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Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Explode Pool Spell Cards?
« on: June 22, 2018, 10:04:33 AM »
So far, it seems anything buffing/reducing the explode pool will be mechanics only the item and trickery deck will have, so expect those two decks to be the ones getting anything to do with explode pool.

Basically, the stones can cleanse someone without killing them if they're hardy enough, but the king is different. The rot has rooted itself into the king to a point that he BECAME the main source of corruption in Armello. To cleanse Armello of rot would be to get rid of the source, the king.

Feedback & Suggestions / Amber's "Buff"
« on: December 14, 2017, 06:34:19 AM »
For all of those who don't play Amber, she got a "buff". What was this buff?
She now starts with 9 gold (8+1).

This feels extremely lazy. Like, 1 gold can make a huge difference depending on how gold starved the hero is at the beginning, but Amber isn't gold starved. She needs a new hero power. Sure this is "nice", but no one is going to play her, I bet people didn't even know until they read this post.

Wanna make Amber good LoG? Make her hero power better. It seems that you finally have come to the idea that Amber needs a buff, but +1 gold isn't going to do it.

Do we now? Not me. I love rot. I love the mechanics. I love that it's HARD to get rot, and hard to win with rot. It took me a long time to get a rot victory back when, which made it sweeter. Do I win less than if I went for the other win types? Probably! (Can I say that without sounding like an a-hole? Lol.) But it's FUN, and you might die a lot, and it depends a lot on RNG, but that's the game. RNG is a jerk. And frankly the recent update makes getting rot far easier, so in that sense people should be pleased.

Yes, RNG is apart of the game, but this victory condition needs even more RNG for a person to win. Only one hero makes rot an easy victory condition and that is Twiss (will explain later), but every other hero has to deal with something when it comes to the rot victory condition that they didn't have to deal with when it comes to Kingslayer.

...But I don't think anything about rot should be all that "reliable".

 Considering lore wise characters accept the rot for amazing powers while in-game the actual mechanic itself is complete garbage and the fact it has nothing reliable only shows how bad it is as a victory condtion.

My only concession is that quests should never be assigned to a stone circle. The nature of rot is you can't always control your rate or corruption, so suddenly being cut off from quests is not cool. 

Plan around it, according to your logic, that's another layer of challenge that you have to think about when doing rot victories.

Rot is hard. Getting enough rot to overtake the king is your primary goal. It's a feature, not a bug! Spirit Walker is generally an easier path, with a clearer way to victory, this is true.

Getting enough rot to overtake isn't your goal, your goal is to kill the king while you overtake him in rot.  Never said anything about bugs.

Bane Blade and Poppet though, have to disagree. I think you're going in assuming that all treasures that give rot should be super useful to corrupt characters. I don't think that's the reasoning, though. The cards are powerful, and they're dark. They should require a little bit of your soul to equip. For someone trying to avoid rot, they have a difficult choice when they pull Poppet or Bane Blade. For a player going for rot, it's an easy boon. Maybe you determine the tool itself is useless and you immediately equip over it, but hey, free rot! Not all cards are useful to all characters, and just because something gives rot doesn't mean it should automatically be a friendly card to rot lords.

All treasures that do give rot should give the player something useful, but when corrupted, poppet does only a tiny bit of work when shields would be better and bane blade's negative is too huge to justify using it.

If someone is avoiding rot, they don't have a difficult choice to make, they simply ditch the two treasures because they don't want the negatives rot brings and rot players equipping those two treasures don't get "boons". Bane Blade does massive chip damage to it's wielder on top of whatever swamp and dawn damage that has built up over the course of someone's life and poppet does nothing to help the rotlords achieve their victory condition, so it's pretty bad.

And while I understand that not all cards are useful to all characters, rot cards should be amazing for rot lords. They took the risk of going rot and should be rewarded with it, but currently there is no reward.

You get the satisfaction of a job well done! Okay, I jest...but not really. The reason you go for rot and your reward for winning with rot is rot victories are really tough and if you get one you're a rockstar. You took full advantage of what RNG gave you, good and bad. Like any other win. But you had extra challenges to get there via rot, heaps of em! So you get extra cookies. Disgusting, rotten cookies made from the tears of your enemies. How is that not satisfying?

