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News & Announcements / Privacy Updates!
« on: May 25, 2018, 03:50:28 PM »
Hey folks!

Like everyone else on the internet, we’ve got an important privacy announcement to let you know about.

On May 25th, a new and important privacy regulation comes into effect in the European Union; the General Data Protection Regulation. We know many of you are not located in the EU but these sweeping changes will still affect you.

Apart from the more standard Privacy Policy updates happening, this marks the imminent and timely end of the League of Geeks forums. We have fantastic memories of this space and we will grow new avenues of communication from the forum’s ashes. For now we’ll be focusing on our existing social channels, with a new focus on the Armello subreddit.

As such:
  • We are updating our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service found on our websites.
  • We’re also updating Armello’s EULA on Steam and you’ll soon see a new EULA in the mobile version too.
  • In the near future we will be archiving League of Geeks forums in their entirety. Please backup any content you do not want to lose. We will advise a date closer to it’s archival, but take action sooner rather than later.
  • In-game, you will only be able to access online features if you consent to our data retention policy and are not considered a child in your country (usually under 16 years of age).

Everyone will still be able to play offline should they wish, but naturally, none of Armello’s online features will work… duh.

How and what kind of data we collect from you hasn’t changed at all. From now on, we’ll be be exposing more account information to you and providing you with more tools to manage your data - including the ability to contact us to correct your data, restrict access to it, delete it or download it.

If you have any questions, please drop an email to admin[ @ ]

Most Importantly: If you are considered a child or minor in your country, you must now delete this account by heading here > Actions > Delete Account.

As for everyone else, see you in (the freshly GDPR compliant) Armello!

<3 From all of us at LoG

General Discussion / February Update Rollback to v1.9
« on: February 16, 2018, 12:50:05 PM »
Hi everyone!

Lisy here, producer at LoG. The highest pillar of our production process here at LoG is stability. Build stability takes precedence and priority over every single decision we make at LoG.

And, yep! You’re not imagining things, the February update of Armello’s Road to 2.0 is *very* unstable.

We came in to see this this morning…

And then, upon further investigation, this...

Since releasing the February update we’ve seen a sharp increase of NMA’s (instances when the game does not crash, but “No More Actions” are possible) and Crashes affecting around 16% of games played. This is something we’re taking very seriously and obviously the entire team is truly devastated about it.

With stability being LoG’s highest pillar, we have decided to temporarily roll back Armello to v1.9.2.

What you need to know (The TL:DR):
  • We have rolled the February update back to v1.9.2 ‘From Below’.
  • We’ll be working to re-release the February update over the upcoming week. We’ve shifted Karl (lead developer) and Tom (tech director) onto this and only this and QA internal resources will be tripled until the update is out again.
  • A community testing round will be held when the build is ready.
  • The Lunar Dice event is currently suspended, but will return within the next 3 days.
  • As a result of this, Lunar Dice assets have been removed from the game.
  • They will remain in your inventories and return as soon as the event is live again.
  • Upon its return, we will extend the Lunar Dice event to account for any down time (and then some!).
  • As a gesture of goodwill, we will also activate double drops for the entirety of the Lunar Dice Event.
Why did all this happen?
Okay, so strangely, here’s where the good news is... the February update had some very extensive AI changes hidden in the build. Major AI improvements were to be one of our 2.0 key features that we would announced later this year. Surprise! :/

We’ve been working on the AI overhaul for a while now and the February update was the first build that had these changes merged in.

While these features are not publicly visible or ready to be made “active” in the build, the code was still affected by changes made to support these new features, and apparently waiting to wreak havoc on the live build. 

As part of our release process we have full analytics on test builds, three in-house QA folks manually testing the build, automated testing seeking out errors, crashes and NMAs (by playing four multiplayer games at 10x speed all day and night, non-stop!) before builds are approved for release. We intermittently run community testing, and yes, in hindsight it may have proven valuable for this release. However, time and resources leading up to the release of the February update did not permit us to coordinate this option.

Additionally, the particular crashes and NMAs occurring in the February update slipped through all above QA measures and realistically, the brute force “testing” provided when the game is live (approx. 10,000 games played per day) is the only thing that would have alerted us to these issues.

