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Title: Armello - Deluxe Bundle on PS4
Post by: Morreski Bear on August 16, 2017, 03:07:41 PM
"Get all major Armello DLC in one place and at a special discount with the Armello - Deluxe Bundle!"

Found this on the PlayStation store today for $53.49 Canadian dollars. It does not specify what DLC is actually included, but an online search revealed this includes the Base Game, Usurpers, Bandits, and Seasons packs.

Purchased seperately, the prices of the Base Game ($19.99), Usurpers ($13.49), Bandits ($13.49), and Seasons ($6.99) add up to a grand total of $53.96 Canadian, for a total savings of only 47 cents!

I already own the game, the bandit clan, and a certain moustached rat, so this bundle is obviously not meant for me. But can you help explain the pricing here, and if this "special discount" is working as intended?
Title: Re: Armello - Deluxe Bundle on PS4
Post by: Blake Mizzi on August 16, 2017, 05:39:06 PM
Hi Morreski,

I've looked into it, and we were surprised to see the discount so small as well - we'd intended about a $10 saving approximately for the Armello - Deluxe Bundle. The trick is we don't have full control of our regional pricing,  we set Wholesale Prices to PlayStation and other partners and they adjust prices based on a whole host of reasons, local taxes etc... Some packages we have more control over like the base game which you'll notice is $19.99 CAD and also $19.99 USD, we did that because we're from Australia and we know what it feels like having different prices in USD to our native dollar, but we can't control that everywhere. Unfortunately in Australia, the base game of Armello is $29.99 AUD even though we'd prefer it to be $19.99 AUD to match the CAD and USD.

Regional pricing is complex and some partners offer great tools and power to the developers and publishers, others don't and others can't as regional laws infact ban setting retail prices to distributors under 'price fixing laws'. As we mentioned its a complicated system and one we wish was much simpler and easier to navigate. 

Unfortunately the special discount is not working as intended in your region.


Title: Re: Armello - Deluxe Bundle on PS4
Post by: Morreski Bear on August 16, 2017, 10:35:24 PM
Thanks for your reply, Blake.

I did notice the price of the base game was the same as the US, and am thankful this is intentional. Didn't want to ruin a good thing for fellow Canadians here. I can't see people jumping on the Deluxe Bundle deal unless it was insanely cheap, but I'm not a business guy and I am not Sony. I hope they know what they are doing to maximize profits and player base at the same time. Sales usually mean an influx of new players. Looking forward to squashing a few Guppies.