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Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Rot's Major Issues and Solutions to said Issues
« on: September 27, 2017, 02:42:38 PM »
Sorry for coming in a little late to this thread :)

I've been meaning to write a reply for a while now. We are listening here at LoG and the ideas and suggestions posted here have raised discussions internally - we really love when players take the time to dissect our systems.

I want to provide a little background to Rot - It's not meant to be fair, a Rot Victory isn't meant to be as easy to achieve as another victory type, it's designed to be punishing and hard - We designed it as a pathway of corruption, a dark path that you may sometimes be tempted down, tainted by or choose to embrace. Its an optional way to play Armello and a chance for you to take good heroes down dark and insidious paths. If you can claw out a Rot victory by doing that, succeeding against these disadvantages can be rewarding.

I do want to counter some concerns, we do play test and have been playing Armello for a long time, and though an item like Bane Blade may appear weak in game, we've proven through our own testing items like these, that they can be outright dangerous and powerful. Equally so poison is an incredibly dangerous, scary and debilitating effect - we leverage the fear of it more than the effect and when you land the effect successfully you essentially and most often doom the opponent, there is an art to poisoning other players.

We do re-look at the balance of the game , cards, heroes and npcs and you'll note with different updates we implement changes, we do this progressively. So Banes may be too soft at the moment and would then likely see a change in a future update :)

We really do like some of the ideas posted in this thread and I also want to add that many of the new features and adjustments that go into our updates, have been supported by community ideas and comments from threads just like this one.

Thanks again and I hope to see you in a game of Armello soon.

General Discussion / Re: Armello - Deluxe Bundle on PS4
« on: August 16, 2017, 05:39:06 PM »
Hi Morreski,

I've looked into it, and we were surprised to see the discount so small as well - we'd intended about a $10 saving approximately for the Armello - Deluxe Bundle. The trick is we don't have full control of our regional pricing,  we set Wholesale Prices to PlayStation and other partners and they adjust prices based on a whole host of reasons, local taxes etc... Some packages we have more control over like the base game which you'll notice is $19.99 CAD and also $19.99 USD, we did that because we're from Australia and we know what it feels like having different prices in USD to our native dollar, but we can't control that everywhere. Unfortunately in Australia, the base game of Armello is $29.99 AUD even though we'd prefer it to be $19.99 AUD to match the CAD and USD.

Regional pricing is complex and some partners offer great tools and power to the developers and publishers, others don't and others can't as regional laws infact ban setting retail prices to distributors under 'price fixing laws'. As we mentioned its a complicated system and one we wish was much simpler and easier to navigate. 

Unfortunately the special discount is not working as intended in your region.


Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Ways to start buffing rot.
« on: June 28, 2017, 06:06:30 PM »
sneaking in, from the shadows....

We always intended Rot to be a curse, a cancer, a leperacey, but provide tempting options to lure players to slightly overpowered cards for the exchange of the curse. Rot Victories are meant to be agonisingly difficult and your "Legendary Hard" mode. I am planning some new power Rot cards that will tempt players even more so to dive into the Rot and get their hands dirty.

Saying the above, I have a good win ratio in the studio, and I almost always have my character get their hands dirty with the Rot, doesn't mean I get Corrupted every game or go for Rot victories, but a little dirty Rot card here or there can make all the difference.

I've said too much.... Darcy is coming to silence me..... I was never here

(Runs back into the shadows)

The War Room / Re: Cheat sheet to evaluate battle outcomes
« on: May 16, 2017, 06:10:43 PM »
This is the best :)

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Card Concepts
« on: February 17, 2017, 06:17:41 PM »
There's great ideas in this thread - I also love the challenges to ideas and breaking them apart.

A couple of the ideas including Spirit Swap is one we've thought of already, considered, and not fully dismissed.

Sometimes ideas just need massaging and adjusting to make them perfect. We're not afraid of shifting the meta of Armello and making things better even if the cause change - because we know change can be scary. Scary for us and you!

Spoiler alert - We do a few cards planned that will be rock the boat and they're not years away. We've been watching and waiting...

Always feel free to throw ideas against the forum wall, some of our best cards have been inspired by suggestions from the community :)

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: New Ring Ideas
« on: September 22, 2016, 05:03:03 PM »
Wow there's some great ideas here, we need new Rings in the Game!

"Team! Make new Rings! We need new Rings in the game!!...." - Blake runs into the sunset, with his laptop and design sheets open.

