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Title: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Reptillian_Ghoul on January 20, 2017, 10:36:52 AM
Hello I'm a very active and involved member of the PS4 community and along with the PS4 Armello group's founder "mcksalg" we both get all of the members of our community to try and communicate with one another fluidly and clearly and we're part of an amazing community who all love your game, you guys there at LoG and playing Armello with one another.

That's the problem unfortunately. Here in the PS4 community, since the game has been released, we have been struggling to get help for a game that is unfortunately practially unplayable on our platform. We the PS4 players have all throughly discussed this on on our PS4 Armello board and large group chats and we feel like we need to address the state of the PS4 community and our issues. Especially since the recent 1.08 patch seemed to literally do nothing to improve the current state even though it was a 1+ GB sized file. (Which was not even listed on update history for the game)

To address how we all feel more clearly, I have listed the primary issues we are having right now with the current state of Armello:
We all very much love your game over here as there is nothing like it in the PlayStation market that compares to the creative,  immersive world and unique experience you've built. Sadly many people here are on the edge of giving up on the game due to the key missing features listed above such as: A playable online experince, faster queue system, working matchmaking/portraits system, the collection/customization aspect that comes with  dice skins, the long wait for additional character DLC, and finally the communication from you to us and us to you.

Again we PlayStation 4 members love Armello and the PlayStation group founder (mcksalg) and I wanted to put forth one last big effort with all of the voices of the PlayStation members to..
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: preludedot@gmail.com on January 20, 2017, 11:34:09 AM
It really is a problem on ps4, guys. Games crash 9/10 times. :'( Plz fix  ;)
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Mcksalg on January 20, 2017, 01:13:04 PM
Word guys  you had one ps4 event in the begining and then issues stared poping up and it feels like you abandoning the ps4 version. I remember at one point you were trying to get cross play with steam what happened? I'll keep posting vids on your FB to help in anyway I can but ppl are slowly giving up on Armello.
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Morreski Bear on January 20, 2017, 07:17:52 PM
I bought this game nearly a year ago, and for MONTHS had walk on eggshells around issues that would ruin my Armello experience:

- DON'T play a singleplayer game while waiting for a multiplayer game. You likely will lose sound effects.
- DON'T open player shelf during King's declaration. You likely will stall the game during guards / banes turn.

With every new patch players rejoiced. Would THIS be the fix we were waiting for? Some issues have been fixed (above) but bring new problems that are even harder to avoid. For awhile we believed simply having Amber in the game would jinx it, then it was Sargon's draw phase, then it was Elyssia's foritfy animation. What do we know? Why should we even have to worry about things like this?

Imagine if Super Mario Bros usually crashed on World 8-2? I mean, it's great this game is getting attention and updates, but transferring over the latest Steam build to PS4 isn't doing the trick. I don't know what the deal is (not current on programming) but as a programmer the mystery of the bug is a game in itself. It's not working. Why? Aren't you curious? The "sometimes" problems are the most elusive, and can be the most satisfying to squash.

By now, Armello should be nearly rock-solid and any updates or DLC just gravy.

(Edited to remove yet another bug report)
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: zaneomega2 on January 20, 2017, 08:01:55 PM
This is getting ridiculous :/
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: krysh on January 20, 2017, 08:44:30 PM
This is really interesting. More and more people keep reporting how the game is still unplayable. Even my close friend I play the most with keeps crashing constantly. But from all the games I played since 1.5 patch, I didn't experience a single crash during the game.

Clearly there must be a problem since so many people complain again but I have no idea why my game is absolutely fine.

Regarding the content Reptillian_Ghoul mentioned, I agree that it would be great if we finally got the content PC players get otherwise it's unfair to charge the same price.

And to add.. I did purchase the seasons skins (autumn and spring boards) and they are absolutely amazing.
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: That_One_Guy_You_Know on January 20, 2017, 09:37:44 PM
I'm among the many players who have been desperate to like the game but have been beaten down by the constant crashes at the lack of content that should be there. I don't believe it's because of a "Release now, fix later." attitude, or at least not one done in malice. But it was through this game that I met so many people I game with and I don't want to lose this beautiful, engaging experience to Death by A Thousand Cuts, or being slowly immolated as people drop it out of frustration.