Rot Victories are tough, but unlike kingslayer, it's unfair. You don't take advantage of any RNG you see, you use whatever RNG you get thrown towards you, you don't have the option to pick and choose what RNG comes your way with a Rot Victory.
Sure, you have 1 challenge, a challenge of patience. Do you keep going for rot in hopes that you'll pull what you need or do you ditch it while you still can? More often then not I go forward and usually end up fighting the king with less rot or equal to what he has.
And no, you don't get extra cookies. You get the same amount of cookies everyone else got.
How is all this not satisfying? After 760 hours of playing Armello and getting a rot victory with every character at least once (Not Ghor, hate the character)The satisfaction of winning isn't there any more. It doesn't exist. You praise yourself for getting that hard earned victory until you realize that rot victories require a massive amount of luck to pull off.

When they were just buffed to not be useless? If anything, buff Banes, a little. Maybe.
Guards got a massive damage buff and can now wall you in the early-mid game phase depending on your hero. That's why I asked for them to get nerfed.

I like the idea of getting extra health for extra killing, but with a cap. If all goes well, with 6 or 7 body and several banes on the board you could quickly become nigh unkillable in the endgame. I'm intrigued but would personally cap it at +2.
Banes don't live on the board long enough for you to take advantage of that very specific situation. They usually die to Guards at morning and if they don't, they tend to be far apart from the other banes due to them going after settlements.

Do not love the idea of lowering the rot threshold. It's easier than ever to get rot (if you don't believe me you're not playing Sargon enough). I think the balance is just right. And banes being hit or miss early on is part of the...uh, charm...of going for rot. 

It's not easier then ever to get rot. It got a tiny bit easier with 3 cards someone could realistically play and 1 card that only casters will be able to play, that doesn't help as much as you think it does and funny thing is, I don't play Rot Sargon. He's not an amazing character to go rot for a number of reasons.

Poor stats for rot, low survival rate outside of combat, and if you're running evade, you're 100% reliant on HRW or Strategist to attack the king, which you might not even get. Not to mention you get a destroyed if a guard or another hero is in your way.

The hero that's amazing for rot is Twiss. Amethyst allows her to cycle cards faster and has near infinite magic due to the ring. Not to mention she has amazing strats for what she is AND her king fight after she overtakes is exactly like a king fight with using a high fight character which means she can mitigate the misses with burns. If you're not using Twiss, then you're playing intentional rot games wrong.

But rot has always been High Risk, Dubious Reward. And personally, I like it that way.
Rot has no reward at all. It's High Risk ; No Reward.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Poison Dagger fix
« on: October 20, 2017, 07:00:00 PM »

Why wouldn't this be useful against the titans?  The poisoned debuff in my opinion is one of the worst debuffs in the game, as it forces you to either take 3 damage or do nothing for several turns.  If you are having a hard time getting past the shields for less combat focused characters a poison debuff can at least whittle them down, or at least be a great annoyance.  A poisoned gift is quite effective in my opinion, and having more ways to spread the poison is a good thing.

Because to proc the effect you have to get into a fight with them and most of the time they are packing 8+ dice and decent equips. So right away you're putting yourself at a very dangerous situation for the sake of doing 1-4 damage to them.

Next thing is healing stuff. There are 12 cards in the game that can heal compared to this 1 card for a special effect so any of those healing cards would more or less cancel out the poison effect or reduce the damage by a lot more then what you intend it to be.

And not to mention, unless your corrupted, you're losing a dice to make this work and if you're not Thane, you're relying on items to make this work and all that takes up space that you could be using for other cards.

I'm going to also add the fact you made the "Ember" effect stronger then the actual card itself which is a very poor way to handle that type of mechanic. If someone were to make something like that, then you want the "Ember" effect to be weaker then the card by a large amount due to burning being a required thing in Armello for every game.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Commendations
« on: October 20, 2017, 06:49:29 PM »
It's a huge bummer when someone doesn't give a commendation.

I don't care for commendations...

Something's up with that statement.

I don't think anyone should be forced to give a commendation. Commendations is something a player gives another out of respect and if you're forcing someone to do that, then it take the whole point out of the system.

Personally, I give commendations to those who played well and I wouldn't mind playing with again. For example, If I lose a king fight and DKO, I don't give the commendation to the winner because they didn't win of their own skill, they won because I messed up, or the more likely reason: I got unlucky.

However, if someone were to legitimately stop me from winning the game with actual strategy instead of just spamming, then that would warrant a commendation.

Players shouldn't be punished. Their commendation shouldn't be forced given as it takes away what the system is about, and if everyone gets 1 commendation, then that would be a massive exploit in the system as players could farm levels even faster.