What are we doing to prevent this in future releases:
  • Conduct a post-mortem of our QA and production processes to understand what learnings there are for future releases.
  • Analysing each NMA/crash and refining our manual and automated test cases to be able to identify these particular bugs.
  • Redesigning our community testing methods to enable a greater diversity of machines, players and network environments, so that we can employ community testing rounds for every release with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Armello will never be updated again. (lol, jk. It’s gonna be updated a LOT.)
Unfortunately, we cannot promise that we will completely eliminate any chance of this happening again. Gamedev is chaotic and Armello is a hyper complex game. BUT what we can promise is that we’ll always respond to these situations as fast as possible, with your best interests in mind, to get you back into Armello with minimal delay.

Thank you all for sending through your bug reports and forum posts, they truly are invaluable and we really appreciate everyone’s patience during this release. We’ll get the February update and Lunar Dice event back online ASAP. Hopefully this transparency into our processes can give you a little insight into our efforts in making this happen.

If you do have any concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to admin[at]! We will be posting more information as soon as we’re able to!

Happy gaming folks! See you in the February update (again, soon!)


Lisy and the LoG Team

Bugs! / February Update -- Known Issues
« on: February 15, 2018, 06:17:36 PM »
Hey all,

Thanks for those who have submitted their bugs so far, we've put together a handy list of stuff we know about and any tips or tricks.

We will be working as hard as we can to prioritise and figure out solutions.

  • Twiss' hero power isn't working: we've found a solution, just awaiting a retest.
  • Players Rot may persist across sessions: if you play a game and take Rot, we recommend closing and re-opening Armello.
  • Some cards can't be played to occupied tiles: there's no common thread just yet, but we're looking into it.
  • Cat's Eye seems to be having some issues.
  • King's Guards Armour is giving an automatic shield.

Thanks again for all your bug reports!



Build Notes / Release (v1.10) February Update [Steam] Build Notes
« on: February 15, 2018, 01:45:19 PM »

Hi there,

Our first update for the Road to 2.0 has gone live and here are the notes!

Features and Changes

New Cards
  • Biff's Black Market (Trickery): (Play on) Settlement; Calls a Merchant who offers a choice of two Treasures to visiting Heroes.
  • Roxy's Recruiting (Trickery): (Play on) Settlement; Calls a Merchant who offers a choice of two Followers to visiting Heroes.
New Merchant System
After either of the new cards are played a sign will appear on the targeted settlement, indicating that a Merchant will become active the next dawn/dusk - whichever occurs first. When the Merchant arrives, every player that enters the settlement during that round is able to gain the benefits of the card.

New Background
Ty Carey (art director) has created a new main menu background tapestry depicting the King’s historic battle with the Bane of Brimwatch, as featured in The King Part Two..

Armello Adventures The King Part I & II [English only] are now available for free in Skeeve’s store.

Novella Reader
  • Once you’ve unlocked the free Novellas, head to your Inventory to read them in-game.
  • Use the bookmark to save where you were last off, saves automatically as you progress through the novella. Bookmarks cannot be placed manually.
  • Increase and decrease font size.
  • If you’re playing on a portable device or vertical screens, switch to Portrait mode!
  • Cover illustrations by Adam Duncan
Stranger Games
  • Every week from Tuesday PST for 36 hours we will be hosting Strange Games under the “Public Event” queue as part of Multiplayer.
  • This will be a collection of House Rules set by LoG.
  • Drops occur as in Public Multiplayer and count towards your daily limit.
Split Queues
  • Stranger Games and Fury Friday will now both be in a separate queue and will not affect the regular Public Multiplayer.
  • Public and Private multiplayer are now siloed into their own lobbies, enabling four players to fill a lobby via invites and play ‘public multiplayer’ resulting in drops.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug causing Dice to continue to roll endlessly in battle and perils.
  • Fixed a bug where Griotte’s 2D animation would appear incorrectly in battle and perils.
  • Fixed a bug where rank 31-40 portraits would not appear in the lobby.
  • The King’s hero power description appears again in the hero shelf.
  • Fixed a rare bug where purchasing through Skeeve’s shop would cause an endless spinner.
  • Added a clear memory feature for when you exit the Card Gallery to reduce the risk of memory leaks causing by viewing card animations.
Known Issues
  • Cards cannot be played to Tiles that are occupied.
  • Guard's Armor is giving One Shield automatically.
  • Novella Reader is missing some strings for non-English languages.
  • The description of the novella is missing.

