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Bugs! / PS Vita - Cannot Enter Palace when using REMOTE PLAY
« on: March 18, 2018, 10:09:30 AM »
A fellow Armellian plays Armello on their PS Vita, using the remote play feature to play the game running on their PS4. He does not have an account, so I offered to squeak for him here...

The Vita's "remote play" feature allows, for all intents and purposes, someone to play a PS4 game streamed to a user's PS Vita console. Only a moderately robust internet connection is required. The game itself should not require extra knowledge or code to be aware of this - the built-in capability works beautifully as designed.

HERE'S THE BUG(S): A player using the PS Vita remote play feature is unable to enter the palace. When a palace tile is selected the choices "enter the palace" and "do not enter" are not offered with X and O button prompts (such as when playing on the PS4) but with blue rectangles with yellow borders with the text inside... EXACTLY as it appears in the PC version! All of a sudden the game now expects us to "click" the choice we want! Um... PS4 duh... no mouse!

I have remote played on my own Vita to test this, and what he describes is true. I suspect some ancient code left in your game realizes a touch screen exists (such as on the Vita) and somehow has defaulted to a click-based input for this ONE QUESTION! And no, touching the screen did not allow me to choose either, nothing worked at all. The game is basically over at that point, for you cannot enter the palace, and you cannot say you will not.

Another BUG I noticed via remote play (perhaps another clue to the problem) is while the L3 prompt (to bring up speech bubbles) is shown, the R3 prompt (to bring up the log) is missing. Only a spade icon appears there (such as on PC). Now the L2 / R2 / L3 / R3 buttons are remapped to quadrants of the Vita's rear touch pad for remote play, and yes, those do work. A "show my touches" feature on the Vita does I was touching the area where R3 should be.

Any ideas what is going on? This fellow is being driven mad by this bug.

General Discussion / Re: Armello - Deluxe Bundle on PS4
« on: August 16, 2017, 10:35:24 PM »
Thanks for your reply, Blake.

I did notice the price of the base game was the same as the US, and am thankful this is intentional. Didn't want to ruin a good thing for fellow Canadians here. I can't see people jumping on the Deluxe Bundle deal unless it was insanely cheap, but I'm not a business guy and I am not Sony. I hope they know what they are doing to maximize profits and player base at the same time. Sales usually mean an influx of new players. Looking forward to squashing a few Guppies.

General Discussion / Armello - Deluxe Bundle on PS4
« on: August 16, 2017, 03:07:41 PM »
"Get all major Armello DLC in one place and at a special discount with the Armello - Deluxe Bundle!"

Found this on the PlayStation store today for $53.49 Canadian dollars. It does not specify what DLC is actually included, but an online search revealed this includes the Base Game, Usurpers, Bandits, and Seasons packs.

Purchased seperately, the prices of the Base Game ($19.99), Usurpers ($13.49), Bandits ($13.49), and Seasons ($6.99) add up to a grand total of $53.96 Canadian, for a total savings of only 47 cents!

I already own the game, the bandit clan, and a certain moustached rat, so this bundle is obviously not meant for me. But can you help explain the pricing here, and if this "special discount" is working as intended?

Bugs! / Re: [PS4] Various bugs and crashes
« on: February 19, 2017, 06:17:48 PM »
A multiplayer game tonight had three players disconnect about a day apart later into the match. The video clip of the first of these is below.

This guy was doing great. Corrupted and tied with the king for rot, had Lionheart breastplate too if I recall. Nooo reason to quit voluntarily, and he isn't too happy about the game-ending crash on his side either!

The complex series of events that all may have played a part here:

- Night 5, Zosha goes last
- Zosha uses hot rot to gain 2nd AP to cross fortified settlement wall
- Zosha (rot 3) attacks bane (rot 6)
- Zosha defeats bane
- Zosha immediately faces pick pockets peril (3 units) and fails and dies
- Barnaby / Zosha allies' pact snuffed
- Zosha / Elyssia spy network pact snuffed
- Zosha loses prestige for dying, bounty is cleared
- Zosha's death means end of turn. daybreak is coming
- Elyssia is disconnected AS SOON AS SUN STOPS SPINNING
- Rot messages appear for players
- Mercurio / Elyssia blackmail pact snuffed (TWICE)
- Dawn of day 6 message
- Barnaby / Elyssia merchants' agreement snuffed

As the game progressed, the other two humans got disconnected too. One other was confirmed crash as well. I sent a bug report from the pause screen menu before I crashed too.

