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Title: Release (v1.9) Patch 2 [Steam] Build Notes
Post by: Darcy Smith on August 29, 2017, 03:43:04 PM

Hello friends,

A hotfix just flew out of our gamedev cannon and has exploded onto the internet. Make sure you update and thank you for your reports. As always we really appreciate it.

Bug Fixes
Known Issues

<3 Darcy & the LoG Squad
Title: Re: Hotfix v1.9 (Patch 2)
Post by: dani on August 31, 2017, 05:35:41 AM
Thanks for fixing the Quest Select bug!

As for the soft locks, a few days ago I experienced something similar, though it was more like a 5-10 minute freeze, with a "Waiting" dialog active. This was in Multiplayer. Had I known about the Send Bug-option in the main menu at that point I would have used it, but alas, I did not. I can therefore only provide you with a description and screenshot, where I included as many details as possible (this was taken during the freeze, had all the time in the world to take a good screenshot with expanded log, highlighted King health etc). If game logs are saved somewhere on disk please let me know, I'll try to retrieve it and update this post.

Situation: just after switch from Day to Night. I think I was the first player to act on each round, and wanted to quickly play a card out of my hand. This was during the Bane movements, as you can see in the log. However, the Bane movement was resolved but my card was not played, resulting in a seemingly endless "Waiting"-dialog. Eventually the card was played and the game resumed for some reason, but not before all other players left so I had to play it out vs AI unfortunately.

The screenshot is here:
(http://i.imgur.com/PFOSCxN.jpg) (http://imgur.com/a/nbAHK)

Good luck with the further development of this game, and thanks for making it  :D