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General Discussion / AFK Proxy 2.0
« on: April 03, 2015, 01:24:28 AM »
Hey All!

Proxy Here

Many of you may or may not know me,  I have been present on the forums for almost a year now and while I love the game and love the community more then life itself, Real Life is getting pretty stressful at the moment.

Im back at University this year and lets just say its a hell of a lot more then I am used to! That said I'm studying game design so one day I hope to release something for you all!

Just wanted to jump in and hope you are all having a great time on the forums and in game as well! I love this place like crazy and hope you guys do your best to keep it a fantastic community for everyone new and old! Dont forget to keep spreading the love through steam, the wiki, kickstarter, facebook, twitter and most of all here.

Thankyou so much to everyone who allowed me to enjoy my past year with Armello!

Trent you have been above awesome and never failed to make me feel welcome despite my lack of experience in game design.

Alvorn, thankyou so much for including me in the guide and making something so awesome for the community!

Leftcross! Thankyou for helping me to understand Furries and their culture, for including me in the wiki and all your positive feedback on armello's many threads.

RedRacoon, DragonCrescent, Kletian, Snacuum, DonLeong, Laughing Lick, TofuFox, SpectralWolf and many more! You guys have always been respectful and helpful and I cannot recommend you more to others for guidance and maturity.  You have always given your own opinion yet remained respectful towards others and allowed others the right to be heard.

Lastly to Lisy, Thankyou so much for the late night chats, having your ass handed to you in game, keeping me up to date on what ive missed, giving me connections in the Brisbane game scene and always letting me feel like a valued member of the forums!

I will absolutely miss you guys and while I am not leaving for good Armello is on the shelf for now! If you ever see me on steam guys send me an invite and I'll be more then happy to jump in and play! Dont lose touch! see you in a year!


General Discussion / Beta Guide Video Series
« on: November 28, 2014, 01:26:32 PM »
Shameless plug
Shameless plug

Nah im just kidding! But as many of you guys know Alvorn and myself both made a guide over here:

I decided to make a series of videos with a walk through of how to play based on what happens in game. These videos are going to be informal and rough however hopefully fun and enlightening to all of you who just dont get it :) haha thanks for watching let me know in the comments or down below if you have any questions!


General Discussion / Quick Start Guide [BETA]
« on: November 21, 2014, 03:15:43 AM »

Armello - The Unofficial Quick Start Guide

Just a quick note to everyone a .PDF version is attached to this post and available for download. I would like to thank Alvorn for helping out a tonne with this guide. He approached me and asked for assistance and since then we have worked together in fleshing out a full guide for everyone interested. We have released this Quick Start guide so that players can learn the essentials about Armello and enjoy their Beta experience as early as possible.

Quick Start
The best way to learn how to play Armello is, well to play it! So here is a quick start guide to help you get up and running straight away. Once you have a few games under your belt, come back and explore the rest of the Guide to learn some of the finer details of this amazing world.
Don’t forget that LoG have built in an extensive Tool Tip System, so just roll your mouse over items to learn more about them.

NOTE: The below guide is based upon the one Trent from LoG created at the beginning of the Alpha Testing. We have updated it so its in alignment with the current rules of game, added a bunch of screen shots and expanded a couple of sections. We have also added a section regarding Multiplayer.

The Bug Button
You can use the Report Bug button to send messages directly to our tech guys from in-game. If you find something that appears to be broken, please help us out and send us some details.

NOTE: Another great way to report bugs is to grab a screen shot and report it on the forum.

Starting A Game
Launch Armello and head on to the title screen. You have a few options here, such as reporting bugs or linking straight to the forums, however for now you’ll want click on Singleplayer.

On the Select Character screen, click on a character to choose it. Each character has different statistics. If you’re curious about what each statistic does, use the tool-tips by centering the mouse cursor over an icon. Individual Hero talents are currently inactive so ignore this section.

