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Artisan's Alley / Re: Lizard Clan Concept
« on: April 30, 2018, 01:49:31 PM »
Cute characters! This is a pretty original idea, since we see a few lizards on the cards but don't know what clan they belong to. If you read The Far Seeker novella, frogs were part of a fallen clan, so maybe this also included lizards at one point too!

Hey I am willing to sell/give the concept to League of Geeks, just gotta wait for them to respond to my obvious genius ideas  :V

Artisan's Alley / Lizard Clan Concept
« on: February 22, 2018, 03:02:26 AM »
Man it's been forever since I've used the Armello forums, last time I did was... Well... during my previous round of hero concepts (located here: I mean 2017 I spent most of my time promoting a Train that punches people in the name of justice into a hero shooter (don't ask), and 2018 has been spent on just as questionable on a project (also don't ask). But last week I was messing around with some Armello ideas and how they could be implemented and finished them all up last night. And while it may not be perfect or ever actually get ingame, I decided to share it anyhow...


(Lizard Clan Symbol)

My Fellow Kin,

"A long time ago we once approached the barriers of Armello. We tore down their walls, bested their armies, and stormed their castle. It was there, however,  where we were single handily stopped by their King, who's magic and strength halted our conquest and took away my sight. However on that day I caught the scent of corruption lingering, and it has festered and grew inside his "Majesty". Now is our time to strike, he may have taken my sight, but we shall take his crown!"

- Warchief Sisamai

Unique Rings:  (yes folks I even made rings for these guys, humor me)
Black Diamond - Destory any Moon Stones you get, Gain +1 Prestiege
Red Jasper - First Card Burned in Battle always explodes
Malachite - Gain +1 in a Random Stat when you heal till the end of your turn
Rhodonite - Start with +1 Rot, fill in all Rot Symbols in Perils


Name: Geryon
Species: Komodo Dragon
Weapon: Trident
Clan Affinity: Dusk

A self-proclaimed royal with a vile appetite

Ability - Wyld Glutton: Whenever you kill a character and live, gain all spell buffs they had until the end of your next turn

Fight: 4
Body: 6
Wit: 3
Spirit: 3


Name: Auryon
Species: Frilled Lizard
Weapon: Crossbow
Clan Affinity: Dawn

A hunter renowned for her elaborate traps

Ability - Trapmaster: Gain +1 Prestige whenever an enemy hero fails one of your perils

Fight: 3
Body: 4
Wit: 6
Spirit: 3


Name: Dolon
Species: Chamelon
Weapon: Twin Daggers
Clan Affinity: Dusk

A rogue assassain who always catches his targets off guard

Ability - Surpise Attack: The first hero you attack each Dawn/Dusk is Ambushed (Can not be negated)

Fight: 6
Body: 4
Wit: 4
Spirit: 2


Name: Zeva
Species: Gecko
Weapon: Fencing Sword
Clan Affinity: Dawn

A cocky lizard who rigs fights in her favor

Ability - "Fair Fight": When Defending, combine both players initial fight dice and split them evenly

Fight: 2
Body: 5
Wit: 5
Spirit: 4

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Suggestion for the 4th wolf clan hero WIP
« on: September 28, 2016, 02:44:49 PM »
Glad to see others making hero concepts and it not just being me

And frankly I like the idea of the magic wolf hero you guys have been conjuring (hue) up,  but frankly my only complaint would be the weapon, I mean if you were a more magic based hero would it really make sense to use a spear and shield? Now I am not saying go for magic wand/staff but something more "magic" and less "metal" if that makes any sense...

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: New Achievement suggestion..
« on: September 28, 2016, 02:36:03 PM »
Here's some ideas I have had with the new heros

Elyssa : "Rabbit's Craftsmanship" - As Elyssa, Fortify 4 Settlements before the 5th Dawn

Sargon: "Four of a Kind" - As Sargon, draw 4 cards that have the same symbol in one turn

Ghor: "Forest Wrath" - As Ghor, Cast 5 spells in one turn using less than 3 magic

Magna: "Immovable" As Magna, reflect 3 attacks in a row

Okay I have read a little more and want to give some thoughts on the suggested powers. I think I like Bardolf and Ayla´s the best. Bardolf´s is simple but useful while still being different from scout (just as palisade wall is similiar to Elyssas power but not exactly the same). Having extra means to heal yourself is nice and promotes taking extra risks.

