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Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Starting Hand
« on: September 10, 2017, 05:09:07 PM »
Totally agree with this, it does not seem to make any sense. Why can I draw my cards from my deck of choice on every turn, except for the first one? Apart from whether or not it makes sense, what's the reason for doing this at all? I do not see an upside to this approach over letting the player draw their own cards, where they can actually make meaningful decisions on which cards to draw based on their strengths and weaknesses. As is, it seems to be an unnecessary RNG element which can screw players over for no reason. In general I am strongly against replacing possible player decisions by a figurative dice roll for no reason.

I started to play this game as Sana, as I love the Spell deck which seems to have the most useful cards by far, and recently picked up Ghor to check him out. Bluntly put, he's too strong. It's simply a much better version of Sana, except of course fighting against Rotten creatures. However, this is more than made up by the fact many cards will literally be 0 Magic when Ghor is in any 3 patch Forest (i.e., -2 magic cost on every card). Look, I don't mind winning and I realize taking away his Stealth at night in forests is a huge deal (it really is, Stealth is amazing), but the investment other players have to generally make to get to him (in terms of AP) is usually not worth it, and for all you know Ghor will just Teleport out, Banish you away, or buff himself with Bark Skin. So either you go for him if he's on your path to a quest, but otherwise you'd just have to take the beating of getting nuked way more than against other spell casters. Again, I like it when I play him (free Spells  8)), but it just feels too broken.

I think the fact that you needed to take away stealth from a guy in a forest who actually IS a tree should have sounded some alarm bells :D If anything, a tree guy should obviously GAIN stealth when in a forest.

And yes, Ghor can surely lose when people are attacking him enough (his direct fighting capability is abysmal), but the problem is that generally speaking it's very hard to reach him, and you have many better things to do than hunt Ghor. Also, doing so opens up the map for the other 2 players.

Ghor would be perfectly fine if you simply (like other people suggested) give him a flat -1 Magic cost in any forest (regardless of # of adjacent forests), and give him stealth day and night in a forest (like I said, he's a tree, you cannot see him in a forest!). Remove the ability to cast to any forest, that only invites him to camp, and might make Ghor players actually consider going for Spirit to get some more range. It's unfortunate since I like Teleporting to a forest on the other side of the map with 4 Spirit but it's actually extremely strong as well :) He can simply cycle the Spell deck way too fast.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Amber Hero Power Suggestion.
« on: September 06, 2017, 06:10:38 AM »
I do agree Amber's power feels very underwhelming. If she's supposed to be a master of the dungeons, how about adding a non-RNG twist to some outcomes, something like (just throwing some ideas out there):

  • Bane: Amber decides where it will move (1 tile from Dungeon), rather than always attacking her (still an option, if you want to fight it). Amber will still retreat from Dungeon as it is now.
  • Portal: Amber decides to which Dungeon it will bring her (possibly too strong though)
  • Gold/Magic: Gives +X of the resource, Amber is good at finding stuff!

Some more options:
- Amber gains stealth on a Dungeon at night.
- Amber auto-matches X symbols on Dungeon Perils
- Amber gains +X <something> while on a Dungeon (Swords / Shields, perhaps even Spirit or Wits, take your pick).
- Amber has a passive Torch (not taking an item slot)
- Amber can play any Peril to Dungeons (e.g., a Peril that would only be playable to Swamp or whatever, she can play to Dungeons too).

There are so many non-RNG options to consider when giving her a power, I'd wish that would be done. There's already plenty of RNG in this game, which I understand to an extent but not when it's so easily avoidable :)

@Kletian999 I also like your idea of guaranteeing a treasure every Nth time you enter a Dungeon.

Build Notes / Re: Hotfix v1.9 (Patch 2)
« on: August 31, 2017, 05:35:41 AM »
Thanks for fixing the Quest Select bug!

As for the soft locks, a few days ago I experienced something similar, though it was more like a 5-10 minute freeze, with a "Waiting" dialog active. This was in Multiplayer. Had I known about the Send Bug-option in the main menu at that point I would have used it, but alas, I did not. I can therefore only provide you with a description and screenshot, where I included as many details as possible (this was taken during the freeze, had all the time in the world to take a good screenshot with expanded log, highlighted King health etc). If game logs are saved somewhere on disk please let me know, I'll try to retrieve it and update this post.

Situation: just after switch from Day to Night. I think I was the first player to act on each round, and wanted to quickly play a card out of my hand. This was during the Bane movements, as you can see in the log. However, the Bane movement was resolved but my card was not played, resulting in a seemingly endless "Waiting"-dialog. Eventually the card was played and the game resumed for some reason, but not before all other players left so I had to play it out vs AI unfortunately.

The screenshot is here:

Good luck with the further development of this game, and thanks for making it  :D

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