Bugs! / Sana Prologue Bug.
« on: October 06, 2017, 03:07:49 PM »
Build Number:  v1.9.1

Platform:  Steam

Description:  When Sana achieves something in the prologue, her staff glow causes a visual issue.

Repro Steps:  Just collect the spirit stone at the beginning of Sana's prologue.


Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Poison Dagger fix
« on: September 22, 2017, 08:14:43 AM »
A Piercing Poison hit would be pretty impressive. I imagine low-fight characters using something like Longbow or Hand Cannons in tandem with this ember effect. Having burned so many cards to do really only the most pitiful damage, but still getting in that Poison effect, gives non-melee heroes a chance to have some kind of meaningful combat against titans like Horace, Brun, and Magna.

Also, it's a way to punish Twiss for her sins, which I'm always in favor of! ^___^

A piercing poison hit wouldn't be impressive as it would always hit when you have pierce through Silver Lance, Iron Pike, or Thane. Lonbow and Hand Cannons wouldn't proc the effect due to it being "Swords with Pierce".

And you still wouldn't be able to have meaningful combat against titans, it would be like a bee stinging a person. They would get hurt, but you would still die.

Also the only hero that can punish twiss in combat is Thane and that still wouldn't change and not to mention this is still a one time thing.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Rot's Major Issues and Solutions to said Issues
« on: September 17, 2017, 05:52:53 PM »
In my opinion, one advantage of trying to gain rot is the fact that you have access to the entire card pool, for the better in my opinion. 

It wouldn't be advantageous for a player with no or low rot to play cards that gain rot for two reasons.  Firstly the damage at dawn is quite annoying and avoiding it is generally a good move if you can avoid it.  Secondly, having low amounts of rot will put you at a disadvantage in rot battles, where you will give your opponents free dice.  This means that when a player gains a single point of rot, they should gain as much rot as possible.

Instead of changing the rot system, I think that making the rot cards better would do a lot to help rot victories.  Leech and Syphon are 2 newer cards that help rot players immensely, helping them gain more rot and counter one of the downsides of rot.

Everyone has access to the same cards, it's just that people going rot have more of a reason to play those cards over pure players.

Pure players have stone circles to counter dawn damage. And while yes, low rot does give others advantage, you usually have something Banes and the King don't have ; equips. You get a huge variety of equips that a lot you to anywhere from tanky to a glass cannon, you're 3 equips is usually enough to offset this downside if you're at 3 rot or below.

Gaining 1 point of rot doesn't mean you should just go for it, you should try to avoid as many sources as possible in the case you get 1 rot. The only reason you would go rot is because you got an influx of rot costing cards. if you try to go rot otherwise you will most likely fail.

While I do agree making rot cards better is a way to make rot better, changing some of the very poor mechanics is greatly needed as currently rot is 0% positive and 100% negative in it's overall outcome. And yes, Leech does help a bit, but Syphon is really bad. It cost way too much. Both cards don't really change rot overall as much as you think it does. And neither Leech or Syphon counter any downsides at all.

I don't agree with your statement that the King fight, at least not fully.  Yes the king can steal the dice that miss for you but let's look at some statistics.  Usually by the time you fight the king you will have at least 7 rot, beating the kings 6 rot.  Even with no equipment you will gain 6 dice, putting you at an immediate advantage.  Statistically speaking 2 of the 6 dice will be attacks, 1 of 6 will be a defense, 1 of 6 will explode, and 2 will miss, giving the king 2 extra dice of your six.  However statistically you will gain more than you lose, with 3 hits and one defense, and give the king a possibility of 2 extra symbols provided nothing explodes.  In my opinion that is a pretty good scenario especially when you throw in equipment. 
Even though the king will leech some of your dice I don't feel it is quite enough to make the advantage you gain from rot null.

You're statistics don't apply here. There is no average number for rot vs the king as the status itself is highly varied from game to game for both the player and the king. A high number of dice in the king fight isn't an advantage as you put it. In a straight roll, you will either get walled or berserked due missing about 5 dice with a 12 dice average because an explosion is basically +1 die.

And the king has a 7 dice at base. With +5 dice from misses, that makes it 12. The king will explode at least twice making that 14 dice with only missing 2 dice making it at least 12 value as a statistic. That's more then your 7.

You don't have an advantage in the king fight while corrupted and overtaking. The "advantage" will come down to burns and equips that you have which everyone has access to.