Lisy at LoG

Build Notes / Release (v1.9.1) Patch 2 [Steam] Build Notes
« on: November 03, 2017, 12:34:29 PM »

    Hey there folks!

    We have a few more fixes for all you Armellians.

    Features and Change
    • ESC hotkey can be used to exit through Hero Select screen.
    • We’ve been doing a lot of optimisation for iOS devices which we’ve brought across to Steam. Players on low-end devices may see performance improvements.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a rare NMA caused by a Stealth hero getting Stranger swapped to them while being revealed.
    • Fixed a rare combat dice NMA.
    • Fixed the Winter Board not being available in games.
    • Fixed issue with Offline Mode not being available.
    • Fixed a bug where the screen would go back if you moved the cursor onto another screen if a Trailer was being played in Window mode.
    • Fixed a bug where if you equip an Item over Spy Glass, Scout would persist.
    • Fixed a bug when switching to English in-game from Russian, Korean or Chinese would cause a few strings to remain in original language.
    • Fixed a missing text string caused by Spirit Seeds interacting with Quest lines.

    Known Issues
    • Fast AI turns disables after certain moments in the game. Investigating a fix.
    • The Multiplayer glow on the Main Menu is off-centre from the first load.
    • The volume of some sounds isn't being modified by the volume sliders, such as the Rot Vines growing from the Palace.
    • Issue where the King’s jaw flaps open too much when talking.
    • Hero Skins are acting funny, hold tight!


    Lisy & the LoG Family <3

    Build Notes / Release v1.9.1 [Steam] Build Notes
    « on: October 06, 2017, 12:53:47 PM »
    Hi all,

    Here are the build notes for our latest Steam release!
    Features and Changes

    Rites of Ruin - Collection 5
    • New drops of Dire Chest and Keys including a new set of Dice Skins to collect!
    • Druid Chest and Keys will no longer drop.

    Visual Changes
    • Palace Perils have repositioned so they no longer block or obscure views. 
    • Improved visualisation of the unlocking of the Clan Dice in the Prologue.

    • If you’re in a House Rules lobby and you go to click "Find Players", there is now a prompt to check before dismissing your House Rules settings as this will move you to a Public Multiplayer lobby.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a combat NMA caused from being able to burn cards after the dice roll.
    • Fixed an issue where are able to burn cards after dice roll and the card would get stuck on the screen, still counting as your in your hand.
    • Fixed an NMA caused by continuing a saved game in Dutch.
    • Fixed an NMA caused by continuing a Saved Game where the King’s health was 0.
    • Fixed an NMA in Thane’s Prologue caused by spam clicking “Continue” would cause the Squire to not be able to be recruited.
    • Fixed Spirit Walker string ID showing in the Game Guide.
    • No more action should occur after the King dies e.g. Prestige being rewarded.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause two King’s Guards or a Bane and a King’s Guard on one tile.
    • Fixed an issue with Mercurio’s Prologue where during the Miner’s Quest the safe option would still cause damage to the hero.
    • Fixed tooltip on Corrupted to show correct Stone Circle behaviour.
    • Fixed a variety of localistation issues where String ID’s were showing instead of languages other than english.
    • Fixed bug where playing Lightning Strike to self wouldn’t cause your turn to end.
    • Fixed the maximum multiplayer level in the Game Guide.
    • Fixed Serendibite to work against a routed King’s Guard.
    • Fixed a bug where Elyssia’s fortify and intimidate would still play even if your turn had been interrupted.
    • Fixed a bug where Bane’s could spawn on an already occupied tile.

    Known Issues
    • Coin Flip chest side is missing an asset.
    • The Multiplayer glow on the Main Menu is off-centre from the first load.
    • The volume of some sounds isn't being modified by the volume sliders, such as the Rot Vines growing from the Palace.
    • Issue where the King’s jaw flaps open too much when talking.