Please give the console ports the care and attention they need to survive and crawl out of the dessicated state they've been found in. I want to support you guys, I want to love and play your game and recommend it to more and more people. It's been a great link between me and some of the best people I know. You have the chance to be the heroes we need.

From Wolf to Bear, The Clans Declare.
The time has come to take the Throne.
The Crash rises, it twists our game
Heroes Rise, #SaveArmello
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Kletian999 on January 21, 2017, 12:54:28 AM
The issues with no dice is because PS4 doesn't have the Steam community market.  They'd have to create from scratch their own dice inventory system, including running their own servers to make the console ports have dice.

As for the crashes and disconnects, that's super strange.  Unlike PCs, PS4s should all be the same hardware/drivers.  They get tested both in house AND by Sony.  Something is letting the game pass QA yet break when the game reaches players hands (and not all players; otherwise there'd be an even bigger outcry).  I feel really bad that the PS4 users are having problems, but from my own experiences in coding, I'm also really sorry for LoG since I have no idea how they'd end up resolving these problems.   Maybe it has something to do with connection quality?  If the game gets a connection blip at the wrong time it causes the crashes?
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: krysh on January 21, 2017, 01:55:23 AM
I don't have experience with coding but I do have some with networks and it does seem that connection may possibly be the cause.

And I have just realized something. Maybe the reason my game doesn't crash could be because I'm almost always the one creating the lobby and inviting friends, which could mean they are connecting to my session and because I'm the host, I have the most stable connection while all my friends are all around the globe (most are Dutch and US, I'm in UK). So maybe there is an issue with timeouts or something similar where if a single packet takes either longer than usual to go through (hundreds of ms) or is lost completely, it immediately results in a disconnect?

One good example would be that before, when the game kept crashing on me, one of the crashes were when I saved a screenshot, went to messages and sent the screenshot to my friend. Because there was extra load on the connection, the game  couldn't handle it and resulted in disconnect.

My Dutch friend even tried to change their ISP and their router and cables but it didn't resolve the problem so maybe it is in fact something in the code itself.
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Reptillian_Ghoul on January 21, 2017, 02:06:24 AM
The issues with no dice is because PS4 doesn't have the Steam community market.  They'd have to create from scratch their own dice inventory system, including running their own servers to make the console ports have dice.

Should it be listed as an option to change dice if it's never intended to be added? If we can't get a chest/key system then we'd at least like to then just directly purchase them as DLC. The dice system is a key feature of the game that brings in the collection/customization aspect of the game. When the option is staring you in the face every time you load up the game and yet you can't change it then I'm sure you must understand how you'd constantly feel like you payed full price for a not full content product.

I have an iPad and when I first heard about the Armello's possible upcoming port to it, I was delighted and eager. Now I unfortunately doubt I'll purchase it at the current state of things because of fear of a repeat of these same issues I'm having on PS4 and fear of paying pull price on iPad but getting an absense of a majority of content (including game support as the current PS4 build is unplayable) like that I'm experiencing here on the PS4.
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Kletian999 on January 21, 2017, 04:40:55 AM
Well, if they took out the "tradability" of dice,  they could make a system where dice are enabled on your save file (being awarded like how the special dice drop outside of chests) and you perform transmutes to help get the highest tiers.
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: pentrep on January 22, 2017, 07:24:49 AM
I also play on PS4 and agree with everything the OP has said...It's gotten to the point where I won't even play Armello anymore on PS4 because of the problems I have with it. Upgrading to PS4 pro only multiplied my problems. Please fix them LoG? Please do...something?
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Darcy Smith on January 23, 2017, 05:15:09 PM
Hey Mcksalg, thanks for hitting us up and thank you for writing this up. To begin, I just want to outline the major differences for developing Armello (and games in general) for console compared to through Steam. So on Steam, the owness is on us to provide and maintain the builds. Patching or updating this can happen as regularly as we like and we have total control.

For console however, they have an extensive list of regulations that we must adhere to in order to exist on their platform. As such, they have a through submission process. Jeff Kaplan from the Overwatch team explains this in a really great way in one of their latest developer updates (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibPLyx8QWYc).