After losing the game to three AI players, my game also crashed after the commendation / level screens.

General Discussion / Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
« on: January 20, 2017, 07:17:52 PM »
I bought this game nearly a year ago, and for MONTHS had walk on eggshells around issues that would ruin my Armello experience:

- DON'T play a singleplayer game while waiting for a multiplayer game. You likely will lose sound effects.
- DON'T open player shelf during King's declaration. You likely will stall the game during guards / banes turn.

With every new patch players rejoiced. Would THIS be the fix we were waiting for? Some issues have been fixed (above) but bring new problems that are even harder to avoid. For awhile we believed simply having Amber in the game would jinx it, then it was Sargon's draw phase, then it was Elyssia's foritfy animation. What do we know? Why should we even have to worry about things like this?

Imagine if Super Mario Bros usually crashed on World 8-2? I mean, it's great this game is getting attention and updates, but transferring over the latest Steam build to PS4 isn't doing the trick. I don't know what the deal is (not current on programming) but as a programmer the mystery of the bug is a game in itself. It's not working. Why? Aren't you curious? The "sometimes" problems are the most elusive, and can be the most satisfying to squash.

By now, Armello should be nearly rock-solid and any updates or DLC just gravy.

(Edited to remove yet another bug report)

Bugs! / Re: [PS4] Various bugs and crashes
« on: October 11, 2016, 12:03:51 PM »
Thought I'd give Armello a go again. Since I'm here I think you know how it went...

Multiplayer game: Elyssia, Magna, Zosha (me), and Brun. Things were going smoothly for several days.

Going around a blockade of TWO walls of thorns (Protip: don't threaten Brun!) I landed on a lightning strike peril. While doing the peril the screen said "Brun's Turn" and I burnt and rolled and yes, survived the peril. When the screen returned to the map it was indeed Brun's turn (I never ended mine!) and he had already drawn cards and was on his merry way. It was like the game ended my turn immediately because that's the penalty of the peril?

Because I brought up and closed the PS4 SHARE menu before saving the video clip, the buffered video was lost. (Thanks again, Sony. Great help.)

From that point on, the game was a tad glitchy. On my next turn it would not allow me to press circle to end it. I began the threaten all / curse / apologize routine but the turn timer soon appeared and waiting that out allowed the game to continue. I am sure at least one other player was forced to wait out their next turns as well.

I made my way to the castle (yay me) and Brun strolled by to deliver a double immolation (for multiple threats) lol. Elyssia was able to end her turn immediately after moving. Magna then went to attack a guard and the game blue screened from there. Can't remember if I hit square to watch or not.

It's tough when most games end like this. The community is dying.

Bugs! / Re: [PS4] Various bugs and crashes
« on: September 26, 2016, 01:32:30 AM »
Got another video for you guys:

Around 3:15 Sargon is disconnected during a battle. Around 9:00 we see my crappy camera recording of AI Sargon moving when the game crashed completely on me. I was on my way to a glorious win, practically untouchable by Royal paws. Crashes like this one (after an hour of play) are the reason I play Armello far less often. It used to be every day.

Bugs! / Re: [PS4] Various bugs and crashes
« on: September 16, 2016, 02:45:09 PM »
I know you guys are aware of our issues but here's another YouTube video for you. This one has both Sargon and Elyssia disconnecting and the game freezing / going NMA during Sargon's draw phase.

Skip ahead to 2:30 to get to the good stuff.

Something of possible interest is the turn order is Thane / Sargon / Elyssia / Zosha, yet disconnected Elyssia becomes AI player 4, and disconnected Sargon becomes AI player 3. Is that a clue? Wires crossed somewhere?

Now while the game code is likely at fault, what about your own servers? Aren't they the ones doing all the managing and synchronizing of the games in progress? Conflicts between DLC and non-DLC owners?

I can only speculate. Feel free to let us know what you learn!

Bugs! / Re: [PS4] Various bugs and crashes
« on: September 09, 2016, 03:07:53 PM »
After an hour in a public multiplayer game against Ghor, Magma, and River, Armello completely crashed for me. The PS4 does not allow you to save a video clip after a crash, nor a copy of the one sent to Sony. I decided to get my camera out and shoot it for you old-school.