    Build Notes / Release (v1.9) [Steam] Build Notes
    « on: August 17, 2017, 12:05:31 PM »
    Features and Changes

    New Dice Skins
    Four new dice skins have been implemented and will be rewarded to players for completing each respective episode of the prologue. If you have previously completed the prologue, they will be automatically awarded upon opening Armello.
    • Wolf Clan Dice
    • Bear Clan Dice
    • Rabbit Clan Dice
    • Rat Clan Dice
    Four new dice skins have been added to Skeeve’s Store (along with the Steam Store).
    • Bear: Spiritkin, visual effects scale with Magic
    • Rabbit: Pridesong, visual effects scale with Prestige
    • Rat: Rosegold, visual effects scale with Gold
    • Wolf: Houndsclaw, visual effects scale with Health

    New Cards
    • Syphon (Spell): Self; +2 Rot and gain 1 Health for every Bane.
    • Leech (Spell): Creature; Steal 1 Health from target. Target immune in a Sanctified Tile.
    • Wyld Seeds (Spell): Swamp; +2 Health to Creatures and grows a Forest from a Swamp tile.

    Bane Telegraphing
    • During the day, A Dungeon will show visually where the next Bane is going to spawn that coming night.

    Ramping Atmosphere
    • Palace texture will progressively degrade
    • Rot vines will progressively creep outward from the palace
    • Ravens will amass above the palace over time
    • A dark storm will brew above the palace over time

    Fury Fridays
    • Functionality has been implemented to allow House Rules to apply to the Public Multiplayer queue.
    • Icons will appear on the main menu and the queuing UI when special events such as Fury Friday are active.

    New Multiplayer Ranks
    • Multiplayer Rank cap has been increased to 100 (from 60).
    • Four new ranked frames have been implemented, applying one by one at ranks 70, 80, 90 and 100.

    Audio Changes
      Bane Audio has received an overhaul including:
      • New spawn sounds
      • New movement sounds
      • New combat enter sounds
      • Skeeve’s Store music will now play when the icon on the Main Menu is hovered over.

    Gameplay/Various Changes

    • Single Player games will now save every turn, and not only at Dawn/Dusk.
    • Card Gallery has a new page to page transition
    • First time a player launches Armello, they will launch into the Prologue, the player may leave at any time.
    Signet changes:
    • Sunstone now gives the +1 Sun result when you have 3 Gold or more.
    • Aquamarine now gives +1 Moon result when you have 3 Rot or less.
    Card changes:
    • Hand Cannons now gives Pierce for the first 2 Suns or Moons burnt.
    • Longnow now gives Pierce for the first Sun of Moon burnt.
    • Skeeve has some more to say, whether you listen or not!

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed rare NMA where AI would die twice.

    Known Issues
    • Selecting your first quest in a multiplayer game may cause it to remain ‘Waiting’ on screen until it becomes your turn.
    • Clicking the Clan Legends Dice newsfeed item will open the Steam store on the Spiritkin dice specifically.

    Build Notes / Release (v1.7) Patch 1 [Steam] Build Notes
    « on: April 28, 2017, 12:37:04 PM »
    Hi all,

    Thank you all for continuing to send through bug reports, here’s a fresh build for the latest v1.7 Wyld Ward update!

    Bug Fixes
    • The Guppy Card is now available in the new Bandit Clan DLC; go to Card Gallery and switch Card Skins.
    • Scarlett and Sylas 2D animation assets being blurry has been fixed.
    • Inventory Items e.g. Dice Skins Tradeable/Marketable tags have been fixed.
    • The Listener in the new Bandit Clan DLC is now correctly available in Public Multiplayer.
    • The v1.7 logo on the main menu now has the correct URL.
    • Highway Thieves no longer has controller icons visible on PC when keyboard and mouse are in use.
    Known Issues
    • There is a rare occurrence of the Rumour Select button greying out and not being able to be interacted with. We’ve added extra logging to help track this bug - so if you see it; please send a bug report!
    • The Dead Player's Paw house rule has snuck out of the game for a moment, expect another patch as soon as we can muster.
    Thanks for your patience folks, you'll hear from us soon!

