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Multiplayer / What is Double Dip?!
« on: June 06, 2017, 06:40:41 PM »

What is Double Dip, you ask?!

Double Dip is a special period in Armello where players earn double the coin flips after Public Multiplayer games. This means twice the loot!

In order to take advantage of this, ensure you are using the matchmaking services for your game to be  considered 'Public'. For a full description of our multiplayer environment, check out this video.

It's only active for special occasions, so keep an eye on the News and Updates area of the forums along with Steam News too. Double dip is currently only applicable for Steam.

General Discussion / Armello FAQ - Production, Updates and DLC
« on: February 21, 2017, 02:42:18 PM »
Hey folks,

Now that we’re well over a year post-launch, still releasing free major updates, and our list of platforms and content is expanding, Darcy and I wanted to create a central location for all queries related to our content philosophies, production processes, and roll out plans for the future.

If we haven't answered something, or you'd like more information, don't hesitate to ask. We're obviously not going to talk about every single detail, but if it's something we can or are willing to divulge I'll update the FAQ / answer below. :)

When will the Bandit Clan be publicly available?

The Bandit Clan will launch as paid DLC in Q2 2017. Details regarding DLC contents, pricing and release dates are TBA.

Glad you asked! Shortly after launching into Early Access, Armello's Kickstarter backers voted to release previously exclusive content (including the Bandit Clan) to the public, after a period of exclusivity. The public release of this content was scheduled for release alongside the launch of Armello on iPad.

We were hoping for a Q1 2017 launch of both iPad and The Bandit Clan DLC. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the iPad release is taking longer than we'd hoped. In order to expedite the Bandit Clan's release and get them in your hands sooner, The Bandit Clan DLC is being decoupled from the launch of iPad and is now slated for Q2 2017. 

Similar to Usurpers, the Bandit Clan will be released as DLC. This isn't just a Hero pack though. It's the arrival of Armello's fifth Clan, complete with four Heroes, clan ring, some other goodies, and of course, the fifty plus Bandit exclusive quests - our biggest lore drop to date.

We're shooting for a simultaneous launch on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. However, we're at Xbox and PlayStation's mercy as to whether that's a reality.

More details aren't too far off. We’ll update this FAQ as they roll in.

When will the iPad and Android Tablet versions be available?

Current projection for an iPad release is mid 2017, with the Android release to follow shortly thereafter.

Progression on the development of Armello's tablet platforms has been a focus for production for almost eighteen months now, however we simply have not been able to find and hire people capable of delivering the task to the level of quality we require here at LoG. Hence the delays.

I’m happy to say that those problems have now been solved and Armello iPad/Android is in full development with multiple people working on bringing it to life right now. 

Mid 2017 is a few months later than we’d expected, but you know how LoG rolls; if the options are "get it out the door" or "take our time to do it properly" we'll always make you wait for the superior experience.

We're here to make quality products. Not having you play something sub-standard sooner.

Sit tight. <3

How often do you release free content updates for Armello?

Major branded updates every two to three months, with smaller patches, events, dice collections, etc, often dropping in between.

For as long as it is profitable and there are things we feel Armello needs, we’ll be releasing regular, free major updates to Armello. These updates will vary in size, theme and contents. We are always planning at least three updates in advance, so if the contents of an update seem minimal or don’t appeal to you, it’s very likely one of the following updates will satiate your appetite and expectations. 

How much of your resources are dedicated to producing regular free content updates?

At any given time, 75-100% of the Armello team (and contractor) resources are assigned to the development of free content.

Armello's been out of Early Access since the 1st of September, 2015. We're grateful that the game remains successful enough for us to continue working in an Early Access model, bringing you free major updates and content regularly.

However, we regularly assign some folks to working on paid content in order to supplement base game sales and meet community requests for a more diverse range of Armello content.

You had a successful Kickstarter. Why are you still charging for the game/content/anything?

Our Kickstarter campaign raised $300k AUD. By launch, Armello cost $2.4m to develop and we've nearly spent that much again supporting and releasing major content for free post-release.

Almost in every case, Kickstarter funds don’t cover a video game's total costs forever. As the figures mentioned above demonstrate, this is definitely the case for Armello.

Why do you charge for additional in-game content when I had to buy Armello?

All purchasable content is not covered by base game sales, hence its existence is only made possible by charging for it.

Every piece of paid content we release is not covered by the base game’s sales. We’re very thankful for Armello’s success, but being priced at $19.99 USD only permits a certain amount of ongoing support and content production.

Each item of paid content has its own production budget and timelines, as well as revenue targets, with the goal that it will help fund the next free update or next paid DLC; And so the cycle continues. 

Without putting a price tag on our more premium content, which is incredibly costly to develop, we simply would not be able to afford its creation.

Why does X paid content cost Y?

Our decisions regarding the price of various content are the result of numerous factors, including development time and costs, sales expectations, scope and size of the content, in-game implications, and prestige of the content in question.

As mentioned above, each product we attach a price tag to has a separate production budget and revenue targets, and are all tracked individually.

You can likely see that one of our goals is to release a broad range of content in the hopes of serving our vast player base of varying ages and backgrounds with a variety of interests and appetites. This is reflected in our pricing spectrum as well.

Everyone doesn’t like the same things, so we try to make a broad range of content within our universe so there’s a little something for everyone.

I don’t want to pay for X Armello content, do I have any other options?

Sure! We understand not everyone is able to justify the cost of each piece of content we release. Many of Armello's inventory items drop for free in public multiplayer games, on-selling these items on the Steam Marketplace for Steam Wallet Funds can help you cover costs for additional Armello content.

Although Armello doesn’t have an in-game currency system, all items dropped for free in public multiplayer games are Tradeable and Marketable. This means you can sell them on the Steam Community Marketplace in exchange for Steam Wallet Funds. Many folks within our community fund the purchase of in-game Armello content (and other games!) with funds earned selling Armello content on Steam's Community Marketplace. This is a fantastic way for players to make some cold hard cash from their Armellian exploits.

You can also trade Steam Inventory items with other players in exchange for content that you want.

Also, we’ve been known to run regular sales across all of our content, so keep an eye out for Skeeve’s thrifty deals.

Also also, check out the Armello Marketplace… here.

Why did you work on X while I’ve been waiting for Y?

The specific individuals working on X don’t necessarily work on Y.

Everyone within LoG has a variety of skills that are relevant to different features and tasks within Armello and League of Geeks. Our gameplay programmer, for example, isn’t responsible for producing 3D assets for Armello.

It’s also worth mentioning that we are working on a slew of rad features and content. Some of that content is public knowledge and it’s excellent that people are excited about it. That said, other unannounced content may have a higher priority internally.

Wouldn’t you make more money if you sell X for Y?

Profitability isn’t the sole consideration when pricing our content.

Our main goal has always been to make a profitable game, so we can keep making games. Some decisions we lead with need to earn money, others purely enrich the game at cost to us, we constantly balance these two factors.

That said, it’s worth noting that we’re the folks with the data, targets and internal strategies. Rest assured that we’re doing our best for our community and our studio.

What are your plans for future content within Armello?

Nice try, mate.

We know you’re keen to see what’s in the oven, but we’re not going to spill the beans that easily. Rest assured, we have a heap of interesting content that’s currently in development.

Why do updates typically take longer to land on console?

As opposed to Steam, Xbox One and PS4 have a certification process to ensure developers adhere to their guidelines and quality standards. Consoles also have their own multiplayer and social infrastructure that requires integration.

Through Steam, we have complete control over Armello builds. The stability and quality of a build on Steam is the responsibility of the developer. On each console platform, they have a certification process that ensures games on their platform are stable and adhere to their guidelines. After releasing a build on Steam, we spend the next week or so rolling out hot fixes to ensure it’s air-tight, then we wrap that into a console build, which can take several weeks, in preparation for submission to consoles.

Note: There are occasions when we’ll have to skip an update on consoles due to incompatibility between Steam and console features. 

Remember: If there are any questions you feel we’ve missed comment below and we’ll address them if we can. 