Once you’re happy with your selection, hit Select and head onto the Rings & Amulets screen. You can choose 1x Ring and 1x Amulet, each with a different in-game bonus effect, noted underneath each section. The exact implications and combinations of these rings and amulets will become apparent as you gain more experience in Armello. For now choose some that you like the sound of, and click Play.

Playing Armello
After reading the Backer Beta introduction and clicking the I Understand button, you’re ready to play. When the game starts, the camera will be focused on the Palace and a “Dawn Sequence” will occur. Every Dawn the King slowly dies, i.e. he loses 1 health. You recieve +1 Gold from all Settlements you own and the Prestige Leader Board is shown (more on this below).

The Camera will then move to show you your first Quest (more on this below) and then finally move over to show you at your starting position.

You’ll start in your Clan Ground corner - this is where you’ll come back to if you die, and you’re safe while you’re in there too.

Your Turn
During your turn you’ll be presented with a number of decisions, such as which tile to move to or what cards to play. You may also be fighting in combat, or adventuring in Quests or Perils.

You have Action Points (AP) that determine how far you can move (top left under your Hero portrait). Each time you click on an illuminated tile next your Hero, you’ll move to that tile and will use one of your AP.

Start to move your Hero by clicking on an adjacent illuminated tile. There are a number of different tiles used on the map, each with their own specific game effect - learning the use of each tile is pivotal to mastering Armello;

Plains – These have no effect.

Forests: A Hero enters stealth mode on a forest tile at night, and disappears from the map and other player’s screens. Anyone moving onto that tile is considered ambushed, and loses the ability to burn cards in combat (see Combat below). Other players can’t play cards on a Hero that is stealthed.

Swamp: A Hero takes damage (-1 body) when moving onto a swamp

Mountains: It costs 2 AP to move onto a mountain tile. If attacked, you’ll gain +1 Shield in combat for having high ground.

Settlement: A Hero who moves onto a settlement takes possession of it. At dawn, a player will receive +1 Gold per settlement owned. You can lose possession of a settlement when another player or Bane moves onto it.

Dungeon: The Hero will automatically explore a dungeon when moved onto, and either gain a reward (gold, prestige, card or magic) or unleash a terrible monster called a Bane.

Stone Circle: Heal 1 health. You are safe from Bane attacks when in a Stone Cirle.

Ending Your Turn
When you’ve used all AP and have played any cards you wish to you can end your turn by clicking the End Turn button in the bottom right of the screen. At this point you’ll see your opponents take their own turns.

A special feature of Armello is that you have the ability to play cards in certain circumstances in other opponent’s turns. You can drop them to the board as Perils (more on this below), or play some directly to Heroes on the board. So don’t rest too much during your opponent’s turn!

You can also take the opportunity to equip cards on yourself and review your opponents current stats and equipment in the Hero Shelf (more on this below)

So where to first? The most obvious and easiest way to progress is to head towards your first Quest. By questing, you’ll gain bonus gold, prestige, followers and abilities, which will strengthen your capability to take on the King. Your first quest will have been shown to you during the first Dawn Sequence. You can always identify your next quest point by looking for the glowing light and circle on the tile with your Clan Crest.

Once you reach a quest you’ll be presented with a description and three option cards. The option cards present different ways to succeed at the quest, and will indicate which ability of the Hero is being automatically tested. Once an option card is selected, you’ll be presented with the conclusion to the quest and any rewards received for your choice.


Some tiles are marked with a Skull flag. These tiles have had a Peril played to them (you can play Perils too by using your cards - see Card Play below!).

When you move onto a Peril (and go to the Peril Screen shown below) you’ll need to defeat it by rolling dice and matching the symbols shown under the Peril. If you fail to match all the symbols, you’ll suffer a penalty as indicated by the Peril card description.

Also see Card Burning, below, for a good way of guaranteeing dice results, and surviving Perils.

When you move onto a tile occupied by another Hero you’ll enter combat. Combat is a contest between the two Hero’s Fight ability.

Each Hero rolls a number of dice equal to their Fight (plus any buffs or debuffs they may have), trying to roll hits, which damage your opponent's health. A hit is either a sword, wyld or sun/moon symbol (depending on the time being day or night). A shield result will protect you from a hit.