Some great ideas here really :)

I'm carefully reading all the threads and posts to do with game balance and our cards, especially since the V1.4 Update and new battle system has gone out.

There will be card balances inevitably coming - keep the conversation, comments and feedback flowing :)

Thanks everyone!

@Falkner ;) wink wink

Hi TheTrueColada!

Love your suggestion, we already have a heap of different monsters and dangers lurking in Armello's quests, there's plenty in the lore :) adding another 3D major enemy type to the board we worry can distract the focus away from taking down the King. While the aim of the game is to become King or Queen of Armello we want to keep that experience as focused and pure as possible - If we were to add new game modes in the future we may certainly add new monsters or invaders.

Armello is a growing and living game so who knows what will happen in future updates :)

Thanks for the post!

Stay around Insomnicron! I want to hear your thoughts too!

Kletian999 often hits things right on the head so I'm taking careful note, I do have confidence that the system will shine and come into its own - going back to playing the game with one less body feels crap now but at the time it was difficult to be sure that it was a good move. My belief is with a little time and experimentation, a balance in the next patch that we'll all agree the new system is better.

Keep keeping me honest Kletian999!

Thanks everyone :)

Thanks Dragoncrescent!

And thank you too Kletian999 too, Kletian999 has been play testing the new patch and I always pay careful attention to feedback from our tight testing crew. Don't forget this change is a level up so we can grow on this new base and bring in more cool gear and there maybe a little "re-balancing" to be done with the current equipment in-game. We do have penciled some more items that will make use of the new effects in different ways - It might not happen next patch, but stay tuned.

One thing we wanted to encourage was a greater use of variety in kit equipment choices - I've personally found that with the new system in place, I do equip more "utility" items than I did before. I feel less drive to overload the shields or stacked swords. Combine that with the way the system encourages more card burning and we are steering Armello in a slightly new direction - overall I'm very happy where the "feel" of the game is going and what we can do with this system.

As you all know, we're here working on this baby, if the system proves to be a turn in the wrong direction, we'll make a new steering correction again, but our (and my) confidence is high. I completely expect that it will need a few patch cycles to "iron out", the hope is we'll end up in a better place :)


Much of what Vryl has said about the new Battle System is true, sure in many cases now your reflect or pierce dice don't seem to do much,  maybe your poison attack lands after the killing blow, but in those cases you're winning the fight without the use of the special dice - Special dice now are game changers against the hard tough and heavy swingers. A character now who has a low chance to take out their opponent in battle might be able to deal enough to get in a poison attack and weaken a Brun or Barnaby. Thane can still easily slice through a heavily armoured target, etc...

We are intending on bring new equipment Item cards that lean into the new system and some of those will feature in the V1.4 update - like Poison Dagger above. Also Posion Dagger above is a very useful card, sure you gain a Rot for equipping it, but now if you're not corrupt it's a perfect tool to usefully burn away your Rot cards in battles.

The new system makes more and more sense the more you play it, it does make cards like Battle Axe more useful again, and there is a balance shift in the game with the new system in play. There is truth that it nerfs some cards and effects but it also opens up more possibilities and plays.

Of course we want to hear your feedback as you play and bend your brain around the system, I'm sure you all know that we HIGHLY value your comments and suggestions, some of the best additions to the game have come from you, the community. I will ask that we give the new system a good thrashing and pressure test it with the new gear AND new heroes rolling out, my bet is the new battle system is a solid keeper but we're not going keep something that is worse if it proves that way.

Thanks everyone!

Armello Development / v1.4 Battle Tides - Battle System Enhancement
« on: July 01, 2016, 04:37:39 PM »
This post is relevant to the features introduced in v1.4 Battle Tides. For all of the details, see the master post here.

Dear battle hardened Armellians and newcomers alike,

We have toiled long and hard at what might seem like a small but significant enhancement to Armello’s Battle System! The crux of the upgrade to Armello's battle system was to deliver a more robust and holistic system that makes more sense to players, gives players more control, gives us the new ways to add new equipment and future proofs the system for more add-ons.

So what has changed;  We have added two NEW types of special dice to complement the existing ‘pierce dice’; These three special battle dice are:

Pierce – Penetrates and “pierces” an opponent’s shield to still cause damage, and destroys blocking shield.
Reflect – Blocks the incoming hit and bounces back the damage to the attacker, which may be blocked again by their own defences.
Poison – If this hit isn’t blocked and thus causes a wound to the target, it will “poison” the victim.