<3 Trent

Build Notes / Hotfix v1.4.2 [Steam PC/Mac/Linux] (Patch 4)
« on: September 28, 2016, 05:14:24 PM »

Heyo Armellians!

Lisy and Darcy are away at Twitchcon so I've got the reigns at the moment! ahahahaha! Just like old times, eh?! Feels gooood, man.

But yeah, apart from the partying and brazenberry ale fuelled nights, we have actually been working away on a bunch of issues, so here's a hotfix for y'all!

As usual, if you've been submitting bugs you have our eternal gratitude. You also now have the added pleasure of seeing some of those bugs' heads on a pike here in this announcement. So without further ado... 

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where disconnecting during combat could cause the A.I. to not continue its next turn.
  • Fixed a rare issue where a player would disconnect immediately after ending their turn, causing an NMA.

Known Issues
  • A player disconnecting whilst the King is playing perils at night can cause an NMA.
  • An issue remains where Scout can be permanently granted to a Palace tile.
  • A rare issue where Ghor can stay in Wyldkin form after death. This will reset when you go into/out of a forest. Poor Ghor.
  • The 'Machiavellian' achievement is currently not functioning.

Note: 'NMA' is our acronym for No More Actions and describes bugs where the player/s are unable to progress the game.

That's about it, folks! Keep those bug reports coming in. If you encounter any of the known issues, please send in bug reports. Also, we're currently focusing on network and multiplayer stability so if you're having issues with that specifically, we want to see your logs!

<3 Trent & the LoG crew!

Armello Development / The Great Armello Roadmap: Year Two
« on: August 28, 2016, 09:45:18 PM »
Hey folks!

It's been a little while since I wrote that big post about Armello's development roadmap leading up to full release. Over a year in fact! So I figured with the anniversary of Armello's release happening next week, what better a time to let you all know our plans moving forward.

The Past Year
Before I do that, however, I want to point out what an incredible year it's been. We've seen hundreds of thousands of players come to Armello across millions of quests for the throne.

The game expanded into something far greater and more expansive than what was on offer at launch, with four major updates, the introduction of House Rules, Chest & Keys, The Stranger, enhanced combat system, a stack of brand new cards, new chat strings, hundreds of gameplay tweaks and improvements.

With the release of Xbox One and our first major DLC, The Usurpers Hero Pack, coming out next week, we're kicking off another fantastic year of making rad stuff for all of you lovely people with the biggest bang we can possibly manage. 

Best of all, the community has continued to grow across all corners of the globe. Our broadcasting efforts especially have been a huge  success with close to 4,000 followers and a growing community of subscribers. Speaking to Twitch, we're one of the fastest growing developer-led channels in the world and show no signs of slowing down. 

Improved Production Processes
As great as the past year has been, we're not shy in saying that we bit off a lot with Armello. Like, a lot. This may come as a surprise, but the decision to continue supporting Armello with free major content updates was something we had never intended. We made that call just before launch. 

This first year post-release, moving to Xbox, releasing updates across eight platforms and multiple storefronts, whilst supporting hundreds of thousands of users, was a truly epic feat and were it not for the sheer brilliance, talent and determination of the crew we've got here at LoG, we wouldn't be here today.

But now, with all that wisdom and experience behind us, and a full year with the game out there to see who and how folks are interacting with Armello, we've been making moves toward more efficient and effective production processes that will result in more, better, and cleaner content from your pals at LoG.     

So, what have we got planned...

Armello DRM Free Edition
We want to ensure that whatever platforms Armello is on, we're providing the best experience as we possibly can. As Armello moves more and more into online services (like Steam inventory and more multiplayer features) and as we begin to roll out our plans for DLC, we've been working closely with GoG on an edition of Armello specific to GoG. The Armello - DRM Free Edition should be up and running on now.

We've had fantastic meetings with GoG about the future of Armello on the platform and although there's no way for us to provide DLC for DRM Free users or to attempt to retain parity with the Steam version of Armello, Armello DRM Free Edition will see features that best suit a DRM Free experience picked across from other platforms into early-mid 2017, helping LoG & GoG (lol) reach our mutual goal of providing users the best possible DRM Free Armello experience.

64-Bit Focus
As mentioned by Lisy in this post, we're shuttering support for Windows 32 Bit. In short, the tech is over a decade old and the various middleware and tools that we use for Armello's development have begun winding up support for 32-Bit systems, meaning continuing support for a system that less than 0.1% of our users operate on is unfortunately not an option for us.

For more info or questions specifically regarding this move; head to Lisy's post on the Steam forums.   

Console Updates & Inventory
With the release of Xbox One this week, we'll now be moving into a more secure and stable release schedule for console updates. For a little backstory, updating on Steam is quite a simple and painless process that we can handle entirely autonomously. However, console is an entirely different story. To update builds on Xbox and PS4, well, let's just say it's neither simple, painless, or autonomous. Not only that, but the process is entirely different for Xbox One and PS4.

To ensure that our PlayStation and Xbox community are getting the very best Armello experience, as well as ensuring that we get to make games and not just push builds through console certification all day every day, both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be receiving updates on a different schedule to Steam, likely inheriting new content after every second free update hits Steam.

Moving to these steadier, more focused intervals for updating console will allow us to ensure the team gets to spend more time on creating rad content, more time ensuring it's as stable as possible, and that we can create far more reliable schedules for when that content hits console.   

Armello on Tablets
Perhaps the most exciting thing about moving into Armello's second year post-release is the arrival of Armello on tablets. Both iPad and Android tablets will be receiving our tabletop adventure brought to life, with all the improvements and benefits of over a year of updates and content lovingly crafted and tweaked to suit these new platforms.

We're currently shooting for Q1 2017 for Armello's iPad release, with Android tablets following not long after. Armello was originally designed as a tablet experience so we're really excited to be able to get this in your hands. 

Steam Updates, Events & Inventory Experiments
Well, well, well. Looking at our magical wall of coming content I can say that we've got probably another full year of content, tweaks, DLC, inventory and experiments coming to Armello still.

We've been incredibly humbled by the response to Armello over the past year and are incredibly proud that we can still afford to continue updating this game, making it the best it possibly can be. We've got v1.5 and v1.6 already detailed out with some very exciting additions and improvements to this game we all love.

Chest & Dice collections have been a big hit and you'll see us continue to experiment with pricing and delivery of these mechanics until we find the sweet spot that works best for Armello and, hopefully, a continual roll out of this kind of content. We'll also be looking at new ways we can leverage Steam's Inventory system to bring you greater ways to customise your Armello experience - but more on that another time.

Events such as Double Flip Weekends are something that we're very interested in and from what our metrics tell us, you are too! So over the next year we'll be looking at new ways to change up Armello for short periods of time and bring us all together online.

Streaming & Shows
We absolutely adore getting on stream with you cats and so whether it's crazy shenanigans in Midweek Melee, us kicking your butts in Devs vs Community or getting even cooler, more interesting indie pals to hang out with us on LoG Plays, you can expect another year of terrific LoG content from our Twitch channel.

Not only that, but we'll be finding better ways to bring you content that you can interact with at any time over on our Youtube channel.

Oh, and you can probably expect some more of those animated trailers you all love. Maybe. I think.

Meet the Geeks!
We've travelled the globe handing out geek dice and hugging fans all throughout 2016 and 2017 is gonna be no different. You'll be able to catch us at a bunch of shows, so be sure to keep an ear to the ground of when we might swing near your home town.

The Long & Short Of It
We love Armello, and it's clear you do too, so as long as Armello has a community and is covering the costs of development, we'll continue to support it. Right now, that's most certainly the case and it doesn't seem to be slowing down, so we're still putting ideas up on that whiteboard and throwing in your feedback and suggestions.

Thanks for an incredible year. With the release of Armello's final platforms on the horizon, a more focused development and production schedule allowing us to better support each platform, and a full roster of major free updates, inventory, events, and paid DLC, year two is looking very exciting for Armello.

Thanks for the wild ride, now let's take this one out for another spin!

<3 Trent and the LoG Crew

Armello Development / v1.4 Chat System Overhaul Details!
« on: June 30, 2016, 05:46:26 PM »
This post is relevant to the features introduced in v1.4 Battle Tides. For all of the details, see the master post here.