Akane is a really good idea in theory but extremely random due to there only being a single card that makes a settlement terrorised. Ella´s power seems a little...dull, for a lack of a better word.

But mostly I am really impressed with your work here.  :)

Thanks, concepts are kinda my specialty somehow, and I will admit Ella's power(s) were kinda difficulty for me to work well with. And while yes there is only one card that can terrorize a settlement it is not like that is the only way it can be terrorized  (Banes, King's Order's) which means playing your cards right you can get alot of magic rolling in for you to spend... Just thought it'd make sense for a insane rabbit that has bombs (which funnily enough makes sense for the rabbits to have bombs since they are inventors and did create the Hand Cannons which are basically guns...).

Funny thing is that Ayla's Power isn't even that original, it's just a slightly altered version of another Armello thing I worked on that I kinda stopped when I realized that it was getting way to complex and would have an even lower chance of getting ingame unlike these concepts which have a 0.0001% chance.

Maybe so, but it'll help us to know which stat you'd lower for them to fit the mold properly.

Well, if I were to pick, I'd would say

Lower Bardolf's Spirit by 1

Lower Akane's Wit by 2

Lower Ella's Wit and Spirit by 1

and Lower Ayla's Body and Spirit by 1

That way they'd all have 16 total like the others

I just did a quick glance and while the characters seem pretty nice (and I  haven´t seriously considered yet how their powers may affect gameplay) a potential balancing problem I foresee is that for all the other heroes the stats for fight, with, spirit and health always adds up to 16. For your characters it goes up to 17 and sometimes even 18, making them seem overpowered.

Well, since you did a glance I would like to remind you of a note I mentioned and the end of the first concept for the Wolf clan

"Note: Tekron isn't good with numbers, so the stats are just there to give an idea as to what it would be in general."

Introduce Yourself! / Re: Greetings people of Armello, I am Tekron!
« on: September 06, 2016, 11:13:45 PM »
Hey, welcome aboard !
Although i don't play Smite, i'm sure i've seen this very picture somewhere on the interwebs. Definition of fame right here :]

It's something alright... thankfully I have gotten a head start in concepts and have already made 4 hero concepts for Armello (see here:

Greetings and bienvenue I am your host VV Argost Lord Tekron, some weird guy on the internet that got a demonic bunny into a Moba game as a cosmetic skin for a hindu demon...

But my main favorite thing to do is creating Concepts for games, mainly playable concepts, and whether or not they get added to the game, it always is nice to give people ideas for what they could do/what could be ingame. And frankly I thought I'd give it a shot with Armello since I got it and have been enjoying it since (got the Usurpers DLC day one but alas didn't know of it during kickstarting so never got the Bandits DLC). And as such I have created 4 heros, one for each clan, to share, have people discuss/think of their own concepts, and of course for that 0.0001% chance of a company deciding to actually create them and put them ingame.

And since I don't know where else to put them and frankly this looks like the best place of the forums to put them in then it seems fine by me!

But never the less... Let's begin!

For the first hero concept we have the Wolf Clan!

Ability - Wyld Eye: Cannot be Ambushed
Weapon: War Axe
Fight: 4
Body: 6
Wit: 3
Spirit: 4

Now, the Wolf Clan has it pretty easy, the idea was simple and since their abilities usually help battle based I gave Bardolf one that makes it so he can never be ambushed. That way he always has a fighting chance if he accidentally gets into a fight with a stealth target. As such to make the ability fit, I decided to give him a blind eye that has been enhanced by the Wyld so he can always be on aware of his surroundings. Now that doesn't mean he has permanent scout like if you played the Goblins Game, so don't think you can see everything.

Note: Tekron isn't good with numbers, so the stats are just there to give an idea as to what it would be in general, also I am not doing starting gold because frankly I don't know what decided what for that and am not bothering to think of that.


Next up is the Rabbit Clan, now funny story, the Rabbit Clan is my least played clan in general, so when making one, I thought "What would work with the rabbits shtick that would also ad a bit of interest to the game" Well one dose of crazy juice and we got the little concept

Ability - Anarchy: Gain +1 Magic every Dawn/Dusk for every Terrorized Settlment
Weapon: Hooked Gauntlet/Bombs
Fight: 5
Body: 3
Wit: 6
Spirit: 4

Now I know what you are thinking "+1 Magic EVERY DAWN AND DUSK?" What kind of drugs are you on?

