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As per the topic.

Was just playing a multiplayer game where Barnanby took on the King and killed him., but only had 1 HP left. After surviving the battle he moved onto the Kings tile, Poison came into effect (-1 Heart float above his head) and he promptly keeled over and died. However he still won the game as a King Slayer Victory.

So what do people think ? Bug or how it should be ?


Bugs! / Bunch of Bugs
« on: September 17, 2015, 09:32:37 PM »
Hi All,

So some bugs from last nights games (bugs logged in-game where I could).
1) The second game I played the whole of the first day was skipped with no Hero's taking any actions. So suddenly the King is gaining Rot and a Bane spawns in a dungeon, however the sky didn't change from day to night. This one I did log via the In Game Bug sender.
2) For some reason my name didn't show up under my icon instead the character I was playing did, but everyone else's player name showed up instead (see screen shot where it shows River instead of Alvorn).
3) At one point a Bane and a Kings Guard shared the same tile with no fight occurring. Again logged in game and here is the screen shot. The next turn Sana moved into an "empty" tile only to have combat with the Kings Guard. Screen shot shows them fighting despite being on separate tiles.



Bugs! / Possible BUG - Barnaby and Heavy Plate Armour Inconstancy
« on: September 05, 2015, 06:07:47 PM »
Hi All,

Was playing earlier today as Barnaby and had the Heavy Plate Equipped. A new turn started and as would be expected I only had 2 AP (-1 AP from having Heavy Armour Equipped). So as the very first thing I did I used his Ability to replaced it with another Item, however I didn't get my AP back. So I though Ohh well, that sucks and put the Heavy Plate Armour back on, at which point I lost another AP.

So we have inconstant behaviour. Taking it off doesn't award you back you AP, but putting it on Auto takes away an AP.

My suggestion is that if you remove the Heavy Armour then you should get an AP back. Or at the very least not loose another AP if you swap it around within the same turn.

What are others thoughts ?


Hi All,

So Lisy and some of the LoG are over in the US doing a bunch of marketing stuff to build the awareness for Armello's launch in 5 DAYS !!
So there have been a swag of articles hitting the Interwebs in recent days, but as Lisy is a bit busy I thought I'd post them up here for anyone that wants to go take a little look !


This one isn't about the game, but about the cool salary arrangements they have down there at LoG:

Trent dropped by to see the Geek and Sundry guys and play some Armello which they just so happened to stream on Twitch...

And a couple of Pod Casts:

So please share, Tweet, post, blog and help the HYPE train leave the station cause we're only days away from Full Release !!!


General Discussion / Quests - Per Hero or Per Clan?
« on: June 11, 2015, 12:54:15 PM »
Hi Guys,

So a quick one for the LoG team. Im about to start setting up some new pages on the wiki for Quests and Questlines and I wanted to double check and confirm that the Quests are per Hero, not per clan ? i.e. Will all Rabbit Clan members have the same Quests or will they be different per Hero ?

I had always assumed per Hero but can't actually recall that being stated explicitly anywhere except in the generic context of "working on Ambers quests". Well we only have Amber at the moment, so yeah I just wanted to double check.


Bugs! / [MAC] Kings Image is in the way
« on: May 30, 2015, 07:06:03 PM »
Hi All,

This is less of a bug and more of a design suggestion (although really both). I have mentioned this somewhere else and have just logged it under the Bug Reporter as  Design category but I think a screen shot can describe it better than I can.

When a Kings Decree is picked that places new perils around the board, the camera moves to show you where they are being placed. I don't know if this is the same for other people but the image of the King actually blocks the tile where the flag falls. My suggestion is to tweak the camera movement so the tile is the one directly below the picture of the king so we can actually see where the new peril is, or alternatively have the image of the King disappear while the perils are being dropped.

First shot you can see the Flag falling down, half observed by the King. The second screen shot is after its landed and you can't see it at all.


Bugs! / [MAC] 2 Bugs with War Horn
« on: May 30, 2015, 06:47:11 PM »
Build Number: 

 Mac OS X 10.10.1


Both of these where logged through the Bug tool, but reporting here so I can share screen shots.