In the wild walker update, the devs actually made it possible for corrupted players to enter stone circles, however at a hefty price of 1 damage for every rot, making it possible but certainly not practical.  However I am fine with this because it feels a bit much more thematic.  Stone circles shouldn't t be a mild inconvenience, they make names cower in terror so having a adventurer move across them at the cost of 2 life just feels wrong. 

I agree rot quests could probably be overhauled for a good effect.

Perhaps additional healing might be ok, but perhaps you could space it out a bit as to not make rot too powerful.  Also the additional healing might not be as necessary with the addition of a couple new rot healing cards that work quite well.

I'm not fine with that as you still die. Unless you are on the the crisp of corruption (5) you will always die to it without outside influence and even with my suggestion of -2 health on enter, that isn't mild at all. That's 1/3 of most heroes' health which is a lot especially with chip damage from dawn and swamps and any spells players play to you.

Lore wise Stone Circles aren't anyone or anything. Corrupted beings just move around them. And if your "Adventurer" is corrupted, they aren't an adventurer any more, they are a Rot Lord.

My "Healing by Killing Chart" isn't too strong. It helps a lot for rot, but it isn't broken as they would get +1-2 most of the time. And I rather have additional healing passively rather then from new cards as passive effects are much stronger then any card.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Rot's Major Issues and Solutions to said Issues
« on: September 16, 2017, 11:53:41 AM »
Fair enough, still, there could be mechanics that tie Rot more towards Poison by making the latter more viable in Rot builds and what not in order to make both ideas more appealing.

Making poison strong for Rot doesn't really change much because again, only three things : Poisoned Dagger, Snake Venom, and Reaper's Trident.

If rot is going to get better then it needs more general buffs that target it all the time instead of very specific situations.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Rot's Major Issues and Solutions to said Issues
« on: September 15, 2017, 03:07:09 PM »
Hey what if instead of discarding Poison cards, one can rework Poison in a way that benefits Rot players, in that they could have an increased chance of piercing through shields depending on their Rot value? Would that also be a good incentive for going Rot?

Not really as there is very few sources of in-game poison for combat.

Snake Venom and Poisoned Dagger would still be really bad, but it would break Reaper's Trident in such a way.

Imagine having 3 silver lances all the time. Silver lance is already strong as that means you can usually push anyone you want, but with Reaper's Trident you're basically killing anything you fight which is honestly a bit unfair in that very specific scenario,

That wouldn't make rot viable, it would just make Reaper's Trident busted.

Feedback & Suggestions / Rot's Major Issues and Solutions to said Issues
« on: September 10, 2017, 07:38:55 AM »
Rot's Major Issues and Solutions to said Issues

As we all know, Rot is terrible. The mechanics, the rewards, the treasures, the negatives, and the banes. They are all significantly weaker then any thing in-game. It's a terrible mechanic that is only in the game via lore reasons. To put it simply, this wouldn't fly in the game if it didn't revolve around it. Rot has many problems and I will go over most if not all of 'em. I want to make this post to show everyone, especially LoG that Rot needs to changes, especially after their disappointing update of 1.9.


 Banes are the first thing many players see related to rot and they are horrible under powered compared to their Guard counterpart. They rarely survive the day after they spawn and are only an issue early game to low fight heroes like Amber and Ghor. This prevents players from reliably getting rot from banes and the heavy RNG based rolls banes have prevent players from reliably death warping on banes even while giving banes a 4 dice advantage and that also prevents them from gaining rot.


Corruption overall doesn't work. It's heavily RNG reliant, even more so then any other victory condition in Armello to date. The most reliable way to get corrupted is by the spell deck, but you need a minimum of 4 spirit for the most reliable rot victories and even then that's very iffy. By being corrupted you lose access to Stone circles which can heavily influence pathing and gets rid of the counter to dawn damage and on top of that, that chip damage stacks overtime making it real easy for anyone to kill a corrupted person after a day or two.

When you get corrupted, you aren't even guaranteed to have an advantage over the king, in fact, you could be at a MAJOR disadvantage just because you don't overtake him, so the race never ends unlike it's counterpart ; Spirit Walkers, which always have an advantage against the king and only have one real negative, but actually have benefits unlike Corruption and being a Spirit Walker is easier to achieve due to quest and constant spawning.


The cards that are related to rot are extremely weak in comparison to others in the same category for apparently no reason. Three examples are: Poisoned Dagger, Bane Blade, and Poppet.