  • The constant crashes and matchmaking errors

When it comes to bug fixing, Steam users are able to send through in-game bugs that include log files with more information about what technically occurred, but this is not the case for PS4. We receive reports of softlocks and crashes on PS4 every now and then, but have nothing other than what's said by the reporter to track down the bug in question. This stretches out the investigation time but we're doing our best to squash every last error. This is why detailed reports help a bunch.

Also, we have extensive Quality Assurance in house, along with Sony's submission process as mentioned above. We definitely aren't experiencing that a significant portion of games are crashing, which further complicates the issue.

  • The lack of full game content

As we're a small team working on a lot of content, we utilize infrastructure provided by the relevant platforms. For example the PS4 friends system and the Steam Inventory system.  We merely tap into their processes to bring these epic features to life. The dice system is one that we have a solution for, and it's about prioritizing our time accordingly to bring it to life. I can't spill the beans about how this will manifest on console as it's totally subject to change at this point.

  • The DLC issue

I feel like DLC is something we've definitely done right for consoles! We've managed some fairly smooth simultaneous releases of the hero pack and the board skins pack! Future DLC will be coming to console but prices haven't been announced for any platform at this stage. Hold tight for news about that.

I also jumped on and took a look at the discussions happening in the PS4 communities but unfortunately there wasn't much information that was actionable on our end. In terms of submitting a bug, the best move is to let us know what happened leading up to the break. Say, if someone disconnected while you were trying to play a card or something like that.

We really do care about you folks. In fact, we're hiring a console guru to assist us in more builds out in less time. Hopefully we have news about this in the coming weeks!

Thanks for your patience.

<3 Darcy
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Kizlord on January 24, 2017, 12:19:30 AM
Hi Darcy,

While not all matches crash for every player, most matches will involve at least one player being kicked. I'm not sure if I've played a game in the last six months where this didn't happen. Perhaps there is some issue with this quality insurance / reporting system? Or perhaps players are so used to being kicked they don't report it anymore. Whatever the case, the best way for you to see our issues isn't on the community pages but in the group chat. Is there a psn tag for LOG that we could add to this chat?
Additionally, the dice and the ranking system do kind of rub salt in the wound. We can see that we are not experiencing the game that pc users do, and after forking out for the game and dlc I don't want to have to buy it again on a different platform to be able to play it.
I think that if you could read back over the group chat log you would get a better idea of the scale of these issues, the loyalty and commitment of the armello psn community, and the pain this community is experiencing as it is slowly bled dry as a result of these bugs.
I really, really love your game, and as one of your Australian players it makes me proud that such a small and innovative studio is representing us on the international stage. I really hope that this console guru can save the game before the already small (but proud) community dies. Please let us know if there is a way to add you to the psn chat. If not I will consider screening the entire thing and forwarding it you.

Ps. I am sorry for sounding so negative in this post, but things have been dire on the psn for a long time, and this week especially.
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Reptillian_Ghoul on January 24, 2017, 04:28:04 AM
We really do care about you folks.
<3 Darcy

Thanks Darcy! We appreciate the detailed and genuine post!
Real quick I wanted to clear up that "Mcksalg" and I (Ghoul) are two different people, well, unless I all the sudden went from a 26 yr old psychology student in Florida to a suave New Yorker with a wife and kids, haha!

I'm really excited to see some updated news in the next upcoming weeks or possible hints/details on that console dice system or console guru. I'm especially glad to see you say, "We really do care about you folks". Some people in the group needed to hear that.

Oh, a lot of people are wondering still why the latest patch did nothing and was not even listed under "update history" anyway you could provide some insight?

As for you statement about ports I actually used to help beta test some board/card games on the iOS Apple Store and I can tell you now they are very slow/intense when it comes to the "patch reviews" as you were contrasting with PS4 and Steam. I wish you guys great luck with that port, it surely will be a fun one if it can go smoothly. You guys have so many things going on and so little of a team of staff, poor guys!

I *do* strongly advise you to have someone join the community group on PS4 and then we will invite you to the group chat. We keep the face community board itself light as to not involve people who want their peace, LFG and privacy, the group chat is where we all converse and discuss things as well as post reoccurring bug issues with screen shots. My PlayStation name is the same as the one here, feel free to add me with a message as to who it is!