Bug 1: When you have WarHorn equipped, its card shows twice in the Buff/DeBuff Animation sequence (first screen shot)
Bug 2; When you unequipped War Horn you don't loose the buff to your fight that it was providing. (screen shot 2 with war horn equipped with 1 follower, screen shot 3 war horn replaced by sailors lantern and fight still remains at 6).

Repro Steps:
Bug 1 : Equip war horn and 1 follower and have a fight with anything
Bug 2: Equip war horn and 1 follower, fight stat goes up by 1, unequipp war horn and fight stat stays the same.


Bugs! / Graphics Glitch for Burn Timer
« on: May 29, 2015, 11:44:13 AM »
Hey Guys,

So this happened during the multiplayer stream we just did. I didn't have time to log it as a bug. But captured some screen shots.

Let me know if you want the log file from the game.


General Discussion / Card Ratios in Decks
« on: May 29, 2015, 09:21:04 AM »
Hi All,

So we know that Armello replicates physical sets of cards and that when you pick your Item/Spell/Trickery cards each turn each person is picking from the same deck and once the deck is completed, the discarded cards (i.e. those burnt, consumed, cast or otherwise taken out of play) are then re-shuffled and the deck starts again. And if you didn't realise that, well I guess you now do :)

LoG have already indicated they will be including a notification of some kind when a deck is being reshuffled in an upcoming update. Which is very cool !

What I would like to know is what the ratio of cards in the decks are. So for example we know that from Card Callery there will eventually be 31 Item cards. But we know you get more than 1 instances of most items during a game.

In the 0.3.4 patch, if you scroll over the little scroll symbol in the bottom left corner of the card, it now shows you in the card is  - Common, UnCommon, Rare and Unique.

So the questions I have (which Im hoping LoG can answer for us) are:

1) How many cards go into each deck  during the game?
2) How many instances of a card are there if its is Common, Uncommon, or Rare ?
3) Following on from above, is it always the same ? i.e. if an item is marked as rare will there always be exactly X copies of every rare item, or will it vary so that some rare items have X and others have Y copies. Or is it more a range e.g. rare items have between X and Y copies in a deck.
4) Do the ratios stay the same in every game or is there a random element to the make up of a deck each game as well ?
5) Are Unique items actually unique ? i.e. there is only one instance of that card in the whole deck. So for example Teleport is Unique (I believe). So if someone has it in there hand, no one else can ever get it, until that person has gotten rid of it (by casting it, or burning it) and then waiting until the Spell deck is re-shuffled ?
6) Is there a Treasure deck ? And if so is it shared between finding treasures in dungeons and those associated with quests ? Or do quests always have the same treasure item associated with them (pretty sure the answer is a no on this one).


Hi All,

So a lot of the discussion that happens on this Forum and the Steam forum are about our thoughts on ways to improve the game, which is great and should continue, because I believe the engagement between the Dev team and the community is what is helping to make this game so special.

But after being stuck in bed all week giving me the chance to play many many games I just wanted to take a moment and say Thankyou to the LoG for making such an awesome game ! And make a thread for others to do the same !

So in another words this thread is for us community members to share what it is we love about the game, instead of asking for new features, or complaining about balance or suggestings tweaks. Its an encouragement thread !

Its been an absolute pleasure to loose myself for hours at a time in the world you have created. Thinking back to when you first let some of us peak behind the curtain in Alpha, the game has come such a long way and I wanted to reflect on some of the awesome things that you have done and by doing so hopefully in some small way encourage you to keep going.

So without further ado here is a list of some of my favourite features (in no particular order) that have been added over time:
  • The Spell deck is awesome and I feel very well balanced !
  • The in game communication to let the players know what is going on has gone from strength to strength. You have managed such a tough challenge so well
  • TAB to show current prestige leader. Brilliant !
  • Favourite feature has got to be being able to watch other player battles and perils when your not involved. Creates such a sense of community and intensity.
  • All 4 victory paths are coming together very nicely.
  • It goes without saying that the Music and Art and first class. Each set of new cards thats released are amazing.
  • The emergent game play and interaction of the cards. It so fun to find and watch combinations in games. It allows for so many strategies and different approaches
  • Rot. You have found a great balance between the light and the dark. The slow slide into Corruption is fantastic.

