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Furry here! Though not always actively. I consider myself an animal enthusiast first. To me, I don't go on a huge headtrip about it. Furry is simply the love of anthropomorphic characters, which I've loved since I can remember. So yeah, this game caught my eye immediatly for that reason. Ah, my fursona is a northern raven tho tbh I still need to make a comprehensive ref sheet. I occasionally do badges for people though, and might be opening up publicly soon. I also own a raven blank by Crystumes that I'm hoping to complete this summer.
So yeah. I'm a furry, animal enthusiast, fantasy lover, and artist.

Introduce Yourself! / Hail!
« on: May 06, 2017, 02:50:30 PM »
I'm really glad to have taken a chance and gotten this game. I saw it on sale one day and watched the trailer.. I couldn't resist buying it.  The art style is really cute but also reminds me of Redwall.  ^-^
I might post some fanart later!
Ahh not too sure what else to say...
If you want to know a bit about me I'm a freshman in college majoring in Illustration. I'm a furry but I'm not going to draw nsfw art of the characters, so don't worry. XD Im betting I'm not the only furry attracted to this game..
Also, I can talk your ear off about animals and ecology!

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