We’ve been secretly watching you all. That’s right. Keeping tabs, tracking all the things you say, who you talk to, all of it! Mwuhahahaaaa! MWAHAHHAAA!

*ahem!* Um, okay, errr, I am obviously just talking about the fact that we’ve had analytics hooked up to our chat system for a while now. I’ve also been reading all your great recommendations from this post here and jotting them down. So with those two things already in the pipeline, having to write chat strings for the upcoming Heroes was the perfect excuse to overhaul the chat system.

Here’s a handy little infographic that illustrates which chat phrases have been most popular.

Looking at the above, you can see that there was definitely room to remove a few under-performing phrases and implement some of your most requested chat features! So you can now do things like address Heroes specifically to request truces, or even threaten them (eek!). We’ve also expanded the way you can respond to great plays or cool moments in game with new exclamations, and you can even say farewell (in character) for a more apt sign off at the end of each epic Armello journey... or kill.

For those of you who have been hanging out with us for a while now, it’ll come as no surprise that Armello’s chat system is close to my heart. I head up our writing efforts around here, but I also care deeply about the type of community we foster in everything we do. Providing you all with a way to interact in-game that is free from toxic behaviour, conquers language barriers, and all whilst remaining within character is something I’ve always been proud of, but being able to extend and improve that with your assistance is a step above!

The new chat strings have proven super popular with both the testing crew and our (deadly) here in the studio, so I’m very keen to see this one out in the wild!


<3 Trent

Armello Development / Armello PS4 v1.3 is Now Live!
« on: June 29, 2016, 04:23:16 PM »

After weeks of battling Unity's PS4 bugs, the day has finally arrived...

v1.3 has just hit PSN and is available for download right now!

What's In It?

Make no mistake. This is a huge update. As promised, this is both v1.2 and and v1.3 all in one big hit... but we've also snuck a bunch of stability improvements and bug fixes in from v1.4 too! That's right.

Some keen observers will notice that the header image for this post has graphics from the Stranger v1.2, but it actually says v1.3. This is because inventory is presently a Steam only feature. Both PlayStation and Xbox have no player marketplace or any trade capabilities whatsoever, but we'd love to get the new dice in the hands of players outside of Steam, someway, somehow.  We're currently investigating ways to get inventory onto both PS4 and Xbox One in a fashion that properly suits both the platform and console experience, so you'll hear from us as soon as we lock down plans for inventory on console.

Other than the absence of the inventory system, PS4 players are completely up to date.

v1.4 and Beyond
We'll be announcing v1.4 for Steam very shortly. The good news for PS4 folks is that the PS4 build of v1.4 is already cooking away and will go live no later than the Xbox One and DLC launch.

Once Xbox One is live, we'll be aligning the consoles to be able to go live simultaneously, following Steam builds as quickly as possible.

Patch Notes
For those wanting more detail, here's the high level of what's in the update that went live today.

The Stranger
- A new and peculiar Follower has arrived in Armello and does not abide by the standard rules. When equipped the Hero will be moved to a random adjacent tile upon the start of every turn.

House Rules
- Introducing 6 x new House Rules to keep your gameplay fresh!

- Introducing 2 x new Items, a new Spell and Trickery card to aid your adventures.

Card Changes
- There have been a variety of changes to the current Cards in Armello for balancing purposes.

Visual Improvements
- Check out the new particles, improvements and more that we’ve added to make your Armello experience even prettier.

Gameplay Improvements
  • +1 Body to all Heroes has been added.
  • Improvements to the Stealth mechanic. 
  • The Mad King House Rule is now part of standard Gameplay.
  • Zosha’s Hero Power now activates on the Palace as well.
  • Overall Explore balance pass. 

  • Followers that cost Gold are now free.
  • Followers that cost Rot are unaffected.
  • The Prologue has been updated to reflect this.

Audio Changes
  • New audio assets for hovering and clicking  in various UI assets.
  • New audio assets for the Card Gallery.
  • New sound effect for when the King’s Declaration is announced.
  • Bark Skin sound effect.
  • Blizzard sound effect.

Bug Fixes
Various bug fixes have been implemented


That's about it folks! I've personally watched the entire team work super hard to bring you these updates, so we're excited for our PS4 crew to finally get their hands on it.  I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone for your patience. Being a small team is tough, but it's made even tougher when there are things that are entirely out of our control which affect how and when we get things out to you all - like PS4 bugs on the Unity cycle for example.

Much love! You're the best. xoxo

<3 Trent & the LoG Crew

General Discussion / MOVED: Armello v1.1 huge disappointment
« on: October 31, 2015, 12:32:42 PM »

Armello Development / The Road to v1.0... and BEYOND!
« on: July 28, 2015, 05:10:14 PM »

Hey all!

Exciting news out of the LoG camp today!

You may have noticed that it's a week or so past the point where we'd be announcing our next update. Well, the next update we've been working on is... v1.0!


That's right, the full release of Armello will launch on September 1st. :D

Armello on PC/Mac/Linux (Steam, Humble Store, GoG, and more) and PlayStation 4 (PSN) will all be available on September 1st.

We initially planned to be on Early Access for six months. We celebrated that milestone just a few days ago on July 22nd. Now it's time for the next part of this journey, because believe it or not, this isn't the end. Not even close.

Post v1.0's release we will continue to provide major updates and improvements to Armello, listening to and implementing your feedback as we have always done. Really, v1.0 is just the next stage of this fantastic relationship we have with you, our community and the amazing games you can empower us to make here at LoG.

We'd hate to spoil all our plans, but here's what we can tell you about Armello's roadmap moving forward.

When v1.0 launches on September 1st, it will be available in TWELVE languages!
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Brazilian Portugese
  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Simplified Chinese

Annnnnd a whole-nother language we haven't even announced yet... Polish!

Yep. Basically, we loved The Witcher 3 so much we wanted to make sure the devs could play Armello. lol

At the end of this coming week, on August 1st, the Early Access version of Armello will come down from sale. This week will be the last chance you'll have to buy Armello before the release of v1.0.

For the entire month of August, Armello will not be available for purchase.

If you or your pals wish to buy Armello while it's still in Early Access you have approximately 5 days to do so, because we're past the point of having enough time to implement feedback for v1.0, so for the month before launch it makes far more sense that folks just hold out for the full release and jump in then.

As stated all along, Armello's final price was to be decided closer to launch. Well, now we're officially "closer to launch" and after listening to all the commentary and feedback from the community, press, and our peers, we're happy to announce that Armello will be $19.99 USD on both PC and PS4 at launch. 

We're also super excited to announce that due to popular demand, there will be a 4 pack available on Steam (and a few other stores too). You'll be able to buy four copies of Armello for the price of three so you can get your friends into the frey for the throne... then backstab them and take it for yourself. Of course.

For those of you who bought the game in Early Access at $24.99 USD, don't stress, we've got good news for anyone who joined us on this crazy the journey before v1.0.

Words simply cannot express how grateful we are for all of your support during the pre-release development of Armello. From the presents, fan art and letters that so many of you have sent to us here at the studio, to the incredible laughs we've had on the forums, when reading your reviews and of course during the streams. But most of all, for all your honest, considered, and mind-blowingly-insightful feedback along the way that has made Armello that game we had visions of almost five years ago now.

Considering words can't express this gratitude, we figured free stuff would be a good place to start. So, all pre-release players will receive...

Concepts pictured above. Final dice and badge may differ slightly.

A free digital copy of the Armello soundtrack at launch.

That's right. The unanimously praised Armello OST, composed by Michael Allen and Lisa Gerrard will be gifted to all of you via Steam.

Unique Early Access themed in-game dice!

Yep. In-game dice! Ty's concepted up these crazy cool Early Access dice and we're getting 'em in-game this week. You'll be able to use these in all areas of the game.

A unique in-game Early Access badge!

All Early Access players can play Armello with a new found pride showing off their dedication to Armello and letting the world know that Armello is what it is today because they were here before it was cool. ;)

We've always known that v1.0 was never going to be the end for Armello, but there's been a lot of talk about how we'll be delivering updates.