Anyway the quest to #SaveArmello is looking good! ;)
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Reptillian_Ghoul on March 03, 2017, 03:13:54 AM
It's been over a month and both big GByte patches have shown 0 improvement to the PS4 version of the game. We downloaded these two major GB updates, and post as a community here hoping for anything but to be ignored but to no avail. When you responded to my previous original post you didn't even look to the left to see my name and called me someone else.

No changes to op Ghor and River, we still don't get the character skins, dice skins, new amulets, or Bandit characters.
The game still freezes consistently just as usual due to NMA (no more action bugs) freezing (the flame in the middle of the combat doesn't show up and we can't continue until someone exits the game then everyone eventually crashes).

We posted here,  on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, we talked and played consistently with someone who said they were a PS4 bug tester for you and showed them the bugs even, we reported crash after crash and freeze after freeze, we watched day after day as people left our PS4 group and posted screen shots of them deleting the game.

There's nothing else we can do. We've come to the consensus that LoG doesn't care about us. Simple as that. We can only do so much as moderators of the PS4 Armello community to encourage people to hold on to hope of LoG showing love to us.

We were told one thing but we got left in the dark and abandoned. This is unfortunately going to be my final post here.

We really do care about you folks.
<3 Darcy
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Kletian999 on March 03, 2017, 11:33:48 AM
River was never OP.  Did the Ghor nerf to stealth (and forest reduction) not make it to PS4?

No one outside the backers has Bandits yet, but at least we have a release date for this summer.

Skins are a Steam inventory thing, so would need to be drastically recoded for PS4.

The fact PS4 has NMAs despite all the extra bug testing Sony does boggles me.
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Reptillian_Ghoul on March 05, 2017, 03:02:23 AM
River was never OP.  Did the Ghor nerf to stealth (and forest reduction) not make it to PS4?

No one outside the backers has Bandits yet, but at least we have a release date for this summer.

Skins are a Steam inventory thing, so would need to be drastically recoded for PS4.

The fact PS4 has NMAs despite all the extra bug testing Sony does boggles me.

River gains no bounty for killing guards with arrows on PS4 as well as it not breaking stealth if it kills; which effectively means she can remain stealthed, kill guards in stealth, and gain no bounty.

No. As I stated previously, both big GB patches did NOTHING for us. Including the one that fixed Ghor's extreme brokenness.

This summer? Haha, wow! WOW! The PS4 player base will be long gone by then. People are leaving everyday cause of how we are being treated, ignored and the game is unplayable.

"Skins are a Steam inventory thing..blah blah blah.." That's called bullsh**. If we can pay 10.00 for a board skin that adds spring flowers we can receive a dice skin or the character skins, that's the biggest load of bs I've ever experienced coming from someone's mouth.

What boggles me is how you can get someone's name wrong when it's literally right next to the post. What boggles me is how you can treat a loyal community so poorly for so long. What boggles me is how we pay full price and get an unplayable game. What boggles me is how I write something intended for the devs and then I get a response from you like I was addressing you, mind boggling!!!!!
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Kletian999 on March 05, 2017, 03:30:35 PM
The board skins were developed as DLC.  You enter a special software key and it installs, done, yours forever.  Dice and character skins are not DLC code based (they are probably part of the base game, but activate via Steam account inventory query). 

Now I'm not confirming or denying if it is difficult to code something to replace the Steam API for Dice drops and unlocks, but it's something.
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Mcksalg on March 31, 2017, 02:21:22 AM
We all love Armello thats why we are so passionate lol. But yeah LoG fix your game.
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Necrokov on April 11, 2017, 06:31:26 AM
First off,  allow me to pat myself on the back for my first post since introducing myself. *canned applause*

So,  admittedly I am trying to get a game going and having a hard time of it. I'm fairly clear on what the complaints are for PS4 players, being one myself. This is not a "Fix it or I'm leaving" post. Threats like that only serve to put a person at the back of the line,  if you didn't love the game so much you wouldn't bother complaining so much, even less continuously attempting to play.

YES. It can be the most frustrating thing in recent gaming that I can remember. Put an hour into a game? Got Zosha in stealth, with 4 spirit stones, AND an arsenal at your disposal just in case? Full hearts? You don't even have to wait for the Kings' Draw.  Is it your turn next, and there is NOTHING anyone can do to stop you from winning? You like those stars, and the animals that come with them!

