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I may be wrong here, but has the past broadcasts been limited to subscribers only? I went there earlier to see what I've been missing and found that I couldn't access any of LoG's past broadcasts unless I'd subscribed to the channel.

None of my business of course, but it seems a little... I dunno. I'm assuming (and hoping) it's a mistake of course. It'd be nice if the newbies and potential buyers had a place to go look at the game while the channel is offline.

Feedback & Suggestions / Let's talk about the spirit stones
« on: April 25, 2015, 06:00:10 AM »
I had to name the thread something, and people are gonna give their opinions anyway, so why not make it a general spirit stones thread.

I don't think the new spirit stone change is good. The spirit stone model is a bit rubbish and doesn't fit in that well, IMO. I also think the frequent crystallizing events demystifies them. I never had a problem with having the stones stolen before either, but that's just me. I couldn't say whether it's more balanced now or not, but it doesn't feel right.

If you do plan on keeping it this way, LoG, I hope you remove the spirit stone from view on the map. The event looks great even if I don't think it quite fits in. Maybe you can make the event happen less often, I dunno. But at least remove the stone from view :/ It looks weird.

Is it just me? Tell me if I'm wrong.

Feedback & Suggestions / Public match "Ready!" pop-up
« on: April 08, 2015, 05:26:09 PM »
I've been playing a lot of SMITE (a MOBA, not important) and from signing up for a multiplayer game to actually getting into the match, a lot of time passes. And rather than having people just wait for the matchmaking to find a suitable group to play with, the game will inform you while out of game that a match is ready, so you can do something else while waiting.

It'd be awesome to see something like that in Armello.

Feedback & Suggestions / Are you making a demo?
« on: April 08, 2015, 05:17:34 PM »
That'd be awesome. If not, getting friends to buy it is gonna be a lot harder :/

I'm sorry if this has already been brought up. Please disregard if it has.

I'm all for great variety in cards, but with win conditions being so hard to meet, and resources being so scarce, you get stuck with cards you can't use a lot. You can burn them, but that only applies to combat, and when you have to sacrifice dice rolls for it, it's not always a great option. And so you get stuck with cards you can't use and no way to get fresh cards.

And that's a real shame. Cause there's a lot of awesome cards in this. I think the game would really benefit from an option like that.

Just to add what I think is a great example:
The Rot cards. Maybe you don't want Rot, but you can't get rid of it without gaining Rot or sacrificing a die roll. Maybe you do want Rot, but going for the Rot win condition is very specialized, and you're not getting any cards with Rot at all. And you don't get enough resources to cycle through the cards, so you're stuck.

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