The arrival of v1.0 marks a huge milestone in the project. This is the game we set out to make. After almost five years, and with thanks to all of you, we've done it! But! We have so many things we'd still love to experiment with for Armello, so instead of just saying, "thanks! maybe next game", we're gonna try get them in-game post-launch.

This will take the form of a mixture of free and paid, major updates. With the release of the tablet versions scheduled to arrive six months post-launch.

Ranked Multiplayer has been on the Main Menu for a long time and we're super proud to announce that the first Ranked Season is on schedule to go live a month or so after launch in Armello's first major update, v1.1 - which... will be completely free. 

Not only do we need time to fine tune the balance of Armello v1.0's multiplayer at launch, but we want everyone to have enough time to hone their skills and get acquainted with the finer strategies of Armello before, well, throwing you all against each other.

As we do with all our updates, we'll be releasing more information about Ranked multiplayer as we near the release of v1.1.

We might even have some other very exciting multiplayer features coming to Armello in post-launch updates... but you'll just have to wait to find out what they may or may not be.

Right now the plan is for tablets to launch six months after Armello's release, so March 2016. These versions are very likely to include all updates to the PC version up until that point, so I guess you could consider them a Gold Edition of sorts.

As with everything we do, the tablet versions will be given love and attention to be just as good as the other versions of Armello.

When a game hits a 95% Positive review rating on Steam it gets a little tag next to it that says "Overwhelmingly Positive". We'd love nothing more than to see that next to Armello on launch day, and beyond!

We're incredibly proud of what we've all built together and we're putting everything we have into it - Blood, sweat, tears and cold hard cash. If you feel you've had a positive experience with Armello (or us, yay!), one of the best things you can do is write up your favourite things about the Armello in a Steam review.

On the Armello store page on Steam, you can review Armello by writing a little sumthin'-sumthin' and clicking the button pictured above.

With over 7,000 Armello backers, if just 5% of you review Armello positively on Steam, we'll hit our target! 

Note: This isn't about review bombing the Armello page just to help us out. Please only review the game if you're genuinely enjoying it or your experience with us.

We've got great news about all the backer rewards and when they'll be rolling out. BUT this is a long enough update so in the coming weeks we'll fill you all in on our plans for the roll out of all the physical and digital backer rewards.


If for whatever reason, you disagree with any of our plans for launch that we've outlined here and feel they're not what you signed up for, then we are more than happy to provide you with a full refund.

Just email and we'll sort it out quick-smart!

I would say "the end is in sight because of you all," but like I said, this isn't the end. So instead, on behalf of everyone who's ever worked on Armello, I thank you for joining us on this journey and for being by our side at this very important point in Armello's life and League of Geeks' history.

We <3 you forever and ever. You da best.

Be sure to stay tuned to the LoG feeds as we'll be announcing all the v1.0 stuff in the coming weeks. :D

<3 Trent and the LoG Crew


Hey hey,

It’s here! Our second Early Access build, Engines of Fate (v0.3.2), is now ready for all you Armellians to play. You may have already seen a few of the juicy features we have for you in our latest updates, if you haven’t. SURPRISE!

One feature that we’ve seen some of the community asking for was the ability to see into other heroes' combat and peril screens, well now you can! As well as this, if some other pesky hero attacks the King all players will be taken to that hero's combat screen.

We’ve done a huge overhaul to our quest system complete with new artwork and animations. This new system will give you the ability to boost stats on your heroes to help carve your path to victory.

Engines of Fate is another HUGE update. We’re really excited for everyone to check it out and let us know what you think. Thanks to our testers that have been helping us out this week finding bugs to make sure the build is as polished as possible.

Just one more thing before we get into our build notes:
  • As you may have seen last release, we've started adding in our Kickstarter stretch goal cards into the game. This month we have Emissary (Trickery), a grand and loyal Red Panda which - an animal suggested by Kobb and dragoncrescent.

  • We’re excited to add 11 new cards including 9 Trickery. This means that almost ALL of the Trickery cards are in the game:
    • Pick Pockets (Trickery): (Play on) Settlement; Steal 1 Gold or else 1 Equipped Item.
    • Beheaded (Trickery): (Play on) Settlement; -1 Recruited Follower (randomly selected).
    • Bribery (Trickery): (Play on) Hero; Steal 1 Recruited Follower to your Hand.
    • Welcoming Party (Trickery): (Play on) Settlement; Teleport target to the nearest free Mountain Hex.
    • Emissary (Trickery): (Play on) Settlement; Claim target Settlement to your Clan (Instant).
    • Hoodwinked (Trickery):  (Play on) Settlement, Dungeon; Unequip All Items back to Hero's Hand.
    • Saboteur (Trickery):  (Play on) Hero; Heroes Dice will not Explode until the end of their next Turn.
    • Expendables (Trickery): (Play on) Peril; Clears 1 level of Peril Resist which may Clear away the Peril (Instant).
    • Merchant’s Agreement (Trickery): (Play on) Hero (Not Self); Both Players +1 Gold per Turn until one player Dies.
    • Winged Boots (Item): Ignore Mountain and Swamp Tile Penalties.
    • Coin Master (Follower): Convert unused AP at the end of your turn into Gold.
  • Card Changes
    • Allies Pact (Trickery): (Play on) Hero (Not Self); Both Players +1 Prestige per Turn until one player Dies.
    • Woodman’s Cloak (Item): Gain Evade and Stealth in Forests day and night.
    • Poison Gift (Item): Was changed from Trickery to a Item (consumable).
    • Wake the Trees (Spell): Magic cost reduced from 3 to 2.
    • Disguise (Trickery): Gold cost reduced from 4 to 3.
    • Reprieve (Trickery): Prestige cost from 2 to 1.
    • Game of Thorns (Trickery): Gold cost increased from 5 to 6.
    • Bounty (Trickery): Gold cost reduced from 3 to 2.
    • Agents of Misfortune (Trickery): (Play on) Peril; -1 Die when facing this Peril.
    • Hidden Trap (Trickery): Can now be also played on Dungeons.
    • Royal Banner (Item): Gold cost increased from 3 to 4.
    • Lord’s Sceptre (Item): Gold cost increased from 3 to 4.
    • Battle Axe (Item): In Battle +1 Fight.

Quest System
In order to provide you guys with more strategic control, better loot, more to keep you occupied in your off turn, and to deliver the most engaging narrative in a single player game. we've given the quest system a complete overhaul. Features within this system include:
  • During your off-turn you will be able select your next quest out of three presented to you as rumours of happenings around Armello.
  • Every Quest will give you a Stat boost and +1 Prestige.
  • Once you reach your Quest you will be given two options; one that will test a Stat (Fight, Wits, or Body) in return for a chance to receive a Treasure, Follower or Spirit Stone. The other will be a no risk Stat and Prestige boost.
  • Once you have completed four Quests, you will unlock a Palace Peril tile for you to storm the Palace (if you choose).
  • All Rumours have their own animations depending on the tile type they are located on.
  • Along the way the way, if you meet the right conditions you may come across a third Quest option.
  • In the rare occurrence that your Quest spawns on the tile you're currently on, you will interact with it at the start of your next turn.
  • All Quests and Druid Encounter have had a visual upgrade with new animations.

Storybook System
There is a new Storybook system which will allow you to read through Quests that you have already completed in a third-person fairy-tale style Storybook. It can be found under the Inventory tab.
  • Hot Key J to access Journal system

Combat, Peril Peeking
When an enemy now engages in combat you will be given the option to watch this encounter. Think it’s going to be a close battle and want to check it out? You now can!
  • When heroes engage in Peril or Combat, a peek icon will appear above the encounter. Click to peek and click “Return to Board” to exit.
  • When heroes engage in Perils or Combat, all other players will have the option to view the combat/peril panel as it is happening.
  • Gameplay Options allow you to toggle Quick AI Encounters on or off.

Post-Game Screen
We have overhauled the post-game Victory/Defeat screen to showcase the battles waged in Armello.
  • New banners for the Victory/Defeat screen with Clan colours.
  • New “Accolades” section following the Victory/Defeat screen. This includes drop banners with including up to four Accolades awarded to each hero from the game. These Accolades are intentionally kept obscure.
  • New “Unlock” section to show a player's progress towards their next Ring and Amulet.
  • If no Amulet was unlocked, a random Amulet will be shown (WIP).