Then something.............happens. I try to fill in the field to describe the events leading to the problem, but it's not like that are a lot of variables or anything so am I even truly capable of getting a detailed report exactly right? What cards are in the other guy's deck? That's just ONE.

So, yeah, it's not a moral high ground thing. It's a 'I am still willing to play as is, for the games that DO go well, to me it's worth it since I don't think it's being ignored, and if people stop buying/playing the game why bother fixing it at all' thing. I don't know how to program a thing to save my life, but I can be pretty sure that funding goes a long way toward being able to get the help/hours you really need to do it as quickly as people want.

On to why I'm posting at all, and yes I am aware of forum etiquette in that I should have done my reading first. I didn't, but I'd rather know that something isn't a snake oil solution and not waste my time attempting it.

From what I've read so far, these are some things that can help a multiplayer PS4 game not crash. PLEASE correct me, add to it, or even flat out go and tell me to read. ;)

-Do not play with deck/character sheets during King's Draw.  I'm gone so far as to simply place the controller down until it's finished.

-Do not have a one player game going before or during you enter a MP match. If it works, it's worth the wait. If you are a new player who simply needs to 'play to unlock', it strikes me as a great way to learn the game if you do that before engaging in multiplayer at all, but once you go multiplayer it's hard to go back. For me at least.

-Close the application, and maybe even the console and just try again. (I've been using 'turn it off and then back on again for years, it really does work sometimes with certain things)

-Don't play any other game at the same time, but that's just something I can never bring myself to do anyway. 

-Uninstall and re-install the game with all current updates.

-At least try to be sure that the host room has a solid connection. This leads me to a question: Why am I unable to host a room without inviting a friend? I can hit find game, but not find players unless  someone gets into my game via direct invite.

So, if I'm dead wrong, nobody knows for sure, or I've hit the everything I need to know jackpot some light feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Kargion on May 12, 2017, 01:20:31 AM
Just got the game.  Super fun.  I had a lock up but basically to fix it I just don't do anything unless its my turn.

So, you could get in depth reports from PS4/XB1 but you have to have the infrastructure built to pull that data.  Other games can do this.  I know your a small dev group and I have no clue what type of undertaking that is.

I don't really care about DLC delay, the review process is crazy for PS4/XB1.

Game is good, trying to get my friends into.  Keep the updates coming :).
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Necrokov on June 07, 2017, 12:16:23 AM
Good morning!

I was just talking to a buddy of mine about how I've seen a spectacular performance upgrade (for me at least) since the last update.

In fact, I haven't had a single problem up until this morning when I decided to give it a go (after a short break, TRYING to get into MA: Andromeda but meh... it's something I haven't played, and sometimes I just have to put Armello down after I've played lots and lots and lots and lots.

*AHEM* Forgive me.

Long story short, when I find game to play multiplayer on PSN, all four players arrive in the lobby, but it never grants the opportunity for everyone to actually hit ready and play.

I'm fine with a few restarts, if that's all it takes, I just wanna play. If this is something known by the PS4 community at large, I'd rather not try and try for an hour just to never play.

I don't know who I was playing with, so no real data. Who were playing on invites and who wasn't, perhaps just the lobby I got into, I could throw darts all day. ::)
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Darcy Smith on June 07, 2017, 05:01:07 PM
Hey there Necrokov, thanks for reporting in about the stability of Armello! I believe that bug that you experienced is something that affects the PC version too, so we're doing our best to investigate it.


<3 Darcy
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: S-clone on June 26, 2017, 01:38:51 AM
G'day Darcy and LoG team the bandit clan DLC hit the PS store just over a day ago congratulations, im happy to report alot of us are stoked finally getting a chance to play it ^.^ It's available currently for most regions (with the exception of Australia and the UK to my knowledge) everyone else will probably be able to purchase it by Tuesday 27th of June.
I managed to play a couple of games in a private match (being in Australia i haven't been able to purchase it yet) and noticed i unlocked some stuff but couldn't find any mention of it in the current version of Armello (v1.12)

So im wondering because the new DLC doesn't require a futher update: why can't i view any changes/unlocks if the update has already introduced them to the game? (Mcksalg told me he could change the squire's portrait)

Also a  follow-up question: Given the very lengthy waiting period we PS4 owners have had to experience in regards to updates/changes, does the team have any plans in the pipe to help more effectively roll out future DLC?

