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Introduce Yourself! / Binoux
« on: March 09, 2015, 05:36:05 AM »
Hi all,

I am a new Armello's early access player, who got interested after looking at a gaming youtuber's video about it. Being interested by and regularly playing (and enjoying of course !) a broad range of games, from video games to card cames (Game of Thrones LCG, Android:Netrunner) and board games in a wide range of complexities, I felt like I had to test this game from its early access ! Not to mention that I enjoyed the "childish" art, which also reminded me of a card/combo game I like pretty much (Seasons, from Régis Bonnessée, which is probably not edited out of France/Europe)

Having tried a few games (with more or less success), I headed to this forum, to give feedback and find other interested players to play with, as it will necessarily be way more interesting that playing against AI.

Thus, feel free to add me and we may play Armello together ! My steam ID is "binoux". I will also scroll over other presentations to find other people interested by "organised" multiplayer play.

See you !

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