King’s Declaration’s
Same as our last release, we’ve done another pass on our King’s Decs!
  • Changes
    • Blood Moon has been moved to the fourth tier of King’s Decs.
    • Royal Flush has been moved to the first tier of King’s Decs.
    • Martial Law: if a King’s Guard is already standing on a Settlement, it will become terrorised.
    • Civil Uprising: Settlement will now become Terrorised.
  • New
    • Fog of War: All player's are Stealthed until the next King's Declaration or until they're spotted.
    • Desperate Defence: All remaining Palace Perils are removed and replaced by King's Guards with only 1 Health.
    • Royal Inquisition: -1 Rot to all Heroes in the Realm, -1 Health if the Hero was Infected and -3 Health if Corrupted.
    • Supreme Court: Every Heroes dirty laundry is aired in the King's Court, all Heroes suffer -3 Prestige.
    • Treasury Visit: The Prestige Leader must surrender all their Gold reserves, if this value is more than 5 Gold they gain 1 Prestige, less than 5 Gold -1 Prestige.
    • Desertion!: Palace based King's Guards desert and disappear!
    • Life Support: The King and the Prestige Leader gain +1 Health.
    • Dark Army: King sacrifices all his King's Guards and Spawns Banes in their place.
Artificial Intelligence
  • Intelligent card play.
  • AI will now be able to play Instant cards as Perils like Incite Revolt and Cursed Lands. This is something they weren’t capable of doing in the past.
  • AI now respond correctly to Stealth. In past builds, AI would be able to tell if players were Stealthed and their location, now they are unable to detect Stealthed heroes.
  • AI will now wait for a human player to roll before commencing their roll.

Audio Improvements
  • When the sun sets on the land of Armello you’ll notice some new music. The soundtrack now has five new tracks from composers Michael Allen and Lisa Gerrard.
  • During a game instance, when you first receive a card of a particular type (e.g. Trickery, Item, Treasure) a unique Audio sting will play.
  • When a Settlement is terrorised (see below) an Audio sound will play to emphasise this state.

  • Terrorise implementation
    • Settlements become 'Terrorised' when a Bane moves onto them or alternatively as a result of certain King's Declarations.
    • When a Settlement is 'Terrorised' it becomes unclaimed, will be set on fire and the tool tip will indicate that it is Terrorised.
    • Heroes will gain 1 Prestige for securing a Terrorised Settlement.
  • Banes will now spawn out of Dungeons at night regardless of whether there is a Hero on it or not. Watch out!
  • The Status Feed now has 3 states (previously 2): Neutral, fully expanded and fully minimised.
  • Attacking the King will now give you a Bounty.
  • Spirit Range now has it’s own unique Tool Tip to describe what Spirit Range is more accurately.
  • Hero and Creature Portraits displayed on the Communications Stack are now clickable and will take you to the hero's/creature's location on the board.
  • When a player fails a Tanglevine (Spell) peril or has one played onto them there is now a visualisation for this effect on the tile.
  • Perils will now resolve instantly when a hero is pushed onto them. e.g. when unsuccessful in combat.
  • There have been big CPU optimisations across the board.
  • There have been VRAM optimisations to reduce GPU memory consumption.
  • In the Bug Sender tool your email address (if you’ve added one) will be saved.
  • Right-click has been disabled.

Bug Fixes
  • Right click has been disabled globally for now.
  • OS version checks have been removed temporarily.
  • Characters now start with Magic equal to their Spirit stat, even with the Feel Amulet equipped.
  • Using Malice Rising (Magic) on a Stone Circle now causes a Bane to spawn and die instantly.
  • Hero information will now correctly remain on Hero shelf when a player leaves a multiplayer game.
  • Various typo amendments.
  • Cards obtained through Wandering Circus (Trickery) should no longer overlap awkwardly when received.
  • Text should now correctly be contained within the status feed.
  • Cards can no longer obscure vision of character portraits and Action Points.
  • Heroes will now reliably interact with Perils and Quests when entering a tile through non-standard movement (i.e through Banish (Spell) or retreating from combat).
  • Cards in the Card Gallery now animate correctly and appear with the correct card backs.
  • Helm of Heroes (Item) and Heavy Plate Armour (Item) no longer give shields in perils.
  • Druid option the Wyldkeepers no longer says -99 Rot, but accurately reflects cleansed Rot.
Known Issues

Functionality and Miscellaneous:
  • Plugging/Unplugging a USB audio device may cause the game to crash. - Reported by CatStoleTheCrown
  • LINUX: VSync options seem temperamental on Linux - if you don't want the default option, try to set VSync options directly on your driver if possible.
  • Shuffling of card order in player’s hand can result in unexpected/undesired ordering.
  • The ability “Peril Vision” has not yet been implemented.
  • Equipping an item while exploring may cause the gold cost to appear in the spotlight.
  • AI currently select King’s Declarations at random so sometimes, they don’t make sense!
  • The tutorials may be inaccurate and visually unappealing. This is due for a significant overhaul.

  • The multiplayer menu composition and content is predominantly placeholder. We have just included what’s necessary to get the game up and running.
Card Specific:
  • Encountering the Portal outcome from Exploring while under the effects of Disguise (Trickery) may cause the effect to dissipate.
  • Many cards have missing or placeholder visualisations/animations

  • If you have extremely low video memory your client may crash or become unplayable and some visual elements may break completely. In attempt to avoid these occurrences, players with low video memory only have the option to play with low graphical settings. Examples of this include:
    • Card animations being replaced with random art assets.
    • Characters Combat animations being replaced with random art assets. - Reported by TheSpectralWolf
    • A graphical meltdown on game launch, breaking gameflow.
    • The notorious inescapable blue screen which breaks gameflow.
  • Quest Banners intersect/layer awkwardly with each other, overhead icons and some characters such as Banes.
  • Thane may appear to have dappled lighting on his neck.
  • Thane has a texture seam down his back.
  • Sana has a texture seam down her back.
  • It is possible to see through Sana’s model during her death animation.
  • Some character’s eyeballs may become overly visible during moments of lower opacity (most prominent with Sana and Mercurio).
  • All Clan Grounds’ gates are one-sided and are invisible from some angles.
  • The King’s crown is one-sided and is invisible from some angles.
  • Swamp bubbles appear raised from the ground.
  • Clouds may appear with odd lighting.
  • The edge of the land is visible when dragging camera to extreme limits. Far out, man.
  • Some characters do not smoothly connect weapons during their battle idle animations.
  • Cards disappear for a single frame before the burn animation is initiated.
  • Palace Peril screen currently contains placeholder images.
  • The second page of the Victory/Defeat screen doesn’t have “Victory or Defeat”.

You may experience the following issues depending on your resolution:
  • Some Amulets appear half off screen on the Rings/Amulets screen.
  • The Hero Shelf may overlap other UI elements.

PHEW! Another epic set of build notes for you read through! There is every possiblity that we’ve missed something so we will be sure to edit if we find anything.

As always, more to be listed as we (or you!) find them.  Don't hesitate to use the in-game Bug Sender. We've crushed a stack of bugs that you all sent us. It's super valuable!

Don't forget that there's also conversations going on over at the Armello Steam Discussion boards! Jump on in!

No rest for us, we’re already starting on v0.3.3 and we’ll be sure to start teasing it as soon as we can. We’ll be sure to make sure it’s packed full of goodness to help you all continue your Armello journeys.

Thanks folks!

<3 Trent & the LoG Crew

Build Notes / Armello 0.3.1 [PC/Mac/Linux] Early Access Build Notes
« on: February 23, 2015, 12:07:04 PM »

Hey y’all,

Our first Early Access build has arrived fresh out of the LoG oven for you all to taste! As you know, we’ve been teasing out just some of the crazy good features included in this build.

The most requested feature, and the one at the top of our list too, was having AI take the place of players who had disconnected or rage quit games. So, that’s now in-game! If a player leaves a game prematurely their Hero will be killed, respawn at the Clan Grounds and an AI player will then take control of that Hero.