    <3 Lisy & the LoG Squad

    Build Notes / Release (v1.7) [Steam] Full Release Build
    « on: April 26, 2017, 09:19:35 PM »
    Hi all,

    Here are the full build notes for v1.7 Wyld's Ward fresh and ready for y'all to play!

    Features and Changes

    New Cards
    • Arson (Trickery: (Play on) Forest; -3 Health to Creatures and Burns a Forest down and into a Swamp.
    • Town Ward (Trickery): (Play on) Settlement; Installs Sanctified Wards protecting the Settlement until Terrorised.

    Card Changes
    • Patronage & Industry (Trickery): Changed to (Play on) Settlement; Settlement produces +1 Gold and +1 Prestige each Dawn until Terrorised. Now also has a unique tile asset when this card is active on a tile.
    • Sharpshooter (Trickery): Changed to (Play on) Any Tile, Hero; -1 Health. If target has a Bounty, -1 Health extra per Bounty Level.

    Bandit Clan
    • The Bandit Clan is now available to play in Public Multiplayer games.
    • The Bandit Clan is now available for purchase as DLC through the Steam and Skeeve’s store.

    New House Rules
    • Dead Player's Paw: When killed lose your entire hand of cards.
    • Palace Peril Difficulty: Easy, Default and Difficult.

    New Tier of King’s Declarations
    • Royal Payoff: Until next Dawn, The King will pay any Hero who ends their turn early, at a rate of 2 Gold per Action Point remaining.
    • Rot Rain: At Dusk, every Hero and King's Guard suffers -2 Health if not on a Settlement, the Palace, or Clan Grounds.
    • Highway Fees: The King has imposed Highway Fees of 2 Gold in order to enter any Settlement, until next Dawn!
    • Green Eyed Monsters: Greed and contempt spread. For every 3 Gold a Hero has, they lose 1 Prestige and gain 1 Gold.
    • Sovereign State: An un-claimed Settlement builds city walls defended by Mercenaries and Agents of Misfortune.
    • Burn After Reading: The Prestige Leader discards their Cards, re-shuffles all Decks, and is dealt random Cards. Costs -2 Prestige.
    • War Drums: All King's Guards from now on have +1 Fight and +1 Body. A new King's Guard is recruited to patrol Armello, and Bounties are issued to all Heroes.
    • Dark Curse: The King drops two new Perils adjacent to the Palace, and all Perils in the Kingdom receive Cursed Lands.
    • Darkest Night has been removed from the King’s Declarations.

    Spirit Walker
    A new system related to players who become Spirit Walkers e.g. collect four or more Spirit Stones.
    • If a hero is able to obtain four Spirit Stones, they will now be considered to be a Spirit Walker. Spirit Walkers, are able to instantly "cleanse" any characters affected by Black Heart.
    • Banes will always move directly away from a Spirit Walker when possible, regardless of whether it was previously busy terrorising a town or pursuing it's prey.
    • If the Hero has any Rot and they become a Spirit Walker, they will take damage equal to their current Rot value, as their Rot is reduced to zero.
    • While in the Spirit Walker state, Rot cannot be gained, and every point of Rot that would usually apply, instead inflicts a point of damage.
    • Corrupted heroes will take damage equal to their Rot value when entering Stone Circles, allowing the option for desperate movement in a pinch.

    Miscellaneous Improvements
    • Bounty System icon was given an update.
    • Overall multiplayer stability improvements.

    Gameplay Changes
    • The King now copies cards from the Decks when playing them as King Perils or King’s Declarations instead of taking them from the shared deck.
    • Players only now have to play one full Single Player Game to unlock the Fast Forward feature.



    Build Notes / Release (v1.6) [PS4 & Xbox One ] Full Release Build
    « on: April 21, 2017, 05:36:36 PM »
    Hi all!

    We're excited to bring our PlayStation 4  and Xbox One family the latest update for Armello; v1.6 Journey's Dawn.

    Disclaimer: Xbox One store currently says that the Bandit Dice are available, however they will be made available in the next major update.

    Features and Changes

    New Amulets
    • Resist: Gain +1 Shield in Battles and Perils. Granted from player reaching Level 10.
    • Discipline: Doubles the Clan Affinity Dice Bonus from +1 to +2 Dice. Granted from completing a public multiplayer game of Armello.