Long story short; Onion Rings

And another thing is that is for every Terrorized Settlement, which early game isn't exactly easy to take advantage of as all towns are neutral and with guards attacking banes along as other heros it becomes more of a mid/late game where most people are ignoring towns unless they have a quest there since people will mostly be rolling in gold or have a full set of items. This also adds a somewhat polar opposite to the Rabbit Clan who are known for their craftsmanship and have someone that is more on the destructive side of thing. Plus with a weak starting game body he can easily be taken down if he is not weary.


Now for the Rat Clan concept, here is things started to get a bit, tricky, the idea was that to make things more interesting each clan concept would have their hero be of the gender that was the least of, so the Wolf and Rabbit Clan had 2 females and 1 Male, the concepts would be male. But with the Rat Clan and Bear clan, I went with female since their gender ratio is a 1 Female and 2 Males. Rat Clans had it difficult (and we will get to Bear's in a bit), but I feel like I did an, okay job and was satisfied with what I made. So here she is...

Ability 1 - Pirates Treasure: Plus +1 Dice in combat and perils for every Treasure Equipped/In Hand
(couldn't decided which one would work, so I instead am showing both just to show people each possibility and have them think what could work)
Ability 2 - Treasure Hunt: Bonus Chance of finding Treasures during quests or dungeons
Weapon: Cutlass/Hook
Fight: 5
Body: 4
Wit: 4
Spirit: 5

Yep, it's a pirate rat... Frankly I know it seems like an odd choice, but Zosha is basically a ninja when you think about it and Sargon is known as "The Death Teller", so it's not that far fetched if you ask me. And frankly with the 2nd possible Ability being to similar to Amber's, but at the same time being different as it only effects Treasures and effects Quests as well. I thought I'd leave it there. But franky she was easy to do compared to the Bear Clans.

Fun Fact: I love the Bear Clan, they are my most played Clan and each one I like paying, from Sana's "Bane Vaporizer", to Brun's "That's cute, imma bear and will maul you", even Ghor's "What's a mana pool?". Each one is fun, but making one is everything else BUT fun. I was able to make a few key points in what all the bear clans had in common.

1. Their Abilities are based around magic in some way
2. Do not have any sort of armor or metal weapon
3. Green is their Clan's Color (like how Wolf is Blue, Rat is Red, Rabbit is Yellow)

And while it was easy thinking of the ability for the Bear Concept, and what the weapon could be, drawing the way she would look was everything but easy, from trying to keep it as close to nature as possible. It was a mess that I manage to scrounge up into something and said to myself "I have no idea how to make it any better so there we go!" So here we go!

Ability - Wyld Leech: Casting Damaging Spells on yourself heals you instead
Weapon: Lance
Fight: 4
Body: 5
Wit: 3
Spirit: 6

So yeah, the idea was to have someone that could use spells in more ways then they could be usually used as, which in turn would add a level of interest when playing as/against her. "Oh don't mind me, just gonna heal for 2 Health and make all my sun dice explode, you just do whatever it is you do". Not the worst idea and frankly it is not the worst thing I have done... But damn I just could't think of any other way to work around it.


So yeah, these are the 4 hero concepts for Armello I have created, if you want you can comment, give your opinions, or hell give them backstories if you want, I won't stop you, nor would I stop any of the developers from adding them ingame if they wanted to, as long as I get some credit where credit is due then all the power to them!

And fun fact, these aren't the first concepts I made for Armello, there is actually a bigger one I had written up, and frankly it wasn't a hero but a gameplay mechanic... But unless people wanna hear more about that then I'll keep it my own little side project for now till I feel it is ready to be revealed and have an even smaller chance of getting ingame because of how ridiculous it is right now.

Introduce Yourself! / Greetings people of Armello, I am Tekron!
« on: September 06, 2016, 09:28:03 AM »
Hello Hello! My name is Lord Tekron, and I have a (semi) fame as a concept creator (sorta)... My most fantastic work was in 2013 where I (somehow) got a cosmetic skin into the game SMITE known simpy as, The Feaster Bunny

For Proof, here are the patch notes

Since then I have made it my next big goal to go from skin concept added to a playable character concept added, whether it be for Smite, Paladins, etc.

And of course, after playing alot of Armello (and getting the Usperers DLC, didn't get to back to get bandits but ah well), my brain decided to work on creating some heroes (one for each clan ((except for Bandits)) in some odd hope that they will get noticed/added... May be a low chance but hey, live and hope right?

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