The brand new Bounty system is one of the biggest features we’ve implemented in this release - it adds a whole new element of backstabbing, giving you the ability to put a Bounty on your enemy’s head as well as punishing players for committing crimes against the crown.

Also, with this update we’re stoked to announce that the game will ship with eight playable heroes at launch (release of v1.0). That’s right! The second set of Clan Heroes will be available at launch as part of the full game. Not DLC. So, in this latest build you’ll see a tease of Bear Warcaster, Rat Assassin, Rabbit Sapper and Wolf Ranger on the Hero Select screen. ;)

As for the Bandit Clan, we’ve had some great discussions internally and are moving towards a resolution, however we had to focus on the release of v0.3.1.With that now launched, you can expect an announcement on how we’ll be rolling out the Bandit Clan to drop sometime before v0.3.2. Thanks for your patience and input on this matter. <3

Alright, a few things you should know before heading into our build notes:
  • The game’s hotkeys will be continually improved and added to. As we add new Keybinds (like we have in this build) we’ll be resetting keybinds to default. So if you have custom keybinds please check them after each new release as we introduce new hotkeys that require changes.
  • Depending on your firewall, you may need to re-add Armello as an exception to your Firewall log.
  • One of our Kickstarter stretch goals was that Backers would get to help us choose which animals appear on some of the new cards. We’re excited to announce that one of these has entered Armello! Call of the Worm features a rot drenched Lemur which is an animal suggested by dragoncrescent.

  • To support both the Bounty system and also inject some more Rot in the world, we have unleashed 13 new cards:
    • False Orders (Trickery): (Play on) King's Guard; Force King's Guard to an adjacent hex
    • Cubs Blood (Item): (Play on) Tile Any; Lure nearest Bane to this Tile
    • Rite of Wyld (Spell): (Play on) Stone Circle, Dungeon, Plains, Bane’s; -1 Health for every Rot point target has
    • Reprieve (Trickery): (Play on) Hero; Target is cleared of any Bounty
    • Bounty (Trickery): (Play on) Hero; Target receives a Bounty on their Head
    • Bane Blade (Treasure): In Battle, +3 Dice and after the Battle -1 Health
    • Plague Bearers (Trickery): (Play on) Swamps, Dungeons; -2 Health and if target dies this turn they gain +1 Rot
    • Dark Influence (Spell): (Play on) Hero, Dungeon; Target gains +1 Rot and a Plague Spell card in their Hand
    • Crime Lord (Trickery): (Play on) Self; Steal 1 Gold from Every other Player
    • Royal Pardon (Item): A King's Bounty cannot be issued against you!
    • Malice Rising (Spell): (Play on) Any Empty Hex; Sumon Bane here
    • Call of the Worm (Spell): (Play on) Hero; All the Cards in the Target's Hand change to the Rot Symbol - Animal suggested by dragoncrescent!
    • Bane’s Claw (Item): Bane’s will never Attack you!
  • Card changes:
    • Cleansing Wyld (Spell): Play to Hero only
    • Plague (Spell): +1 Rot and you become Poisoned until the end of your current turn
    • Banish (Spell): Cost changed from 3 Magic to 4 Magic
  • Heroes can now play certain cards to King’s Guards and Bane’s. e.g. Throwing Axe (Item)
  • Poison has now been separated out as its own special effect (similar to Infected and Corrupted effects)

Bounty System
  • The Bounty system is a complete new addition to the game:
    • Players can now have a Bounty of 3 Gold and 1 Prestige placed on their head for the following:
      • Attacking a King’s Guard
      • Playing negative cards onto King’s Guards
      • Entering the Palace
      • Having ‘Bounty’ played onto you.
      • Certain King’s Declarations
    • When you have a Bounty on your head both King’s Guards and enemy Heroes will want your head.
      • If an enemy Hero kills you in Battle, they will claim your Bounty and gain 3 Gold and 1 additional Prestige!
      • If you die through any other means, your Bounty will be cleared.
    • As above, there are new cards in the game to support this system including Bounty. (Trickery), Reprieve (Trickery) and Royal Pardon (Treasure).

Artificial Intelligence
  • AI Upgrades, our AI friends have been given some extra training:
    • AI now have a better chance of passing Palace Perils as well as knowing to go for the Palace if a Peril has been previously cleared. In the past the AI didn’t burn cards or have a real strategy for passing Palace Perils.
    • AI will now roll their dice once a Human player has.
    • AI now know how to react to Swamps when on low health.
    • AI now know how to react to having Poisoned Gift played on them.
    • The issue with AI’s continuously Double Dungeon Dipping have been removed.
    • The issue with AI’s attacking King’s Guards a lot have been tweaked.

King’s Declarations
  • We have done a full pass of King’s Declarations:
    • One new King’s Declaration has been added to every tier, meaning that each game will present different options for King’s Decs. New King’s Declarations:
      • Rot Inspection: Any Heroes with Rot lose 1 Prestige.
      • Fugitives Unleashed: Four King's Trickery Perils appear in the Kingdom.
      • Martial Law: King's Guards immediately move to their nearest settlement and unclaim them. Will fight any heroes currently on settlements.
      • Black Death: Plague Perils ravages Armello's Settlements.
      • Civil Unrest: All Settlements across the Kingdom become unclaimed.
      • King’s Mercy: The King orders the Prestige Leader to pass around their renown, giving each other Hero 1 Prestige.
      • Palace Lockdown: King places a Bounty on the Prestige Leaders head and recalls all idle King's Guards back to the Palace.
    • Additionally, we have amended and adjusted some King’s Declarations:
      • Peace Treaty: Heroes that break the treat lose 3 Prestige rather than all.
      • Healthcare: Pay 4 Gold, if not you will become Poisoned (like Poisoned Gift)
      • Tribute of Spirit: Syphon 2 Magic
      • Sinister Rituals: Bane’s no longer gain Rot from this
      • The Armourer: Renamed to Dishonourable Defender. -3 Prestige to the Prestige Leader for their poor performance. All
      • King's Guard get +2 Body and +2 Fight.
      • War March: All Heroes have Bounties put on their heads
  • On Hero Select the “Back” button has been changed to “Leave Game” to avoid accidentally leaving the game.
  • In Public Multiplayer: Clicking on the Hero Portrait a second time will unselect that Hero.
  • In Multiplayer the first turn taker is now randomised (it used to be whoever created the lobby or first to queue)
  • Players who abandon a Public Multiplayer game will not be able to re-queue for a game for 60 seconds. This doesn't affect Private games

  • After numerous bug reports, the Explore icon for “Nothing” has been updated to look more like… nothing? ;)
  • Brand new Intro sequence when loading the game:
  • New League of Geeks and government support splash screen.
  • Added the Debut Trailer by LoG & 12 Field. Featuring music from Michael Allen and Lisa Gerrard.
  • Camera Engaged and Unengaged Icons have been updated.
  • Hero Select Screen changes: You’ll see some friendly new faces to preview what will be coming at the full release of Armello.