    Card Changes
    • Sailor’s Lantern (Item Card): Decrease Gold cost from 2 to 1.
    • Mercenaries (Trickery Card): Change target tiles to ‘Any Tile’, from Settlement, Forest, Plains.
    • Cat Burglar (Trickery Card): Add ‘Hero’ as a valid target in addition to the Settlement and Dungeon.
    • Bribery (Trickery Card): Change quantity in Deck to 2 and Change Gold cost from 4 to 3.
    • Allies’ Pact (Trickery Card): Change Gold cost from 3 to 2.
    • Wandering Circus (Trickery Card): Change quantity in Deck to 3.
    • Crooks (Trickery Card): Change quantity in Deck to 3.
    • Pickpockets (Trickery Card): Effect Adj from (Steal 1 Gold. If target can't pay, Steal 1 Equipped Item.) to (Steal 2 Gold. If target can't pay, Steal 1 Equipped Item.) and Change quantity in Deck to 3.

    Ring Change
    • Rubellite Wolf Signet Ring: Effect Adj from (+3 Fight while you have only 1 Health.) to (+3 Fight while you have 3 Health or less.)

    Multiplayer Changes
    • The search eye has been spruced up and now closes when not searching.
    • We’ve stabilised some of the multiplayer code to fix numerous bugs that were too large to hotfix on v1.5. More info over here.
    Gameplay Changes
    • Quick AI turns are now on by default when you first play Armello.
    • King’s Declaration ‘Royal Flush’ has been swapped from the first tier with ‘Royal Challenge’ which is in a later tier.

    • Polish pass of “Continue.. X” prompts.
    • Polish pass of Quest select screen.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed crash bugs related to cards and textures.
    • Hyena in the Pack achievement is now working as intended.
    • Fixed an issue with some card animations in the Card Gallery and Inventory not looping.
    • Fixed an issue where Killing Blow isn’t triggered for when Magna’s reflect Hero Power is activated.


    Lisy and the LoG team!

    Hey all!

    Please welcome the newest hero skin, Forerunner Barnaby to the world of Armello!

    We've also done a couple bug fixes along with this build.

    Bug Fixes
    • Added support for 1024+ inventory items.
    • Fixed an issue with Hero Skins when heroes leave stealth, the weapons would layer weirdly.


    Lisy & the LoG crew.

    Build Notes / Release (v1.6.1) Patch 1 [Steam] Full Release Build
    « on: February 17, 2017, 01:35:42 PM »
    Hey all!

    A very quick fix for the weekend, thanks for those who have submitted all their logs to help us come up with a fix.

    Bug Fixes
    • Unsupported controllers that were plugged in were causing a crash on launch, this has been fixed.


    Lisy & the LoG crew.

    Build Notes / Release (v1.6.1) [Steam] Full Release Build
    « on: February 16, 2017, 11:16:31 AM »
    Hey everyone!

    We're excited to bring a new update for you to enjoy. Here are some cool things we've been working on!

    • River's alternate skin, Wildlands River has now arrived.
    • Changed Sylas (Bandit Clan) Hero Power: In Battle, Sylas gains +1 Sword for each Bounty Level and against King's Guards these Swords Pierce.
    • New Bandit Clan Ring - Serendibite: Gain +1 Prestige and +1 Gold for each King's Guard Killed.
    • Added support for Xbox One S controllers.
    • Disabled motion blur on Low and Very Low graphics options.
    • Disabled store buttons in Hero Select if store is currently unavailable e.g. if the player is offline.

    Bug Fixes
    • Potential fix for 21:9 users, please let us know how you go!
    • Fix in Hero Skin selector localisation in non-English languages.
    • Fixed up Sana's Wyldsinger skin 2D combat animation to include her cape.
    • Fix for applying master texture limit for different graphics options.
    Happy gaming,



    Build Notes / Release (v1.5) [PS4 & Xbox One] Full Release Build
    « on: December 21, 2016, 11:42:28 AM »
    Hi all!

    We're excited to bring our PlayStation and Xbox One family the latest update for Armello; v1.5 Art of Treason.