The video is only 30 seconds long. I was on my way to a possible Rot victory. Injured near the right of the palace, I pulled a bunch of item cards (but no Wyldsap) and went to a dungeon to hopefully spawn a delicious bane to eat. I got the portal instead, and ended up on the side of the palace I wasn't prepared for. Poisoned and out of luck, I yolo'ed and decided to attack the guard and beat an unlikely palace peril. The battle against the guard never began. The moment the game froze (when the banners come together) there was no sound and my controller vibrated for half a second.

Bugs! / Re: [PS4] Various bugs and crashes
« on: September 08, 2016, 07:06:04 PM »
It is a brisk September day in Armello...

A lone wolf and three rats roam the land. Mercurio completes a spiritual quest and readies his battle axe. Zosha loudly declares her confidence. Night falls. The King moans as the Rot strengthens its grip. An eerie silence begins to overtake the land. Then suddenly, Mercurio is lost! Was it a sacrifice? For no banes appeared to torment the land. All was at peace. Our heroes would not have this, and lamented, cursed, and even threatened each other for a short while. Eventually, all had retired for the long, unending night.

The actual disconnection happens at 1:44 into the video but there may be some clues leading up to it. Yes, I tend to move the camera around like a sugar-rush squirrel but that's how I play. After the disconnection the camera remained locked. I never tried to open the item shelf to see if it worked. Oops. After the other players left it might be worth noting that River (in 2nd slot) and Sargon (in 1st slot) were assigned conflicting AI Player numbers. See 4:25.

Caught a less critical bug in action in this video as well. When a stat value changes (like Mercurio's spirit) while visible in that black box (check at 1:18) the spirit value is replaced with a word until the camera moves off that tile. Simply moving the camera back to that tile shows the proper updated value. This bug is very old.

Bugs! / Re: [PS4] Various bugs and crashes
« on: September 06, 2016, 02:32:07 AM »
Hi there. Just signed up to add my voice from the PS4 community. I've been playing for 6 months now and keep coming back to it. It's a fun way to unwind with friends or strangers.

Since the latest update a few days ago, Armello cannot be trusted. Many PS4 players are upset and fewer want to join in public matches now. Players may get disconnected at seemingly random times throughout the game. On their side though, the game has crashed entirely and they are thrust into the Sony Error Reporting screen. The blue screen.

Unfortunately what is causing these issues may not be simple and reproduceable. A crash usually occurs when something "happens" (sorry not much help) but perhaps that itself can hint at the issue. Sound triggers, stack stuff, some common routine that shares variables, something that can connect all these instances together.

Times my game has outright blue-screen crashed on my recently:

1. Searching for public game, people came, left, so I left. Exited private game lobby too. Went to select singleplayer game. Said yes I want to start a new game. Selection screen appeared with 8 player icons showing, no further text yet. CRASH.

2. Someone mentioned when quickly cycling through amulets before selecting one reliably crashes the game. I tried that once (going crazy on the d-pad) and caused a blue screen within seconds. Another time, it wouldn't happen and I gave up. Both times was single player game on different days.

3. Public game. Mercurio vs Zosha battle. She was hiding in the trees (the sneak!) and our battle was about to begin. As soon as the colored banners slammed together with that "thud" noise, CRASH! One player had a DLC character Magna.

4. Not in a game at all. Saw a ribbon on the card gallery, inviting me to look at what new ones I've picked up. So I'm browsing through there, looking at this and that, was moving between them and CRASH. Of course, when I was looking again this morning TRYING to make the gallery crash I could not.

5. Public game. Someone (probably a rabbit) walked into a peril and I went there and hit square to watch. CRASH.

These are the examples I can think of right now. Too bad the video snippets Sony gets from us via error reporting cannot be saved to our machines as well (not well thought out there, Sony!) because unless we're constantly recording our gameplay we don't have an exact record of what we saw, etc.

There's more issues but this is enough for one post. I am passionate about this game and there's so much right and polished about it it would be a shame to let a few terrible issues ruin the experience now.

Haven't bought the DLC yet, but got a PSN card on standby. Want my new rat.

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