  • Dawn Summary Panel changes:
    • You can now view the Dawn Summary Panel during gameplay by pressing and holding “TAB”
    • Black sprite added behind the Dawn Summary to make it clearer.
  • Options Menu Updates:
    • There is now an option to select or unselect the Hardware Mouse
    • Keybind for Rolling Dice in-game has been set to “R”
  • The in-game Bug Sender tool has had a facelift. Now you can “tag” your bug to be a “Bug”, “Typo” or “Design” issue!
  • Tooltips!
    • When a card is in Focus mode, words that are underlined can now be hovered over for a tooltip on that ability/effect/state.
    • All tiles in Armello now have Tooltips explain the type, effect or modifier and the name of the tile. Each tile has its own unique name, try and find them all! - Thanks to Hobbes for helping Trent name some at 2:30am. lol
  • Hero Power changes:
    • Sana: After much discussion, we changed Sana’s hero power as it was just a little too complicated and making her a tad too difficult to play. Now, when in combat with any corrupted Creature, Sana uses her Spirit as her fight.
  • End Game Screen changes:
    • You can now access the Hero and Inventory shelf from the Victory screen.
    • General clean up of particles.
  • Combat Screen changes:
    • The Combat Wipe (screen effect when entering combat) has been sped up.
    • Improved communication of Rot Battles: if both Creatures in Battle have Rot, there is now a sequence which shows which Creature has the most Rot and thus, receives the Rot bonus. More improvements to this coming.
    • The word “Attack” has been moved to the bottom of the Attack panel for better visibility.
  • Status Feed changes:
    • Hovering over a King’s Declaration in the feed will now display the card for the Declaration.
    • The Status Feed now has tooltips for Perils encountered. Hovering over the word ‘Peril’ will show that card. 
    • You can now only scroll through the Status Feed history when the feed has been opened.
  • You should see an overall improvement in game performance as we’ve done many passes of optimisation across the whole game.
  • Overhauled Animation events system to utilise Unity 5’s new state based animation system.
  • All burn down timers have been increased by five (5) seconds.
  • New Hot Keys:
    • R: Press R to Roll Dice in Combat/Peril
    • Q: Focus on current Quest

Bug Fixes
  • Numerous significant improvements have been made to the stability of gameflow in both Single Player and Multiplayer. Please let us know if you run into any situation where the gameflow breaks and you cannot proceed.
  • VSync specifications are now correctly saved.
  • The Esc key now correctly dismisses the settings window. - Reported by DonL
  • The cursor no longer interacts with UI elements through the Game Guide. - Reported by sandor.clegane
  • Cards played during other Character’s turns no longer linger on-screen without explanation. - Reported by Iron Kaiser
  • Fixed an issue where the status feed goes blank.
  • Status Feed hovering tooltips protrude through the combat/peril screens.
  • Stolen/Discarded/Previously equipped cards no longer linger on-screen.
  • Status Feed entries no longer overlap.
  • Players no longer appear to run across the map when engaging in the Portal outcome from Exploring.
  • Banish (Spell) card animation no longer plays multiple times.
  • Lightning Strike (Spell) no longer causes a player to lose all of their action points if it’s not their turn.
  • Blizzard (Spell) flickering light effect no longer persists forever.
  • The King’s Castle no longer enters a state where it is permanently invisible.
  • The Obsidian Ring (Rat Clan) now correctly shows enemy quests.
  • Settlement clan banners now correctly face outwards.
  • Camera movement is now more precise when click+dragging.
  • The main soundtrack no longer restarts after engaging in tutorials and perils - Reported by Kobb
  • The mouse wheel no longer interacts strangely with Hero portraits in the character selection screen. - Reported by devoidwolf
  • Annnnd plenty of bugs that propped up internally during development of this build.

Known Issues

Functionality and Miscellaneous:
  • Plugging/Unplugging a USB audio device may cause the game to crash. - Reported by CatStoleTheCrown
  • LINUX: VSync options seem temperamental on Linux - if you don't want the default option, try to set VSync options directly on your driver if possible.
  • The majority of quest content is placeholder and many quest rewards are unbalanced. Quests will be undergoing a significant overhaul soon.
  • Shuffling of card order in player’s hand can result in unexpected/undesired ordering.
  • The ability “Peril Vision” has not yet been implemented.
  • Equipping an item while exploring may cause the gold cost to appear in the spotlight.

  • The multiplayer menu composition and content is predominantly placeholder. We have just included what’s necessary to get the game up and running.

Card Specific:
  • Encountering the Portal outcome from Exploring while under the effects of Disguise (Trickery) may cause the effect to dissipate.
  • Cursed Lands (Spell) has no visualisation.
  • Agent of Misfortune (Trickery) has no visualisation.
  • Game of Thorns (Trickery) animation is placeholder.
  • Cards stolen by Wandering Circus (Trickery) appear overlapped when received. - Reported by TofuFox

  • If you have extremely low video memory your client may crash or become unplayable and some visual elements may break completely. In attempt to avoid these occurrences, players with low video memory only have the option to play with low graphical settings. Examples of this include:
    • Card animations being replaced with random art assets.
    • Characters Combat animations being replaced with random art assets. - Reported by TheSpectralWolf
    • A graphical meltdown on game launch, breaking gameflow.
    • The notorious inescapable blue screen which breaks gameflow.
  • Quest Banners intersect awkwardly with each other, overhead icons and some characters such as Banes.
  • Thane may appear to have dappled lighting on his neck.
  • Thane has a texture seam down his back.
  • Sana has a texture seam down her back.
  • It is possible to see through Sana’s model during her death animation.
  • Some character’s eyeballs may become overly visible during moments of lower opacity (most prominent with Sana and Mercurio).
  • All Clan Grounds’ gates are one-sided and are invisible from some angles.
  • The King’s crown is one-sided and is invisible from some angles.
  • Swamp bubbles appear raised from the ground.
  • Characters may appear to battle charge in an incorrect direction if engaging in consecutive combats.
  • Clouds may appear with odd lighting
  • The edge of the land is visible when dragging camera to extreme limits. Far out, man.
  • Some characters do not smoothly connect weapons during their battle idle animations.
  • Cards disappear for a single frame before the burn animation is initiated.
  • Palace Peril screen currently contains placeholder images.
  • Palace Perils incorrectly contain the text “Play to 0” and have a gold price.

You may experience the following issues depending on your resolution:
  • Holding eight or more cards may obscure the character portrait and action points.
  • Some Amulets appear half off screen on the Rings/Amulets screen.
  • The Hero Shelf may overlap other UI elements.

Whoa! So yeah, they're some epic build notes! And I just know we've forgotten some. For sure! We'll update this if we remember any.

As always, more to be listed as we (or you!) find them.  Don't hesitate to use the Bugsender. We've crushed a stack of bugs that you all sent us. It's super valuable!

Don't forget that there's also conversations going on over at the Armello Steam Discussion boards! Jump on in!

Oh, and thanks to all of our Early Access beta testers for helping us iron out a bunch of kinks towards the end of dev on this mammoth update!

Alright, now to get back to working on v0.3.2. Yep! We've already started on the next update and it's gonna be bigger than this one! God help us all... :P

Thanks folks!

<3 Trent & the LoG Crew

Multiplayer / Armello Multiplayer 101
« on: October 18, 2014, 03:10:32 AM »
Hey everyone,

So the Armello multiplayer build is now live. Here are a few things to help you get started.

  • The game currently has no chat interface or communication methods in-game. We suggest you folks coordinate and get on skype, ventrillo or w/e for that stuff.
  • There aren't many Alpha backers, so although we've suggested times to play (see below) you'll may need to organise games with other backers. You can do that here on this board. Just create a new topic. :)
  • If you need Steam friends to play with, there's a thread here on the forums where peeps are trading Steam IDs. Also, there's a great steam group here ( that was started for Armello Backers. Check it out!
  • Expect there to be problems, at least for the first few weeks. Online multiplayer is a crazy multi-headed beast. We'll get there, but we opted to get you all into multiplayer sooner, as opposed to making you wait for it to be more stable. We figured this is one of the reasons you all signed up, eh?

Armello Online Game Times:

To try and get as many of us Armellians online at any one time for a game, if you do want to play, try to be online around 8pm. Since we're spread around the world, here's a little chart to tell you when people could be online playing Armello.

AEDT: 6am, 11am, 2pm, 8pm
BST: 1am, 4am, 10am, 8pm
EDT: 5am, 3pm, 8pm, 11pm
PDT: 2am, 12noon, 5pm, 8pm

If you can't get a game from joining public matches at these times (which tbh is probably very likely to happen until the Backer Beta opens) see if anyone's active on the forums or the Armello Steam group.

That's about it for now. More info/help coming. :)

Have fun! See you in Armello!

Armello Development / Introducing Scarlet, the Bandit King
« on: September 30, 2014, 03:37:00 PM »
Yo! Forum buddies! The Slacker Backer site has less than 48 hours to go, and so, here she is... our final bandit hero introduction. Meet Scarlet the Bandit King...    