    Features and Changes

    New Cards
    • Grand Heist (Trickery): (Play on) Hero; Steal 1 Spirit Stone from target.
    • Blackmail (Trickery): (Play on) Hero, Pact: Steal 1 Gold from other Pact member every turn.
    • Blood Money (Trickery): (Play on) Hero, After Battles, steal 1 Gold per Wound inflicted, until end of next turn.
    • Sharp Shooter (Trickery): (Play on) Any Tile; -1 Health. If target has a Bounty, -2 Health instead.
    • Diplomat (Follower): Counts as an additional claimed Settlement.

    Card Changes
    • Spy Network (Trickery): Now grants Scout from target's location, until either Hero dies.
    • Crooks (Trickery): Effect increased to -2 Gold. If target can't pay, -1 Health and -1 Action Point.
    • Cubs Blood (Item): Effect now teleports nearest Bane to Tile (instant).

    Multiplayer Progression System
    This system allows players to earn levels throughout their Multiplayer (public and private) games; read more deatils by LoG co-founder Trent Kusters here.
    • Players can ascend levels, unlock new portraits and frames
    • You ascend levels by earning Stars.
      • Victory - Grants one (1) Star.
      • Defeating Human Opponents - Grants one (1) Star for every non-AI player you defeat.
      • Win Streak Bonus - Grants one (1) Star if you have won two (2) or more multiplayer games in a row.
      • Lone Wolf Bonus - Grants one (1) Star for games completed where you joined the Public Multiplayer Queue and were matched with a pre-made party of three (3) opponents.
      • Underdog Bonus - Grants one (1) Star if there was an opponent in your game of five (5) or more ranks higher than you.
        There are Commendations now at the end of Public multiplayer games completed.
    • If a player receives two (2) commendations they will be awarded one (1) bonus Star.
    • If a player receives three (3) commendations, they will be awarded a total of two (2) bonus Stars.

    For this first iteration of the Progression System, players are unable to view other players Ranks but we're working with PlayStation's systems to figure out a way to implement this.

    Improved Bounty System
    The Bounty system has been updated to scale through Wanted, Fugitive and Traitor; read full details by LoG co-founder Blake Mizzi over here.
    • Level 1: Wanted: You are Wanted by the Crown, with a Bounty on your head worth 2 Gold and 1 Prestige. At Dawn, nearby King's Guards will attack on sight.
    • Level 2: Fugitive: You are a Fugitive from the Crown, with a Bounty on your head worth 4 Gold and 2 Prestige. King's Guards will prioritise you over other targets.
    • Level 3: Traitor You are a Traitor against the Crown, with a Bounty on your head worth 6 Gold and 3 Prestige. King's Guards will pursue you across greater distances.

    Pact System
    A new system that helps communicate Pacts throughout the land of Armello.
    • Added notifications to show when Pacts are formed and broken.
    • Cards that are now featured in the improved Pact include:
      • Spy Network (Trickery).
      • Allies Pact (Trickery).
      • Merchants Agreement (Trickery).
      • Armistice (Trickery).
      • Blackmail (Trickery).
    • Visualisation on Player Portraits and Hero Shelf to show Pacts currently in place, see more information over here.
    • The Communications Stack now has a queue of messages rather than dismissing if there are multiple messages.

    King VO
    • The King has been given numerous lines of voice for different points throughout the game.
    • The King’s mouth has also been rigged to animate with the voice over.
    • There is an option to reduce or increase the volume of the King’s voice.
    • The King’s spoken lines have subtitles in all supported languages in the Status Feed.

    Improved UX
    • Improved Summary Screen (Touchpad on PS4) to include more information for our adventurers. 
    • Improved Dawn Summary panel to include more information.
    • Added Buff Bar icon for when the Landowner Discount is activated by a player. 
    • Added Buff Bar icon for when a Signet Ring is activated by a player.
    • Stat Counters like Rot or Gold now will change colour to indicate modifiers. 
      • Blue numbers represent a stat that has a temporary positive modifier. 
      • Red numbers represent a stat that has a temporary negative modifier.
    • New transition from Hero Select confirmation to the Loading Screen. The screen now fades to black rather than remaining on the Hero confirmation.
    • The King’s crown has been improved.
    • Updated presentation on the Victory screen to include unique assets for Victory and Defeat.
    • Quest icon spawning has been given a polish pass. 
    • Peril flag spawning has been given a polish pass. 
    • King’s Declaration on Hero Shelf has been given a polish pass. 
    • Added Highlight asset to the Card Gallery to better see what card you’re focused on.
    • Added tool-tips to Main Menu external links.

