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Artisan's Alley / some armello headcanons!
« on: August 17, 2017, 07:36:46 AM »
this is mostly what i joined the board for: to share headcanons!

now im a huge lore nerd but im also not very observant sometimes so bear with me LOL

okay here we go

   1. the clans are groups of various species, but not all similar ones

my only exception to this one would be the rabbit clan being almost entirely burrowers.  the rabbit clan are essentially the dwarves of armello so it makes sense that all under their banner also spend most of their lives underground.  this can also include some families of rats, but the majority of rats are in the rat clan. 

ferrets, bats, opossums, and coyotes tend to make up the rat clan, as the overarching theme there is trickery and crime.  in various folklore, coyotes are typically trickster spirits, and i think that could mesh well with the rest of the rat clan.

the wolf clan, admittedly, is mostly wolves and dogs, but also includes many smaller cats!  smaller wildcats, domestic cats, and some mid-size cats too, like pumas and snow leopards.  this clan also includes lions, as they are social by nature

the bear clan, centered around the soul and balance with the wyld, is made up from all types of creatures.  i headcanon that feasibly any creature could join the bear clan, if they were devoted to the wyld.  notable populations include bears, large solitary cats (tigers, leopards, etc), deer, elk, caribou, and moose.

   2. the possibility of other countries, or societies outside of the kingdom of armello

while im sure each clan has its own territory and cities(given that there have been mentions of clan capitals), i think there would also be neighboring countries.  im not too sure what these nations might be made up of, population-wise, but ive noticed that armello itself tends to be mostly inhabited by mammals, but there are reptiles and amphibians as well, though in small amounts.  maybe the reptiles and amphibians are from other countries and immigrated to armello?  what if theres an avian nation?  the possibilities are endless!

   3. misc. headcanons

these are smaller, more personal headcanons that im not keen on debating, and they contain some possibly sensitive subjects.  just know that these are just my personal onion and im not going to force them on you.  i wont do that with any of my headcanons, but i feel the need to specify with this set

sargon is mute
thane is a trans guy
sylas has major ptsd
horace is gay
scarlet is nonbinary, and also suffers from ptsd
the stranger has no gender.  their gender died a long time ago when they should have
magna is a trans woman, and is also probably a lesbian
sana is also a trans woman, and is aromantic/asexual
barnaby, somehow, doesnt actually grasp the full weight of the power struggle in armello.  hes just there to kick ass and have a good time.  hes not a very effective leader
tail jewelry is in fashion.  any non-bear clan bear or other stumpy-tailed/tail-less animal is jealous

   4. shipping!

i lowkey really ship zosha and amber is that wrong >>;
i also friend-ship (haha geddit) thane and the stranger
magna having a little crush on sana is so cute to me
mercurio probably has a thing for zosha but zosha would murder him if he tried

so thats about it!  id love to hear some of yalls headcanons too! :D

Introduce Yourself! / im like hey whats up hello
« on: August 17, 2017, 06:18:12 AM »
whats up yall

my name is wirt and ive been playing armello for a good while now.  i absolutely love this game and ive sucked up all the lore i can find (and filled lots of gaps with headcanons :3c ).  i made a forum account so i could connect with some other armello fans and maybe share some headcanons, ocs, and strategies!

im an 18yo artist and i will d e f i n i t e l y post some fanart here (though lots of them will be shitposts, i assure you)

im also one of the two mods on which is a meme/shitpost blog specifically for armello!  feel free to send in submissions :D

anyway thats me, hope we all have fun here :3

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