Once the tally of hits and shields have been counted, combat ends and the results are applied on the map. Heroes that are defeated but not killed, are routed and retreat backwards. Currently if a retreating Hero has no place to retreat, they are killed. If a Hero is killed they are returned to their Clan Ground tile.
Also see Card Burning, below, for a good way of guaranteeing dice results, and surviving Combat.

Card Burning
The first thing you’ll want to do when entering a Peril or Combat is decide if you want to burn cards. Burn a card by dragging it from your hand from the left onto the burning circle in the middle of the screen. You have a limited time to make this decision; when the burning circle in the middle of the screen runs down, your chance is lost.

Burning cards is important as it will guarantee one of your dice matches the symbol on the card that you burned. If you look at the top right corner of a card you’ll see the symbol you’ll gain. If you burn a card, it’s lost from your hand.

Card Play
Cards are drawn at the start of your turn; you can draw an amount of cards up to you Wits ability. You can draw from three card types; Items, Spells and Trickery.

There is a cost to play a card as indicated on the card. The most common cost is in Gold, however there may be other costs (such as gaining rot or losing prestige!).
Cards have a variety of uses;

Equipped - weapons and equipment can be dragged to the Hero Shelf. If you drag an item card towards the Hero Shelf on the right it will pop open, allow you to put the card into an item slot (left column). Equipped cards bestow a game bonus. You can equip 3 Item cards.

Consumables - some item cards are consumables, and are played to the map or Hero and are instantly used up.

Perils - cards can be played directly to the board at any time (including your own turn) as Perils - traps for anyone walking onto the tile. Dragging the card over the map will allow you to play the Peril to a specific tile (or Hero, if the card allows - some only play to specific places as indicated by their descriptions). When the Peril is played to a tile a Skull flag falls onto the tile to indicate that it has a peril on it.

Follower - followers are equipped in the same manner as items - dragged onto the Hero shelf. They slot into the blue Followers column. You can collect three followers.

Burned - this is a special use for a card in combat and perils. On the top right corner of each card you’ll find an Armello symbol - indicating what dice symbol you’ll gain if the card is burned in combat or perils (See Burning Cards above).

Winning Armello
The King loses health every dawn and gains rot every dusk. When the King’s health is gone, the game will end (currently 16 turns). There are a few ways to win a game of Armello;

Prestige Victory

If the King dies (health is zero at dawn) the Hero with the highest Prestige score wins. You gain prestige via Heroic deeds such as succeeding quests or defeating opponents and banes.

Kingslayer Victory

Killing the King in combat wins the game. To reach the King, move onto one of the Palace Tiles (you’ll be warned - breaching the palace is traitorous and will cause the King’s Guards to attack the Heroes).
Each of the tiles around the palace is a Peril that will challenge a Hero ability (2 are Spirit and 2 are Wits). Failing a Peril on one of the palace tiles will cause the Hero to lose health (equal to the symbols he failed to clear) and be pushed back out.

Once a Palace Peril is cleared, the King can be attacked. Clicking on the King will instigate combat.

Attacking the King causes your Prestige to be reduced to 0.

If you and the King both die, the Hero with the highest Prestige will be declared the winner.

Spirit Stone Victory

You can collect spirit stones by finding them in dungeons, encountering druids, or stealing them from defeated opponents. If you have four of these stones, you can banish the King by passing a Palace Peril, and then clicking on the King. The power of stones banishes the King instead of you fighting him.

Multiplayer games follow all of the same rules as above but have some additional elements to help keep the game moving along at a nice pace.

You have a time limit to selecting your character.

You have a time limit to select your items.

You have 2 minutes to complete your turn. A count down timer will appear at the top of the screen when there is 30 seconds to go. If time runs out your turn will end even if you still have Action Points left.

You have 10 seconds to select cards when refilling your hand else random cards will be selected for you.