Poisoned Dagger rarely has its ability proc'd because Pure players won't use it due to it costing rot and Rot Lords can only use 8 cards for the effect without touching rot gain, which they desperately need. Every other item is better then this card simply because they give something of benefit to the person wielding it, this card doesn't.

Bane Blade is an extremely punishing card with a good effect. This really hurts players for having it in the long run as constant fighting can cause them to die by the very item they equipped. This can be heavily exploited by other heroes to simply by pass them. Even without it's heavily punishing effect, it's still not very good, so why keep it equipped after the rot gain? You have no reason to.

Poppet is a rot card that cost rot, but Rot Lords can't use it. They pretty much kill anything with their rot bonus and rather have shields in place of Poppet. Pure players can use it, so that's plus for pure players, but as a Rot related treasure, it's bad for the playstyle its suppose to support.

High Risk ; No Reward

The way Rot is presented would seem like a "High Risk ; High Reward" type of playstyle. You undergo all these negatives and a heavy reliance on RNG and it would seem the game, in return would throw a bone your way to celebrate you going through the challenge, but the game doesn't. Rot does not have a single reward in-game and getting +1 health isn't a reward, it's padding ; something that could be good, but with the way it's treated isn't, and is simply there so it could be pointed at and called a reward by LoG.
You want to make Rot good or at least viable? Give players something to hold onto when corrupted, because right now they don't have anything to call their own unlike Spirit Walkers.


Right now, Rot quest are extremely weak reward wise and that's even if you can manage to get a rot quest at all simply due to how RNG heavy rot gain is. When you do eventually get a Rot quest in-game, if it's not a stat the person needs, most will skip it. Sure, some may go for the +2 rot out of desperation, but if that fails, then you are in a world of trouble due to having  a +1 in an area not needed/wanted and no +2 rot.
These quest have to actually reward the player with something unique other then +2 rot as they can't pick the +2 option before corruption.

The King and the Victory

Lets say you did everything right. You overtook the king, got good equips, and attacked him. At this point the fight can go two ways ; you either outright destroy the king or he outright destroys you. He can only do this because of Pride's Edge which turn your misses into dice for him which your bound to miss dice, people usually throw 7-12 on average due to you getting a massive chunk from having an advantage over the king.

If you lose then it goes to prestige leader as you killed the king ; no questions about it, OR you won. RNG was in your favor and you managed to kill the king without dying. So, what do you get from that? Tell me what you get from that.

Nothing. You went through Armello hell to get this "Rot Victory" and it's nothing special. Now answer me this, would you go for the "Rot Victory" if that was no longer a victory condition?

Let's say its now called Kingslayer, because that's basically what it is. Would you still go through all that trouble of getting corrupted, overtaking, and fighting a riskier fight for a "Kingslayer" victory condition with the only difference being a stack of dice? Odds are a person wouldn't. They would rather take the less riskier option and just go a normal Kingslayer with 0-1 rot. You have a higher chance of not dying and a higher chance of not missing due to burns covering most if not all the dice you entered the fight with and therefore a higher chance at winning.

Point is, no one would go for the "Rot Victory" if it wasn't called a "Rot Victory" and that shouldn't be the only reason to go for said victory.

Solutions and Suggestions.
This second portion of the post is mainly to address each of these major problems one by one and give reasonable solutions for them that would make Corruption unique for better, not for worse.


Their main problem is King's Guards as they can't even fight them at night and live.  So nerf Guards.


Make it to where stone circles don't instantly kill someone on entrance if corrupted, make them take -2 damage with no healing, but if the corrupted being ends their turn in a stone circle or is pushed into one, they die instantly. This way they don't lose access to 1/10th of the board from a status change.

Corrupted people don't take damage from swamps and therefore reduces the huge amount of chip damage they already receive.

Make Corruption take effect at 4 rot instead of 5, so it isn't as RNG heavy and they can get access to rot quest sooner.  In addition to that, Banes should start at 3 rot, so corrupted players immediately have an advantage over Banes instead of it being a potential hit-or-miss while just starting to be corrupted.

Make their healing from killing scale with how much damage they do.
Killing = +1
Overkill = +2
Slaughter = +3
Annihilation = +4
Humiliation = +5
This would turn Banes into a reliable source of healing for them via dice chunks from rot advantage. This also applies to the King and Banes, but both of them rarely achieve anything above an overkill, so they would get +2 health at the very most.