    Gameplay Changes
    • King’s Bounties (King’s Declaration) changed to: The King decides to crack down on crime.  Any Hero who gains a Bounty until next Dawn starts as a Fugitive.
    • Royal Challenge (King’s Declaration) changed to: The King is up for a little sport. He pays the Prestige Leader 4 gold in exchange for placing a Bounty on their head.

    • The Prologue has been updated to include our two key trailers for your viewing pleasure!
    • Players Usernames and Profile Picture now appear in the Combat screen.
    • The News Feed now randomises what panel will show. 
    • Reworded Elyssia’s Hero Power to be more clear.
    • “Recruit AI” is not available unless one or more other human player is invited. 
    • New systems have been added to the Game Guide.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a rare NMA caused by a player drawing cards at the beginning of their turn at the same time as another player is drawing cards given by the Conjurer (Follower).
    • Fixed a rare NMA in Multiplayer games with Quick AI turns turned off. If an AI burned a card that resolves as a Reflect or Pierce then it wouldn’t resolve correctly on the authority. This would result in the game going out of sync. This would cause things like two characters on one tile.
    • Fixed a rare NMA in Multiplayer where if the local player was selecting a Quest from the Rumours screen while the King was cleansed by Spirit Stone, the local player would NMA on the Victory screen. All other players would proceed
    • Fixed the Usurpers Ring’s appearing in the progression section of the end game screen.
    • Fixed a bug where if a player died from Agents of Misfortune and is affected by Plague (Spell) you would still be poisoned upon respawning on your Clan Grounds.
    • Fixed a bug where Barnaby’s anvil would still be visible while stealthed.
    • Fixed a bug where Amber’s torch would still be visible while stealthed and exploring.
    • Fixed a bug where failing a Palace Peril with Divination on resulted in no Peril Vision on that tile.
    • Fixed typo in Elyssia’s “Curse” emote.
    • Implemented a fix for the ordering of Combat, the Attacker always goes first now. This will fix a wide assortment of client mismatch issues.
    • Fixed a card draw bug where cards would not longer be able to be selected during the draw phase.
    • Fixed multiple End Turn bugs.
    • Fixed an issue in Thane’s Prologue when recruiting a Follower for the first time. The wording and instructions weren’t clear and often confusing.
    • The Machiavellian Achievement is now functioning correctly.


    Lisy and the LoG Crew

    Build Notes / Hotfix v1.5 [Steam PC/Mac/Linux] (Patch 1)
    « on: November 21, 2016, 06:11:53 PM »
    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for submitting any bug reports over the weekend! A hotfix has just gone live.

    Bug Fixes
    • Crash on launch fix caused by Steam usernames with special symbols.
    • Fixed a bug where Steam usernames would remain on Banes, King’s Guards or King Combat Panel.
    • Removed Gallows’ Eve Dice from Dice skin rotation (unless you have it in your Inventory).

    Known Issues
    • Some cards are not animating when in inventories/hands/card gallery.
    • Combat being stopped due to a disconnecting player/s.
    • King's Declaration layering over the player's hero shelf.
    • Missing particle on Signet/Ring unlock progression.
    • Multiplayer player lobby may display the 'Waiting for players to be ready..." message at incorrect times.
    • Clicking Leave Queue from the multiplayer menu (not the game ready pop up) can cause the next queue and subsequent game you enter to NMA on game start.
    • A player who has left a game via the 'game ready' pop up may have their name appear in the lobby for the next game, this however will not impact the game or lobby.
    • Rare issue where the trailers in the prologue menu may copy one another, and play the same trailer regardless of which one is clicked.
    • In-game pause menu may become unresponsive when attempting to quit a Prologue or Multiplayer game (unpausing and repausing can fix this issue)


    Lisy & the LoG crew!

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