Go Forth
That should be enough to get you started. When your ready check out the Unoffical Game Guide for full details of the game, including information on Banes, Prestige, Kings Guards and Multiplayer or jump on over to the forums ( and join in on the dicussion.

Legal Stuff
Armello is a trademark of League of Geeks, all artwork and screen shots are Copyright League of Geeks. In fact pretty much everything in here is Copyright League of Geeks.

Please note that screen shots are currently of the Alpha Build of the game and as such may not represent the final version.

Bugs! / [PC] Fast Draw Kick
« on: November 18, 2014, 05:51:42 PM »

Platform: PC

Description: When I clicked the card drawing to quickly I drew a full hand and a pop up immediately displayed saying you have disconnected.

Repro: Rapidly click the trickery deck in clan grounds

General Discussion / Ease your friends into Armello
« on: November 05, 2014, 06:28:39 PM »
Hey all

Just wanted to make a quick post to ask everyones feedback on an idea Lizy and I came up with. Essentially its an alternative game mode in Armello however it doesn't take away from the core aspects of the game. Basically its 'Coach' mode and allows players to play in a sort of 'open hand' way in order for us to teach our friends how to play. I believe this would save time due to the fact that players wouldnt be reading out their hands constantly. 

Coach mode would play exactly the same as an original game with a few possible differences.  On the shelf under the characters equipped items and followers, there would be a display with all the players cards in hand. Another suggestion, a player is allocated Coach and has the ability to pause the game at any time (kind of like a timeout) to explain to the player what happened.

I understand this probably wont happen for a while due to the fact that LoG is currently extremely busy coming back from PAX and preparing a Beta release. So instead I wanted to ask what you guys think of this idea and make sure you vote in the poll above! Thanks

General Discussion / Community Standards and Personal Opinion
« on: October 24, 2014, 12:10:26 AM »
Hey guys

So It's wonderful to have so many people posting and updating us all with their own opinions and beliefs and bringing our attention to projects their interested in along with their amazing art skills:

But as the game starts to move from the pages of a Kickstarter campaign towards the experience of a lifetime, I just wanted to make everyone aware of the 'Report To Moderator' Button. What this button does is allow you all to bring attention any issues you have with a member or their post so I can see it. Keep in mind I try to read every post but what offends others may not offend me.

So instead of blowing up in the comments I'd like you to just click the button over there on the bottom ->
And describe your issue with the mentioned post.

Alternatively, feel free to message me with any issues not mentioned in a post and I'll do my best to sort them out as quick as possible. Im in regular contact with Trent so even if your issue is a question to him I'm still available to message and I can pass it along.

Just wanted to let you all know as I'm sure we will have a boom of players joining the forums come Beta and Full Release.

Thanks all

~8BitProxy and the Moderators

Bugs! / [PC] Evade glitch through palace peril
« on: October 18, 2014, 03:09:11 PM »
Build Number: 


Microsoft Windows Pc


The evade card (sorry the name escapes me) allows a player to skip a palace peril. Using this glitch the player can then end turn constantly until the king is on 1 health and one hit him without using any LoG Sanctioned method.

Repro Steps:

In the attached file you can see the reproduction steps because I figured this would be easier to explain. But basically one player stands on the side of the wall, the other player uses evade on their opponent to allow him to evade their attack making them jump back and forcing them back a tile over the wall and straight to the king.

(File to big to upload cause of my Sick edits :P )

Off-Topic / AFK Proxy
« on: October 18, 2014, 03:37:30 AM »
Hey guys

So I'm not sure if others have noticed but my presence has somewhat lacked in the previous weeks and I feel like I owe you an explanation.  Well, it comes down to a couple of things really. As a moderator I now hold more of a backseat role just making sure all of your Armellians are enjoying your time here and helping out where needed.  Dont get me wrong, I read pretty much every thread that comes through here but unfortunately I dont have the time to write a 3 page reply like Alvorn, Tofufox and Snacuum. This brings me to the second reason. Uni is cracking down and I've had to really prioritize that as this is my final year towards my diploma.  Don't get me wrong, I love you guys and always read your stuff and in the past few weeks I've seen some really great discussions come through here and learnt a lot more about the game then I knew. Never even considered a Rot victory until you guys suggested it.  But I just wanted to let you guys know whats going on with me if anyone has missed me and I should be back in a few weeks! Thanks for waiting, don't miss me to much  ;)

