only other board-game I've played where this conundrum appears is Talisman (albeit with no timer). Prestige victory is good to have but I'll just say that when it happens it kinds just... happens. It's a real strategy to aim for, but when someone wins that way, it's like the game just had enough. I know that custom-match options will really help here.


Whoo-boy this is the big one. I'm no expert in communications and UI design (least I don't think so). But it's clear this still has a way to go. Already LoG has put a lot of effort into it and it shows - good iconography, tooltips, responsive and accessible menus and event ticker. The fiddly-widdly of games design has been really well integrated and for touch-platforms that is fantastic. But....

I've already mentioned above about how I didn't know/understand things and that's the most negative parts of my experience so far. Right now, a lot can happen during a match but what did happen and what it was caused by can get confusing enough that sometimes it looks like bugs. I'll give a few examples:
- I had no idea mountains took 2AP
- The event ticker moves too fast or doesn't accurately describe what happened.
*Edit* Yeah I know LoG are working on this one.
- I have no idea what the dice-symbols mean apart from defence and attack.
- Only information about body is displayed when mouse-over opponent.
*Edit* As in Only information about body is shown, whereas I'd like to know more. There's obviously enough place to see the Body stat.
- On player screen there's multiple figures showing current and max body.
- I've died spontaneously a few times with no idea how.
- I gained more magic than max spirit but then immediately started night-phase, and magic was reset lower (intentional?)

There's more but really the biggest concern to me telling the player what's going on! I know the event ticker will be improved to be expandable, but I think a lot more needs to be put into visually/aurally presenting events. There's +x and -x symbols appearing above heroe's heads but I'm often scrabling to see what card was played, what choice was made etc. This is especially concerning opponent turns: right now the AI just continues moving at a lightning pace with nothing but the event ticker telling me they played a card, equipped, encountered peril and more. Some kind of visual feedback like a fizzle, particles, flash, camera swish would help.

As an aside, Trent laid out how to nicely describe a bug on the forums under various subheadings. I'd like to see an improved bug report window that has separated text inputs under those subheadings. Not only would it make writing good bug reports easier, but it'll encourage players to fill out all the fields to provide all the useful info.
*Edit* They did that so it's cool.


Yep good, world-fitting music and effects. Needs more in general but we know that's coming. The sound distorts/crackles a bit when clicking on Thane or Sana in the hero select, but I don't know if that's my speakers problem. Right now, the sounds of Banes is incessant and annoying, the sound for 'played magic card' sounds like Banes and that confuses me every time.

There's unfortunately no fanfare sound for winning/losing.

Board and stifling

I don't think it's necessary to show the max-movement distance when you can't move more than one hex at a time. Otherwise the board is pretty good design wise with a few unfortunate configurations and events.

In my Mercurio play, my side of the board was abysmal. there was nothing useful within 3 hexes. Everything was across mountains or swamps, except a nearby settlement, of which a nearby Bane occupied and didn't move from for the rest of the game. It was stifling because just being on this side of the board or dying meant wasting AP on going nowhere.

Which goes into another observation, for me player/opponent interaction was minimal. Well I got into many battles, but most of the time it was best to stay in one area of the board and maybe fighting the same players, especially if areas felt a little cut-off by Kings Guard and Banes. Not only that but dying frequently meant staying there frequently. This was reinforced by AI opponents killing each other, they often stayed as far away from me as I did them.


Not much to say. Satisfying. I would like a key to open/close hero shelf and I'm sure many PC players here would like to move the view with WASD.


Overall I'm loving the game so far and I'm dying to see how it evolves. I backed this not only due to national pride, but also because the combination of setting, style, and gameplay is something I could fall in love with; that hasn't changed.

Even more wonderful is how it's clear that Armello is RIPE for expansion. It's obvious from backer rewards/stretch goals but really, really this game is perfectly built for the addition of heroes, cards, new tile sets, obstacles, traits, game modes and more.

Introduce Yourself! / Oh no. It's Snacuum.
« on: June 22, 2014, 05:21:13 PM »
Ha, this is my Introduction topic.

I'm Duncan. I'm 27 and I just finished my studies at Swinburne in Melbourne.

As LoG is a Melbourne (also further) outfit, I've known about Armello before the KS and was already enamored with the enthusiasm and art style. After all is said and done, of course I was going to back it.

I'm an artist, a designer, a game developer, and a writer. but most of all I'm a gamer. That said I'm not particularly pro at any of these things. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community and making friends. If you live in Melbourne and fancy game dev yourself, you might see me at IGDA meetups or at the annual Global Game Jam.

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