So I would ask others to add their own thoughts here as well. Weather you have been playing for a while or just brought the game yesterday, please take a moment to give LoG a pat on the back and say "Well done guys. Keep up the good work!"


The War Room / Victory without Questing - Is it possible ?
« on: May 27, 2015, 11:25:32 AM »
Hi All,

So over here ( there is a discussion going on about how you must keep up with the Quest Completion race else you fall behind. Trent said that he thinks if you do, just switch tactics and all would be sweet. I pointed out that while it may be true the game is still 80-90% focused on training new players to think that Quests are the be all and end all of Armello. Anyways that debate is still on going (although slowed down over the past couple of days).

However I decided to test Trent's theory. Indeed I decided to test it to its limits by playing a game where I did not complete a single Quest. No mind you this is only one game and so can't be used as an definitive answer. But yes even without completing any quests I was still able to... well you'll see below.

Please note however this doesn't invalidate my point that the game is set up to train new players that Quests are "mandatory". But that topics for the other Thread.

So here's how it played out:
Start Game:
Playing as Thane, I spent the first couple of rounds grabbing some settlements and bashing up Mecurio several times. This was mostly thanks to drawing Heavy Plate early. I hadn't intended to equip it, but ended up doing so to prevent Mecurio killing me. I managed to last 4 turns (2 day and 2 night cycles) on one health.   During this time I also equipped the Shield and the Sword, which ended up being my load out for almost the whole game.
Beating up Mecurio put a couple of times made me Prestige Leader and I was able to maintain this until almost the end of the game.
I then took on a couple of Banes and was able to win due to a Mirror Image I had cast on myself. However eventually I feel victim to a Bane when the mirror image had run out and respawned in my Clan Ground.
Mid Game:
Upon leaving the clan ground I was set upon by a Bane, which I killed, then explored a Dungeon where I awoke another Bane. This one killed me and so once again I found myself back in my Clan ground. Mecurio and Amber had made their way to my side of the board and so when I left the clan ground again I had the option of going after the Bane or Amber. I chose Amber as she was on a settlement. After killing her, Mecurio attacked me and once again I was able to defeat the Rat.
This whole time any time I drew a card I burnt it in combat, except for the occasional Wyld Sap to restore some health. I never once played a Trickery card or another spell card (beyond the first mirror image).
Having defended my settlement I then went for the Bane that was sitting on the Dungeon. It only had 1 health left from out last encounter so was easily defeated. But a portal in the dungeon sent me to the other side of the board.
It was about this time that Amber managed to pick up 2 Spirit stones in quick succession putting her total to 3, causing me to get a bit worried. And while I was now on Ambers side of the board, she was not.
victim to a Bane when the mirror image had run out and respawned in my Clan Ground.
End Game:
At one point I drew Marauders Gauntlet and replaced my Shield with it. I then started to make my slow way towards the palace drawing cards to try and get the perfect set (Sun, Moon, Sword, Shield) when I remember that was one of Thanes greatest problems under proviso builds, unless you got the Brilliant Fool follower or other cards, you could never beat the Palace Perils as you only ever rolled 3 dice. So quick change of tactics was required. I started to head for my Quest but stopped one tile short, determined to do this without the aid of quests.
It was at this point Sana managed to breach the palaces Defences and then proceeded to get her arse kicked by the King.
I was at the other end of the Palace at the time so proceeded to make my way around to this now free entry point.
That was until I got the choice of the Kings decree that replaces all Palace Perils with Guards with only one health. So I of course picked this, and proceed to trounce the new Guard.
The King was now on 2 Health and despite being prestige leader I decided to go for it and attack the King. Which didn't end well (see screen shot below).

BUT it did prove ( at least in this game) that even without the help of Quests I was able to become prestige leader, remain prestige leader and even eventually get into face the King despite Thanes ability to only roll 3 dice against perils.

So from this single example, where I was lucky enough to get some OK equipment at the start of the game,  Trent is right, you don't need to chase Quests!  But they do make it easier if you do :)

And as I said, it doesn't disprove that the game is set up in such a way  as to train new players that Quests are the only option.


