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Bugs! / [PC] [WIN10x64] Controller More Info Button Graphical Glitch
« on: November 06, 2017, 10:20:38 AM »
Controller More Info Button Graphical Glitch

Build Number: 


You can mouseover an underlined card in Chat or a Quest and it will show More Info normally, pasting an image of the card on the screen above the chat for as long as desired. On Controller, however, this is not functioning properly. Both me and my friend can reproduce that hitting the X button (the More Info button) on such a card will bring up the pasted card, but not remove it. In fact, the ghost image of the card will remain on the screen indefinitely. If you move the chat up or down, the card will follow directly above it. If you are in Combat, it will appear where it would be depending on the chat location before combat.

Moreover, let's say you More Info any other card: that card's image will not appear, but it's text will overlay the previous card's text. This implies:
1)  The first card you see More Info for in a game will be burnt into place the entire game.
2) The cards after the first that you see More Info for will only paste it's card text over the first card's text, burning new text on top of the old text. This results in this hellish amalgamation of chicken scratch in the card text area, disallowing you to review any card's text after being played.

Also, the burnt card covers several elements of the U.I.: the King's Decrees, parts of the game screen, most of the Quest info, etc.

Repro Steps:
1) Use a controller
2) Click X button on an underlined card in Chat or Quest
3) Notice card becomes fixed to the screen permanently
4) Notice X button on new cards burns text to previous card
5) notice card is attached to top of Chat


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