That said who here is pumped for multiplayer!! If you are head on over here and link your steam profiles so we can get together in Alpha and test it! Oh and ya know, get owned ;)

Multiplayer Thread:


Multiplayer / Arranging Games
« on: October 18, 2014, 03:29:58 AM »
Hey guys

So Armello Multiplayer is here! Awesome cant wait! Granted yes we know there will be some difficulties and crashes but its to be expected. However, I've read all your discussions and such and the main issue seems to be with the AI and how they dont play like a person! So, lets get some multiplayer games running. There are already designated times to play but include your steam profile below if you have the alpha and are keen for some multiplayer and when Beta comes out make sure all you Beta Backers post here too!

Question of the day too: Whats the most exciting thing about multiplayer and what victory will you try first?

Thanks guys cant wait to play


Bugs! / [PC] Bane summon sound effect glitch.
« on: September 23, 2014, 12:02:20 AM »
Build Number: 0.1.36

Platform: PC

Description: Bane summon sound effect plays when AI characters begin their turn.

Repro Steps: Start a game and wait for AI characters turn.

Evidence: Hopefully will have a video up soon :)

General Discussion / Custom Modes
« on: July 21, 2014, 01:29:53 PM »
Hey all its me again! So after watching the twitch livestream and pestering Trent with questions im really really REALLY keen to get some alternative/custom game modes on the go when the full game releases!

Since i know LoG is way to busy to ask themselves (to busy drinking bubble tea i bet ;) ) Whats your opinion and how about suggesting some below! NOW STOP!!

before all our suggestions get Really Really confusing can you put it in this form so the admins can sort through them easier:


Easy as that :)

One other thing! Ive also experienced in previous games where we can play different modes but no gigantic level of customisation is available. when I play game modes i like to customise EVERYTHING. not only does it make it more enjoyable it makes it more immersive and people play longer because there are more possibilities.


Off-Topic / Kickstarter Projects
« on: June 27, 2014, 11:59:16 PM »

so i was  reading ^^ and towards the end a lot of people mentioned how it is their first time funding projects so im curious what else have you guys funded!!

Off-Topic / Archeage
« on: June 23, 2014, 11:53:09 PM »
So i dont know the stand on promoting other games but im sure a kickstarted game would be all for crowd funding so i wanted to bring your attention to Archeage!! i just payed $150 for their alpha but its only $50 for their Beta and free play on full release and can i just say it is amazing!!!

Archeage is here:


its amazing!!! ive been no-lifing it the past few days hehe

ps. my name is BitProxy if you were wondering :)

Off-Topic / Personal Works
« on: June 09, 2014, 04:52:44 PM »
Hello fellow Armellians

As you are all no doubt aware of at this moment, this community consists of people of all shapes, sizes, interests and professions.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of reading a webcomic called 'Beyond the Western Deep' which was drawn by none other then our resident artist @kobb!

So I was wondering what have you guys created.  Whether it be art, blogging, games, programs, clothes? whatever it is im really interested to see what the rest of this community has created in their spare time or as their job! So please post below so we can all see!!

General Discussion / Mumble Server
« on: May 28, 2014, 05:49:54 PM »
Hey guys ive been looking into this for a while just for me and i found a pretty good deal on a mumble server so i bought one its cheap, and relatively decent and it has 9999 slots!

If you dont know, Mumble is like GameVox, TeamSpeak, Ventrillo
It operates like skype but uses a load less bandwidth and is generally quicker

First download Mumble found with a basic Google Search
Second open it and choose Connect
Enter these details
Label: Armello
Port: 12904
Username: *anything*

Thanks guys and join whenever!! Im hosting a Civ 5 game in an hour if your backers so lets get this party started!

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