Thanks in advance for the reply ~s-clone
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Darcy Smith on July 11, 2017, 03:06:11 PM
Hey S-clone, apologies for the belated response. I'm sure you've seen that the content is all live now across all regions!

As for the wait period, we're still doing our best tighten the screws on the process but some sort of wait or delay is inevitable, due to the extended submission/review process that applies to consoles.

Hope that makes sense!


<3 Darcy
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: S-clone on July 20, 2017, 06:35:29 AM
Hello again LoG team.
The first batch of alternative skins for the initial characters has been out for a couple of weeks now and i wanted to ask: will there be a DLC bundle pack to purchase each group of characters or one big one to get them all at once?
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Darcy Smith on July 20, 2017, 05:23:27 PM
Probably not S-clone! We want people to pick and choose their favourite heroes moreso than just grabbing all of them. For the moment, at least.

<3 Darcyu
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Necrokov on July 21, 2017, 04:09:53 AM

I'm asking for apologies in advance if my post is inappropriate for this thread. (I've got my lawyer present, at least.........,my noob board status lol).


It's 2pm where I am, 2pmEST.  I'd like to get a game together with some REAL players. Guys n gals that will beat me senseless. It's just the kind of mood I'm in today, and over time I'd love to get to know the community of the forum pertaining to this unique, phenomenal experience.  I'm here all day. simply friend me on my PSN ( Same exact name as I use here) using LOG Forums as part of your introduction with the request. You can simply type LOGF for all I care, and while think the  find game option is a great way to meet an interesting batch (Especially some of those people you see all the time.....), with a game like this it's not only what it is, just the idea of making teams, or making it known that you HAVE to attempt a certain style of victory, no intentionally harming other players for any reason, etc...sounds like a cool way to experience the game .

If I have posted here in error, please, direct me to where I should go and I'll leave this part of town for my complaints.   8) ;)

Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Mcksalg on August 15, 2017, 10:27:16 PM
@Darcy, any updates coming to ps4 soon I think we are like 2 patches behind.
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Darcy Smith on August 16, 2017, 05:06:42 PM
Heyo Mcksalg! It's a bummer that there's been a delay - it's basically a symptom of us gearing up for an iPad launch and the other sneaky things we're up to. We're planning on bringing console straight up to the most recent update soon, but we don't know specifically when.

We'll do our best to keep you in the loop!


<3 Darcy
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: Mcksalg on December 15, 2017, 03:31:42 AM
Thx, yeah i know, you guys are cranking it up for IOS release and have Rivals on the the way. Thx for all the work.
- Cheers
Title: Re: *The voice of the PS4 community*
Post by: S-clone on December 31, 2017, 10:40:53 AM
G'day Darcy and the LoG team it's your favourite troublemaker s-clone ^.^
Just here to let you know that the majority of us are eagerly anticipating the next lot of DLC and to remind you we're all still here waiting AND willing to give you our money lol.

Also as it's the end of 2017 i wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a particular bug people are still having issues with (just in case it hasn't been addressed yet in your next patch, to give you time to work it out if you haven't already) and that's the DLC players have paid for not registering with the base game.

It seems that if you only buy ONE or TWO pieces of DLC (NOT ALL) currently from the PSN (bandit clan, seasons or usurpers) the characters you purchase won't show up in the game, this only happens every other time you boot up the game (maybe 1 in 5 by my guess) but it's become a noticeable problem especially with new players.  Strange thing is though if you bought ALL the current DLC available on the PSN it somehow resolves itself... Odd i know.

I personally only ever had this problem twice as i own all the released DLC, but some of the new players that have recently joined only have bandit or usurper DLC... *Heh heh* you can imagine some of the frustration i'd wager but im sure it's fixable, after all if the stuff people pay money for doesn't show up in the game it's kinda like stealing right?

If this IS the first time your hearing about this problem from the PS4 community, then the communication on our end is at fault but im sure i've read it here in a topic somewhere...  regardless i hope you an the team have a wonderful new years because i for one am stoked for 2018 and all the sweet stuff you'll be adding to Armello.

Your loyal follower ~ s-clone.