This may sound crazy to LoG, but what about making Rot related cards have tier two effects? If the card has a natural rot symbol, it's stronger on corrupted people then on a pure person. Now I don't have an idea for what EVERY rot related card tier two effect should be, but the general feel is that they should have an extra effect or no negatives if played by a corrupted being, this would give people to have a legitimate reason to go rot.

Going rot would open up a new section of cards to use and they would be much stronger then a pure player using it.
And no, the cards don't give more rot and they would be purely positive effects that enhance the current ability of the card.

High Risk ; No Reward

If all the previous ideas were implemented in the game, then Corruption would have a Reward and still be High risk.
Dawn Damage, Stone Circle Threats, Overtaking King would still be challenges they would have to overcome on their way to the throne.


Make Rot quest give unique rewards besides +2 rot. It honestly should be given and I'm surprised it isn't.

Like, give them a Bane follower for completing the "Dark Leader" rot quest.

Give them a "King's Blood" passive for completing the "Bane Blood" quest which disables the King's Pride's Edge due to the weapon not being able to harm the King.

And many more ; 10 more to be exact, but that's its own post for a different time, this is just a suggestion for a system like that , which opens a new world of Armello for corrupted players.

The King and the Victory

Lets say all these changes make it through. In the end, the King fight is still a fight and at the end of the day is still a Kingslayer with an extra chunk of dice, but if the experience is unique and the journey isn't a pain to go through, then I could live with it being what it is.


Yes, I do know that you don't flat out die from Stone Circles under certain circumstances, but for all purposes you're dead as you end your turn because anything damage related that is played to you is most likely going to kill.

(More disclaimers might appear here later.)

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Amber Hero Power Suggestion.
« on: August 30, 2017, 06:43:11 AM »
I don't think you quite understand the ramifications of that ability. What you're essentially proposing is a "Choose your guaranteed reward" ability. That kind of power is would be unreal in this game. Not only could it be used to abuse quest rewards for items and party (which always offer something good, even if it's not always the best), but you could abuse it for quick spirit stone victories. Part of the struggle in Armello is not knowing what happens next, and making decisions to guard against failure while also pushing forward and working with what little you get. Guaranteed quest rewards break that.

I know the ramifications quite well, that is why I'm suggesting the ability and no, the power wouldn't be "unreal". When you say it "could be used to abuse quest rewards" doesn't make much since. The power is guaranteeing quest rewards. Also, Bane's Claw, Wyld's Talisman, Mirror Cape and Royal Pardaon say hi in regards of "something good".

Also, the struggle in Armello isn't about not knowing what happens next, but more so dealing with the massive amount RNG the game throws at you. The moments where you have little to no control and trying to deal with that which can be really frustrating. Guaranteed quest don't break that, they help you a tiny bit with RNG, but nothing extreme.

Something like "+10% chance of winning dangerous option" would be more fair and balanced.

+10% chance would be a terrible ability for anyone. It's entirely RNG reliant which is never good and the only hero that has to deal with a 100% RNG hero power right now is Amber.

Amber's ability is fine as it fits how she's meant to be played; with frequent dungeon detours. Don't underestimate having extra gold or magic, and the odd treasure/party member.

Amber's ability isn't "fine as it is." It's 100% RNG relaint. It's the only ability in the game that has the chance of never being proc'd. Elyssia is literally a better Amber in every way shape and form simply because of 1 thing ; she actually has a hero power.
And Amber's power doesn't give her extra gold or magic, that's still entirely RNG on those dungeon rolls and I've gotten more treasures/followers from dungeons as Amber simply from rolling the dungeon without her ability proc'ing.
Her ability doesn't do anything for all. You have a very slight chance of getting something from her hero power...but it's not worth it especially if it can go multiple games without being proc'd.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Amber Hero Power Suggestion.
« on: August 30, 2017, 06:27:22 AM »
Interesting idea, but perhaps a bit tricky to implement. She's a 'lucky rabbit' - maybe her power could be buffed to benefit her not only in dungeons, but also grant a +10% to all of her quest chances instead.

A power that is entirely RNG reliant and has no chance of helping her at all. No.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Small Card Changes.
« on: August 29, 2017, 01:46:51 PM »
They've gone on record saying the deck is supposed to have some bad cards to challenge the player to empty their hands.  The whole ROT system for uncorrupted people is usually dead card burning.


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