A new general special rule applies to all special dice from here forward; IF two special dice collide they will cancel each other out and behave as their base dice type. Thus a ‘pierce’ dice meeting a ‘reflect’ dice won’t pierce the ‘reflect’ and the ‘reflect’ won’t bounce back a ‘piercing’ dice.
It’s very very exciting for us to bring these new special dice effects to Armello’s battle system, it gives us more design room to create interesting new equipment and gives players new tools to counter heroes with huge amounts of body, or thick shields.

To facilitate the introduction of more special dice and to give us even more room to create new equipment we have made a very subtle but significant change to how special dice behave;

Special dice like the old ‘pierce’ dice now won’t automatically shuffle to the front of the attack queue. Instead special dice queue in the normal order and sequence which generated them, thus a card awarded locked ‘pierce’ dice locks in the attack queue before burnt card dice, and before rolled ‘pierce’ dice. Any normal attack dice, from locking, burning or rolling will also take their normal queuing position.

Basically dice now queue in the order they were generated regardless if they are special or normal – we’re not playing favourites any more ;) – The dice order is equipped card dice, burnt card dice, then rolled dice.

This is a small but significant change – let me give you an example; In the old system, Thane’s hero power which awarded a ‘pierce’ die upon burning a sword card, would shuffle that attack die to the front of the attack queue, but in the new system it won’t, the die will take its place in the queue like any other attack dice.

“Whoa!! This isn’t as powerful as the old system”, you might say! ‘I want my ‘pierces’ first in the attack queue!” well…

Remember that special dice now counter each other and a special dice’s position in the attack and defence queue can make a big difference. Also consider you now have full control over the order of your dice queue through equipment selection, you have the ability to design the best battle builds to counter other players’ builds. Whether you choose to equip items with more locked swords or equipment that give you more dice is now a more important decision. Do you want armour that gives you piles of locked shield dice? Or maybe you don’t, as you want to focus on getting reflect dice to activate early? Equipment that awards special dice effects on dice rolls or by burning cards can be used in interesting combinations with other cards and hero abilities.

This has a significant flow on effect with regards to what equipment is now best for different heroes to equip; Take Thane: A Warhammer for example takes 1 fight dice from Thane and locks in 2 swords, which take their place in the queue before Thane can burn any sword cards and lock in ‘piercing’ dice. The third attack slot is still a powerful and useful slot and likely to still encounter an opponent’s shields, but is it better than the first or second slot? Is the first slot worse if your opponent has a locked in ‘reflect’ card? Is the Battle Axe which gives Thane an extra die in battles and doesn’t add dice to the attack queue before Thane has a chance to burn swords a better card for Thane? With the Battle Axe equipped and a healthy mix of cards Thane can burn his attacks in the order that he now wishes them to strike!

Certainly there are now better and worse combinations of equipment with regards to different heroes than there were before and this is a good thing. Equipment choice is now more meaningful. Your combination of equipment and your decisions made in combat, when to burn or not to burn cards has more impact than before. This directly means there is more room for skilled and experienced players to find mastery in Armello and have direct impact in battle. There are now no weird queue jumping dice exceptions to the standard rule. Far more cards are now being burned in battle and this means that more cards are flowing through players hands. We understand that this subtle change has significant impact to the feel of combat and the entire game, overtime as we add more equipment cards these changes will make more and more sense. Know that these changes have enabled us to enhance Armello’s battle system and take it to the next level, our play tests have produced exciting results. We know it will take a few games to adjust your thinking to the new system and we’re excited to hear your ideas for the best builds for each hero and counter builds. We’re also excited to bring more powerful special dice effects to Armello, we know these effects are game changers and aren’t going to be easy to pull off, now it’s up to your planning and skill to make these plays.

Sharpen your steel,
Buckle on your armour,
Go forth and bring battle to your foes,
For the war for the throne just got real. 

Warmaster Blake

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Messing up with the dice
« on: June 09, 2016, 04:15:56 PM »

We can absolutely do that! Awesome suggestion, I don't think anyone has ever suggested that before!

Running to design drawing board..... Let's see what happens ;)

Great idea

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: A gold idea
« on: April 21, 2016, 03:24:59 PM »
I want to throw in here - I like Kletian999's idea of gold drops on the map, but letting you into a little secret we're adding a pretty big change to the Gold economy in V1.3 which is almost ready. So stay tuned for that and see what you think of the gold situation after that Update.

- Blake

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