Born to a noble family, Scarlet was thrust onto destiny’s path by her drunk, unrepentant father. Quite impressively both a wealthy merchant and a terrible gambler, one particularly unlucky night he bought his freedom with his daughter’s life. The victor of that card game was a dalmatian, whom the village folk called Slantfang. He was no ordinary dog, but King to one of the seven bandit tribes of Armello; the raiders of the Ashen Forest.

On the road back to camp, Slantfang’s convoy came came upon an old crone. Spotting Scarlet in shackles by Slantfang’s side, she prophesied that the child would be his undoing, one day rising above all odds to rule all. Slantfang, rich with arrogance, knocked the crone to the ground, leaving her by the side of the road as the convoy moved on, an incredulous, raucous laughter leaving with it.

Ripped from high society into the company of murderous forest ruffians, Scarlet was to become one of them. Now in Slantfang’s pack, she was thrust mercilessly into danger, death and a countless number of dishonourable deeds.

Life within the pack was never easy. Every time she found herself in the mud at the backhand of some hotheaded bandit battlemaiden, kicked out of the dinner line, or catching Slantfang’s seedy gaze, she would remember that old crone’s words… “above all to rule all.”

She learnt fast and soon found herself at home awaiting caravans, weapon at the ready. Naturally, her favourite targets were unscrupulous merchants and the fineries and jewellery she plundered from their caravans. By the time she had barely entered adulthood, Scarlet’s raids were a thing of legend and her usefulness and enthusiasm saw her flourish among the miscreants.

Then it happened, word came back from one of Scarlet’s raid parties that she had fallen in battle, her body taken by the King’s Guard as bounty. A hush fell over the camp that night.

Years and countless raids passed and before too long Scarlet was merely another lost champion recounted in fireside stories.

As time passes, change comes, and life for the Bandits was in flux. Animals whispered in hushed tones of a new Bandit King uniting the tribes under a single banner. If travellers’ tales were to be believed, three of the seven tribes had already sworn allegiance to this new king. Slantfang became uneasy and erratic as the legends quickly turned to rumours and the rumours became reports. He fortified his camp and bolstered defenses as news of this new king marched upon him. Who was this new Bandit King and what powers of trickery and malice did he possess in order to accomplish what no king of bandits had before him?

It was that night, in his very own tent no less, that Slantfang felt the distinct sensation of a blade pressed against his back. From behind him the blade’s owner spoke. A voice soft, yet strong and devastatingly familiar, recounted her journey to unite the six tribes before his. She informed him that the tent was now hers, that the animals of his pack had already pledged their allegiance and he would be lead him to the borders of the Ashen Forest, never to be seen again. The time for merciless old dogs had come to an end. “Soon,” she said, “our bandit brothers and sisters will find a place within this Kingdom, free from the need to pillage and plunder. All this and more, when I march upon the Royal Palace and the last King, the King of Armello, falls to our cause.”

And by her side, just out of Slantfang’s view, an old crone with glinting eyes watched on.

Does this sound like you, uniting the honourless in pursuit of a new hope, a chance at an honest existence? What do you think Scarlet's journey entailed when she was considered dead?

Don't let your friends miss out on the Bandit Clan! Send them to to and get them to back Armello now! There's just over one day remaining!

Armello Development / Introducing Sylas, Fisher of Souls
« on: September 26, 2014, 02:59:30 AM »
Let's take a look at Sylas, Fisher of Souls, a glimpse into not only his tragic past but his twisted path. And now, to meet the infamous otter himself...   

Unlike his father, it could never be said that Sylas was a hero. Mostly, he led a simple, fulfilled life. A taciturn fisherman, resolute and easy to anger, but skilled and quick of decision, reliant enough to be considered a river dog worth following. The rivers leading from the King’s grounds to the Eastern Marshlands, were bountiful and rich, and he, like his father before him, fished and defended the waters alongside his lodge.

It was desire that undid Sylas, not for gold or riches, but for something far more precious, for the riverways of the King’s hunting grounds held a fabled fish no otter had ever tasted. This ancient, legendary fish, scales of rainbow and eyes of gold, was said to have swam only in the crystal waters of the King’s hunting grounds.

Arguing that no man or ruler should ever have the right to claim such profound beauty, and in direct defiance of the King’s laws, Sylas stalked the royal riverbanks from dusk ‘til dawn, every night, until under a golden sun, the magnificent creature revealed itself and Sylas’ harpoon struck true. As he and his closest kin dined on that virgin pink flesh that night, the aromas left his holt and pierced the village air. For a moment he was a hero.

Then, the slaughter. A night of hideous terror as the King’s Guards gathered the village up into the hall, barred the doors and set it alight. Sylas, chained outside, watched as his entire lodge, his village, his father’s legacy, his family, everything he had ever cared for, turned to ash before his eyes.

Left for dead by the King’s Guard, Sylas began to waste away. Every semblance of joy in his broken heart now tarred with suffering. Then, somewhere in the darkness between life and death, a sinister whisper reached into his grieving soul and offered him freedom... but not without a cost.

Not long after, a travelling merchant happened upon the otter. Now it is too grim a tale to tell of the rage unleashed upon that poor soul who freed such anger incarnate. Perhaps the world would be a better place had Sylas not been freed. For the simple Sylas that once lived, was no more. Blackened by a stain so dark on his soul, Death himself stood in his place.

In the horrific tales that followed him as he made his way far from the royal grounds to bide his time, to reignite his father’s talents that lie deep within him and to explore darker, forbidden ways to augment his hatred, not once did they ever mention a desire for the throne.

Just four cold, hard words… The King must die.

So... who's gonna be playing as Sylas when the time comes?

Armello Development / Introducing Horace, the Iron Poet, of the Bandit Clan
« on: September 26, 2014, 02:55:24 AM »
Romantic, kick-ass badger with a bone to pick. Read on, backers!

Legends of this warrior were heard far and wide, long before his time in the Order of the Rose; a Bane cleaved clean in half, holding ground for five straight nights at the Battle of Herald’s Pass, the execution of the barbarian leader, Talon, and perhaps most famous of all... his defense and saviour of His Majesty the King, during the climactic moments of the Black Paw Plot.

To say that Horace the Iron Poet is legend, would be an understatement.

Long gone are those days. Animals forget, but Horace remembers. This old knight, loyal and true, remembers the night his brothers and his sisters of the rose betrayed him. This badger, bold with honour, remembers the morning that they came for him, ten deep, gold and blue, halberds at the ready. This master warrior and faithful servant to the Kingdom of Armello remembers the true King… the light before the darkness.

That night when Horace first raised concerns over the King’s health should now be distant memory, but long has he waited, patient, diligent, tending to his armour religiously; the last remaining bastion of the honour he once held. He bides his time indulging in the fairer arts. These, the softer, slower moments of life bring peace to his determined mind.

For when the time comes, Horace the Iron Poet, brother of the nine knights of the Order of the Rose, will cross the marble floor of the Royal Throne Room and banish the darkness that binds our King, his liege and battle brother.

Will you help Horace redeem his honour and save Armello? What kind of Hero Power would the Iron Poet have?

So, you backed the game, but... you don't have access to the backer-only forums.

Now, some would think that this is the time to panic, to get crazy, to set some shit on fire. Perhaps it is. Except that it isn't. Yayyyy!

There are two things that could be happening here...
1. You're a Kickstarter Backer.
  • If this is you, it's simple. Just make sure you registered on the forums with the same email address that you backed Armello on Kickstarter with. Then, wait a minimum of one hour. Voila! You will now have Backer privileges on the forums.
You're a Slacker Backer.
  • If this is you, it's not as simple, but still easy. Every week we update the forums with the Slacker Backer email addresses we get from Humble Bundle. Once this is done, you'll have backer privileges. If you simply can't wait, who knows, if you ask and you're nice enough we might update them just for you.

That's it.

But wait, I registered with the wrong email! Will the rapture come and purge me from the Earth? Am I forever banished to hell and will thus never know the sweet, sweet glory of a life with backer privileges?

No, gentle pilgrim. Calm yourself. You simply need to go to your profile and change your email address there. Then wait the period of time outlined above.

Hope that helps clear things up. Post here or send an email to admin(at)leagueofgeeks(dot)com if you still need help with your backer status. 



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