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Title: [PC/WIN10X64] Turn timer not ending/disconnect griefing
Post by: Miju on August 29, 2017, 07:09:43 AM
Description:  Twice in the past few games I've encountered a person either leaving of infinitely prolonging their turn by not drawing a card. I believe this is a glitch with disconnections and not intentional griefing.

Repro Steps:
Players turn comes, player doesn't draw cards, game doesn't resume until the player disconnects.
Title: Re: [PC/WIN10X64] Turn timer not ending/disconnect griefing
Post by: kwibjo on November 04, 2017, 07:06:46 PM
I've had this problem before too. I'll be playing and I'll play a card to a tile or something and the server suddenly stops responding forever, no automatic disconnect for being AFK or anything. My game keeps running and I can move the camera around but nothing reacts and the only way out is for me to exit and take a cooldown before I can play again.
Title: Re: [PC/WIN10X64] Turn timer not ending/disconnect griefing
Post by: Shadify on November 10, 2017, 03:24:47 PM
Oh I've had the same problem, my friend had even worse problem when we've tried to play)
There was night, the 4th player made his steps, then it had to be morning. Me and my friend were kinda in future time, it was actually morning already, while another friend was still in past, waiting the night to go away.. and guards even made their steps as well, attacked the bird and... thats all |D the game has simply stopped. For about a minute or two.  We couldn't do anything, not even use any cards, nothing much. First we thought its someone's ping, but we've noticed the problem with "impossible cube" as well)) it was really fun and exhausting. So the thing is, some player was doin' his business, stepped on some trial and.. the last of his cubes was flying all the was around  for about 1-3 minutes as well xD we've actually wanned to go away and restart the game, but suddenly, the game process came back!) though we've decided to quit anyway, because it was simply impossible to play the game. I've actually wanned to record this moments of.. fun, lets say fun for now. But I've had a bad luck with that , because when I've just wanned to start recording by OBS  - the game reconnected again. |D