General Discussion / Tactics - Stopping Spirit Stone Victories
« on: May 27, 2015, 10:51:51 AM »
Hi All,

So in the single player game I was just playing young Amber managed to get her hands on 3 Spirit Stones which got me a little worried. Now in the "old days" I'd just wander over to the fluffy rabbit challenge her to single combat, upon which winning I would steal one of her stones.
But alas now, Stones once picked up can never be lost or stolen (Perhaps they are kept in a pocket dimension only the Hero has access to ?)

So it got me thinking, what are some tactics that others have used when an opponent has 3 or 4 spirit stones ?

Heres are some of my thoughts :
1) Get to them as quickly as possible and kill them if you can. Then camp outside their clan ground throwing yourself and perils in their way so they can't get to the King.
The problem here being that all effort is focused on the one player leaving the other two freedom to cause havoc of their own.
2) Convince the other players that they really need to do option 1, leaving you to keep going after the throne yourself.
3) Convince the other players to join you in option 1. But then it becomes a game of prevention instead of conquering.
4) Equip a sailors lantern or some other option that gives you Scout and camp out on their quests, so that they can't get their 4th quest and a magical key into the palace.

You see with all other victory types, you either can influence it in some way (help to lower their rot, help to lower their prestige, increase your prestige to be greater than theirs) or they still have to face the King (except  a Prestige victory through the King dining "naturally" from the Rot).

But with Spirit Stones and the magical 4th quest to give them free entry, there is nothing you can do except get in their way. The palace perils aren't even a problem, they skip and sing through the palace grounds and then defeat the King with one single click.

Don't get me wrong, I like the Spirit Stone victory path and have used it myself quite a few times. But what Im wondering is how do other people stop it when its being used against them ?


Feedback & Suggestions / All Items in Armello are CURSED !
« on: May 27, 2015, 10:34:12 AM »
Morning All,

Do you remember back in your days of D&D when if you found a magic item you would never put in on until you had your friendly Wizard examine it and tell you exactly what it was. And do you remember why this was the case ?  It was because the item may have been cursed and once the cursed item was equipped it could never be removed (without the aid of a spell or some such).

Anyways Ive come to realise that ALL items in Armello are cursed in a similar fashion. Once equipped you can never take them off again of your own free will. You can only replace them with another item.

For example in the game I was just playing I thought it wise to don some heavy plate as I was on 1 health and Mecurio was right next to me and having failed to kill him during my own turn, I figured he's the sort of Rat to hold a grudge and would likely attack me when it was his turn. And he did. And I survived thanks to the heavy plate armour.

It was at this point I realised that the Armour was cursed! I could choose to put it on in the first place, but I could not choose to take it off, except if I wanted to replace it.

This got me thinking, surely we should be able to unequip items if we want to.

So for example we know a Bane is going to attack us so we throw on the Rangers Cloak but once the fights done I want to be able to take it off and not get stuck with Evade. However I won't be able to do so until I have 1) an item with which to replace it (not to mention an item that you actually want to equip)  and 2) the gold to pay for said item.

Surely I should just be able to choose to take the cloak off. Im not suggesting its return to my hand, the card of course would be disposed of, but without this option I will be forced to keep Evading until I can afford to replace my cloak.

What do others think ? Should we be able to click on an equipped item to unequip/discard it if we so choose ?


Armello in the Press! / Armello is coming to PS4
« on: May 27, 2015, 08:00:34 AM »
So look what was announced last night !!!


So the questions I have are:
1) Is it only the PS4 that gets these new high res assests the article mentions ?
2) what about cross platform play ? Ie PS4 players can play against PCR/Mac/Linux players ? Hmmm same question but foe iOS while I'm thinking about it.


Build Number: 

 Max OS X 10.10.1

The AI Amber became corrupted while standing in a Stone Circle and it didn't kill her, either immediately  (which is what I would have expected) or at the start of her next turn.
Screen shot one shows her in the circle and the message log showing she has turned corrupted.
The second one shows her at the start of her next turn picking her cards.

In game Bug report sent when it first happened and another after she had her turn, just posting here to share screenshots.

Repro Steps:


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